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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
In Preparation of our Grand Voyage
09/11/2007, Tavernier, Florida

We were in search of a great program (meaning easy to learn but displaying a lot of info). After a few try at Page maker program, we definetly decided that this blog system will fit our needs just fine with a minimum of efforts. There is so much to research and prepare between the homeschooling (The kids are still in Traditional Public shool at this time), the first aid kit (I should say wagon) and all the add-on to O'Vive that we want to have before we leave in December that David and myself are busy all day long. We used to work long hours so it seemed at first that you could accomplished so much in a whole long day ! But since everything is new, it requires research, consensus and power of decision! We are so excited though! Our dream of 20 years is about to come true!
We have been cruising every summer the Bahamas waters for over 7 years now on a Manta 42, our first catamaran called Melusine (a french mermaid's name). We really enjoyed Melusine very very much but we decided to get something bigger for our trip, the kids are taking a lot more room than when they were 5 and 7!
The Bahamas were absolutly beautiful and quiet remote when you get to areas like the ragged islands, south of Georgetown. We loved the turquoise waters, spearfishing and all the good friends we made there.
By now whomever reads this blog besides friends and family has probably figured out that I was a foreigner (French, but leaving in the U.S since 20 years now and a US citizen), by the way I turn my sentences, also more than likely by the way I spell, sorry!!!
Anyway it is great to be in the "getting ready" part of the dream, I love it!!!
Any info from Florida resident who boatschooled children (middle and highschool) would be greatly appreciated!!!

09/13/2007 | Monique Burgess
We too are a family of 4 on a cruising catamaran. Currently we are in Newport, Rhode Island, but will be bringing the boat south to Florida for the winter. During kids' school vacations this winter we'll be cruising Bahamas and Keys. Hope we overlap on our travels. During winter of 2009 we plan to go through Panama Canal towards the Pacific. Glad to meet another cruising family. Hope to see you in Florida!! Fair winds, [email protected]
09/17/2007 | Ivana
Dear all,

we are so happy that your dream becomes reality. We will miss you for sure, but we well keep in touch thanks to this blog !
Lotes of love.
Ivana bxfs
09/22/2007 | Philippe ALFONSI
Hi to all the family,
We will follow your trip with your blog.
We wish you great time.
Big kisses from France.
Philippe, Laure, Martin & Ludo
09/25/2007 | Vincent DYE
Hello dears , what a great way to make your dreams come true ! i m really pleased for you all.Hoping the chocolates are still fien and that Nunuche as David love them !
11/23/2007 | Ralph & Carmen Gutzmer
Dear all,

hoprfully your boat will be ready to go on time.

It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for taking the time, to make us familiar with ex MELUSINE, now RELAX.
We are sure, we will meet you again!
All the best
Ralph & Carmen
12/30/2007 | Nancy & Joe
Wonderful job on this whole web-site/blog!How 's your schedule going? We will call youlater. Love, Nancy
01/02/2008 | Amy Bright
Happy New Year, Familie Houston and O'Vive! We think of you every day. There is lots of snow and skiing is great! Hockey is in full swing too... the boys (two "little", one big) are skating smoothly and look perfect. School's out until Jan 7 and we're having fun! Miss you tons and look for your updates. XXOO, Amy, Dave, David and Peter

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Who: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
Port: Tavernier, Florida USA
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