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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Arrived Galapagos
03/15/2008, San Cristobal (Wreck Bay) Galapagos

Arrived at Wreck Bay 8am local time March 15th 2008. Total travel time 5 days exactly. Nous venons d'arriver ce matin 8 heures et.... c'est splendide!!!! Alec a deja vu un phoque, une raie....

03/17/2008 | Paola
Les Galapagos.... I wish we were there with you. Take plenty of pictures. Where next?! Where will you be on your coming birthday?
J'ai retrouve les filles aux Falls samedi soir (packed as usual) et nous avons parle de vous et de vos aventures. Our time at the Falls was nice but definetely not as exciting as what you are living! Love, Paola
03/21/2008 | Jill
Hey Guys!
Can't believe you're in the Galapagos. We all miss you very much. We check the blog all of the time and really love looking at all of the pictures. Hope all is well. Emilie and Alec, We wish you were here to dye eggs with us this year. Not the same without you.
Lots of Love, Jill
03/28/2008 | Jorge and Bonnie
Just wanted to say Hi and Thank God for a safe crossing. We have been watching your journey from the begining but was not sure how to correspond. It is such a pleasure to see you enjoying life. God Speed and will continue to keep a watchful eye on your journey. Love Bonnie and Jorge
Galapagos route update #5
03/14/2008, Enroute Galapagos

We are very near the equator and the champagne is on ice for this evening when we cross. No wind! Calm seas. Lost a huge Mahi-Mahi yesterday maybe over 40 lbs. Had him on the gaff even. We did land a 22lb and a smaller one but the one we lost would have been a record for us. 157 miles this period, down from 158 yesterday. Nous sommes tout pres de l'equateur et le champagne est au frigo, l'ocean ressemble a un immense lac, les doldrums redoutes sont la mais nous avons de la chance par rapport aux explorateurs de1600, le moteur!!!!! Nous sommes au moteur entierement depuis 2 jours! Hier nous avons peche deux mahi- mahi (ou dorades espagnoles) dont l'une pesait 10 kilos, nous avons manques une autre enorme d'au moins 25 kilos!Il fait tres chaud! Nous devrions arriver demain si tout va bien (et le courant ne se retourne pas contre nous). a bientot...

03/15/2008 | vincent dye
Dear All , i follow you every day on your blog and i should say i wish i was there to share the Mahi Mahi !Dave must enjoy having a good engine to make your trip shorter since i think you might be looking forward to get to the Galapagos !Your almost there ! congratulations , and i hope life onboard is OK with Home schooling + daily attractions . LOVE
Enroute Galapagos update 4
03/13/2008, Enroute Galapagos

Thursday March 13th 1:24pm local time. Ran the engine all night but wind picked up this morning so have been sailing today at 7 knots with 9-11 knots of wind. Two fish on the line but not to the boat. Passed through the ITCZ last night, it was very fast as we are heading S.W. and it was moving fast to the north. Lets hope it does not move just as fast back down to the south over us! Only did 158 miles this past 24 hours, with out the wind our speed goes down as we motor at low speed to save fuel. Notre 4eme jour de voyage et tout se passe tres bien! Il semble que nous avons passe la fameuse zone ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone) qui est prone aux eclairs et sans vent, mais hier au soir nous avons vu quelques gros orages heureusement lointains (vu au radar), nous avons maintenant une brise agreable et un petit courant avec nous, le ciel est bleu, une splendide journee s'annonce, nous avons parcouru 538 miles sur les 900 a faire!!! A bientot.

day 3 to Galapagos
03/12/2008, Enroute Galapagos

Started motor sailing at 2am due to speed down to 3.5 knots. as of 11:30am back to sailing with spinnaker up. No fish this period. 24 hour run 167 nm. En route pour les Galapagos, notre troisieme jour commence. Nous avons eu du vent jusqu'a la nuit derniere 2:00 heures, nous avons donc mis en route le moteur. nous venons juste d'installer le spi, tout va bien, il fait un peu chaud!

Day 2 to Galapagos
03/11/2008, Enroute Galapagos

We had a pretty good 24hr run 180nm. We actually have a reef in the main with the screecher up. We caught a 11lb yellowfin tuna and a 9lb blackfin tuna yesterday. Saw some surfs to 16 knots last night. Great to have wind as we are not supposed to on this route.

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