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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Day 6
04/06/2008, Pacific Ocean

We had a good 24hr run of 190 miles even with two reefs in the main last night to slow the boat way down for sleeping. No fish. Good weather today, the first "tradewinds looking day".

Day 5
04/05/2008, Pacific Ocean

10am We lost the wind again yesterday but now we have it back very will. We are making 9 knots and the skies are clearing some. We fought a large Marlin for 20 minutes yesterday, got a good look at him and he at us with a big eye before he broke the leader. Otherwise just some small mahi-mahi and one small tuna. 2340 miles to go! Un bon vent aujourd'hui! Nous progressons..... a pas de fourmis, il semble. Hier nous avons passe une bonne nuit, la houle etait beaucoup plus calme. La peche a ete bonne: un thon et un petit Mahi-Mahi. Nous avons aussi attrape pour quelques instants un marlin, mais il a casse la ligne! A demain....

Day 4
04/04/2008, Pacific Ocean

We have finally found the SE trades at 6 deg. south, normally we should have found them further north but there is a very strong trough effecting the area. Still have rain on and off but should sail out of this weather system today. 2500 miles to go! Nous venons finalement d'atteindre les alizes mais le ciel est toujours gris! L'ocean est toujours un peu dans tous les sens du fait du vent surprenant venant du nord-ouest que nous avons eu pendant 2 jours. Mais les jours a venir devraient etre plus agreable! Tout va bien.

Day 3
04/03/2008, Pacific Ocean

Yesterday no wind today to much from the wrong direction. We have to get to the other side of a trough for better weather. We have two reefs in the main and a scrap of jib flying doing 8-9 knots. Yesterday turned out to be a good day for fishing with one mahi-mahi and one tuna. Today no lines in as it would be difficult to land a fish if we hooked up. 10am local time.

Day 2
04/02/2008, Pacific Ocean

After our first 24 hours we still have no wind, do not expect any for another 48 hours so just motoring along burning Ecuadorian diesel purchased for $102.00 per gallon. 1er jour au moteur , pas de vent. Nous avons vu un lion de mer a 70 miles des cotes! Nous sommes toujours au moteur ce matin et probablement encore 1 ou 2 jours avant de trouver les alises. Nus avons tous bien dormi cette nuit, chacun a notre tour!

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Who: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
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