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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Day 12
04/12/2008, Pacific Ocean

Not much new to report which is fine by me, I am not looking for excitement here. Wind and weather continue to be great. We have the spinnaker up again today. 930 miles to go. Tout va bien, rien de nouveau, tres beau temps, avec le spi nous naviguons a une moyenne de 9 noeuds!

04/13/2008 | Derek Morrison
Just wondering why you are so far north. At this time of year I would imagine you would find better winds at about 8 degrees North. Someone told me they saw Safari (our st francis 48) on your site, but its in mothballs back at the factory. My wife, Carol and our 3 kids took off ftom St Francis in 2003 and returned in 2006. What an adventure. We wish you the same
Day 11
04/11/2008, Pacific Ocean

Winds are switching more to the east so this morning trying different sail combinations. Now we are sailing with the spinnaker up. 1112 miles to go. aujourd'hui pour la premiere fois, nous pouvons essayer le spi, le vent est presque en arriere/grand largue, le vent entre 16 et 18 noeuds. L'oiseau est toujours la et le nettoyage quotidien aussi! Les enfants essayent de passer ces longues journees a travailler un peu en avance afin de vraiment profiter des Marquises!

Day 10
04/10/2008, Pacific Ocean

Nice weather today. We have had 20-23 knots for a while now which is actually causing us to go slower. The waves slam the boat very hard when we go over 8 knots. In a few days the wind should slack off and back more to the east allowing us to raise more sail and keep the speed around 10 knots. Nathalie is sleeping so no French today. 1317 miles to go.
Beau temps aujourd'hui. Nous avons eu 20-23 noeuds pendant un moment ce qui en fait nous a ralenti: Les vagues claquent la coque lorsque nous allons a plus de 8 noeuds et le bruit n'est pas tres agreable. Dans quelques jours, le vent devrait s'adoucir et venir un peu plus du sud est, nous pourrons alors laisser plus de voile et reprendre notre vitesse d'environ 10 noeuds et etre comfortable. Encore 1317 miles!!!

04/10/2008 | nancy,joe,steve,cee
greetings from st.martin, joe & nancy saw safari today and thought of you. We are having
a great timeand cee and i look you up every day. Love to all Steve
Day 9
04/09/2008, Pacific Ocean

Yesterday not a cloud in the sky, today 100% overcast. Wind has been steady around 20 knots. Bird is trained to stay off the solar panels. Other boats behind us have had very bad weather, we have been lucky so far. 1512 miles to go, we are approximately half way! A nouveau des nuages dans le ciel grisatre mais nous sommes a la moitie du chemin!

Day 8
04/08/2008, Pacific Ocean

I think we have trained the bird not the hang out on the solar panels by knocking him repeatedly with the dingy paddle all day yesterday every time he landed. The last time I whacked him he fell to the lower deck and stayed there all night. This morning after returning from fishing he returned to the panels but relocated to the lower deck area when I showed him the paddle. We tried to feed him some 5 minute old mahi-mahi we caught yesterday but he was not interested. However he was very happy to eat the old dead flying fish that Alec collected for him from all over the deck this morning! Anyway if he stays on the lower areas we can wash down the decks every morning without having his #@#% wash into the cockpit and he will be welcome to stay. He is now on his third day. 201 miles yesterday as we did not fly the screecher due to questionable weather. 1720 miles to go. Wind has been very consistent at this latitude, 17-23 knots from the S.E. Nous sommes arrives a faire comprendre a notre copain le bobbie bird qu'il fallait absolument ne pas etablir son chef-lieu sur les panneaux solaires, il a maintenant compris qu'il doit rester sur le cote (de ce fait nous pouvons nettoyer ses excrements tous les jours- ce n'est pas un petit oiseau si vous voulez des details!). David a du etre un peu assidu et agressif mais cet oiseau est intelligent et a compris que si il veut rester, il doit se conformer aux regles! Ce matin, Alec a rammasse 8 poissons volants qui echouent chaque nuit sur le pont du bateau et il les a lance a Koukounet, notre oiseau qui s'est delecte! Le vent est toujours a 18-20 noeuds et nous progressons a bonne allure (plus de 200 miles en 24 heures).

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Who: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
Port: Tavernier, Florida USA
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