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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Baie Hanamoenoa
04/29/2008, Tahuata (Marquesas)

A cute little island with clear water and a beautiful sandy beach (the most northwest bay called Hanamoenoa). We arrived yesterday afternoon after a last food shopping in Atuona, Hiva Oa...Swimming....calm....The other "teens" boats should arrive this afternoon so I have the kids working in between two dips to cool off... Une jolie petite ile a l'eau claire et une plage de sable blanc magnifique (la baie la plus au nord-ouest, Hanamoenoa). Nous sommes arrives hier apres-midi apres de derniere courses a Atuona, Hiva Oa....Baignade....calme....Les autres "teens" boats doivent nous rejoindre cet apres-midi, donc les enfants en profitent pour...bosser...entre deux plongeons pour se rafraichir...

05/05/2008 | Tom
Fellow multihull cruiser here. Great writing. I have been following your progress for a couple months. We are follaing in your wake for the exact same trip next season. If you don't mind I have a couple questions regarding charts and books about the South Pacific region. Do you mind sharing your direct email? I think mine is displayed in this message.
much appreciated,
05/25/2008 | SARAH BROWN
EMMIIILLLLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI. Its Sarah BB. I miss you sooooooooooo much and you need to send me an e-mail! How is ur trip going??????? Where are you or when you get this it will probably be where WERE you, anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (big older person now huh) I LLOOOVVEEE UUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOODLZ! your BBFFFFFF forever (i don't know what all of the f's mean i just put them there to make this longer than Danielle's and I might be succedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Arrived at Hiva-Oa
04/24/2008, Hiva-Oa

We had a nice short sail today of 45 miles to Hiva-Oa. Caught 3 yellow-fin tuna en route. We will check into the country tomorrow here.

04/25/2008 | Mimi
Amazing trip! Thinking of you! Please come back to join us on South Beach at the News Cafe for Pao's birthday, May 10th!!!!! Will miss you and miss you!
The village of Hanavave
04/20/2008, Fatu Hiva ( Marqueses)

Our stay at Fatu Hiva was memorable and we will remember the welcome and kindness of the Hanavave villagers for a long long time. We traded a lot of pamplemousses, bananas, papayas for tee-shirt, pens and stickers with the kids. I got a beautiful basket carved from wood by a local artist Tahaki who came on our boat with his family. Any cruisers who have a few fenders and floating line can really trade with the men of the village for some beautiful tiki and wood carving items. An interesting thing which I have noticed is that although Marquesiens are very generous , they are very particular when it comes to trading: for example , when I traded my wood basket with Tahaki, I did not have any fenders to spare, so David offered him several items that he expressed interest in : snorkel, mask, flippers, sunglasses and shakles, I added to it a beautiful bead necklace (the one I make) as a present for his wife Marie-Iris. She ask me if I could do another necklace in mauve in exchange of a wood tiki that Tahaki will make and I was delighted but I realized the next day that Tahaki was not really for it. So keep in mind, when you want a tapa, deal with the women (jewelry, perfumes) and when you want anything wood carved, deal with the man (anything to do with boat or tools) but do not mix, it does not work. We although had a surprising and wonderful festivity happening during our stay: The school put up a show for the departure of the school district controller ( a French lady who was tin the Marqueses since six years and was going back to France). The whole village including the cruisers were invited to the event and the next day at 8:30am we were all there, what a treat! We saw the kids dancing and singing in marquesian, French, even in english (the oldest), it was absolutely fantastic! Then we had a small buffet with local fruits and foods. The same day, in the evening, we organized a musical encounters between villagers and cruisers at the dock and spent several hours listening to their guitars and songs, they are so talented. We brought cake and other goodies and it was quiet a success. David, Steve from Orca III and Gilles from Cholgas spent two days fixing miscellaneous things in the village from a car, to a generator, a fridge, a weed eater, and the police man of he island told us that we were welcome back anytime! You can see that it was very hard to leave...
Notre sejour a Hanavave, la generosite et la gentillesse des habitants et des enfants du village restera dans nos memoires a tout jamais. Nous echangions des fruits (pamplemousses, bananes, papayes) contre des stylos, des tee-shirts et des autocollants/tattoo. Les enfants etaient toujours avec nous, surtout puisque nous parlions francais et je me suis fait trois amis, Jean-Pierre, un petit garcon tres degourdi et tellement gentil, Edwige qui est tombee amoureuse de mes bagues swarowski, et Catherine tres calme avec un sourire a faire craquer le diable lui-meme, elle n'entendait pas tres bien mais lit sur les levres parfaitement. Je me suis attachée a ces enfants en quelques jours et nous avons eu la chance d'assister a un evenement particulier qui a ete un enchantement; En effet l'ecole fetait le depart de l'inspectrice de toutes les Marquises qui repartait en metropole après 6 ans de poste, la pauvre, le retour va etre tres dure! Donc l'ecole du village organisait une fete ou tout le village, y compris les cruisers etaient convies. Quelle belle fete, les couronnes de fleurs, les danses, les costumes traditionnels, les chants, tout y etait! Edwige m'a offert son collier de fleurs a la fin de la fete, Catherine m'a invite a danser, cela a ete un moment incroyable!
Le meme soir, nous avons organize une rencontre musicale Marquesiens-cruisers sur le quai, il pleuvait mais les marquesiens etaient au rendez-vous abrites sous les rochers, nous sommes donc tous arrives avec les gateaux (C'etait l'aniversaire de Steve sur Orca III) les boissons et nous avons fait la java marquisienne (encore les guitares et les chants)!!! C'etait super. Pendant deux jours, David, Steve de Orca III et Gilles de Cholgas ont repares des tas de truc dans le village, du generateur du policier, a la voiture d'une dame, a un frigo et meme un coupeur d'herbes, ils etaient remercies avec des fruits et ont ete contents de travailler ensemble et de pouvoir apporter un peu de leur connaissance au village qui nous a si gentiment acueilli. Le policier nous a dit que l'on etait les bienvenus a tout moment, cela nous a fait tres plaisir. Vous voyez qu'il a ete tres difficile de partir....

Arrived Fatu-Hiva
Dave and Nath

We arrived at 10 am this morning. Total passage time 16 days and 5 hours. 56 engine hours to leave Galapagos and the rest under sail. Caught 3 nice mahi-mahi and 1 hour later a 45 lb yellow-fin tuna with-in a stones throw of the shore. So have been busy cleaning fish and just now eating it!.
Arrived safe at Fatu Hiva! (Marqueses, French Polynesia)
16 days and 5 hours, our crossing went very well and we would like to thank Eole and Neptune in the same breath for such a great trip! We are now in a very calm anchorage in the most southern islands of the Marqueses archipel called Fatu Hiva. The small bay of Hanavave is so spectacular that it takes your breath away, what an amazing place to set anchor after a long time at sea. The picks surrounding the bay are often lost in the mist and almost give an eerie, mystic feeling to the place. There are 10 sailboats in the bay and we saw with pleasure the vessel Cholgas , a French single handler, Gilles, who we met in Wreck Bay in the Galapagos. He welcomed us with the famous Marquesian pamplemousses (the sweetest grapefruit you will ever taste, it is almost like grape) and of course we shared our mutual adventures and gave him some fresh tuna we just caught before we reached the anchorage. After fishing every day , we finally caught the biggest tuna we have ever seen right in the outside of Fatu Hiva. We were just in the process of putting away three beautiful mahi-mahi and I was kind of hinting to David that it would be nice to reel the lines in ( we were approaching the bay and some downpour were going to welcome us requiring our full attention), but just then the line went "zzee zzeee" and it was a big tuna, at first when the kid saw the dorsal fin , it was so big they thought it was a shark, but we managed to pull it in and it was a 47 pounds yellow fin tuna!!!!! What a great moment and an hour later, we were in the most dramatic landscaping I ever seen , slowly swinging on our anchor deeply set in 60 feet of clear water. It really worth the apprehension of the unknown, the fear I had about the crossing, all is so incredibly surprising , and gratifying, I would have never imagine.
16 jours et cinq heures, notre grande traversee s'est tres bien passee et j'en profite pour remercier Eole et Neptune. Les enfant ont ete supers et ont garde leur quart comme des adultes toute les nuits ce qui nous a permis d'arriver fatigues mais non pas epuises! O'Vive est vraiment un super catamaran, elle a demontre de tres bonnes performances en vent leger (avec le spi, a 15 noeuds de vent, vitesse du bateau 9 noeuds! ) de meme qu'en vent plus intense (bien sur elle peut aller assez vite surtout si il y a des vagues et nous commencons a surfer!!! ) C'est un grand bateau, et de ce fait la plateforme est tres stable, la plupart du temps le voyage a ete tres confortable, le bruit a ete ce qui etait le plus genant. L'arrivee a Fatu Hiva restera a jamais gravee dans ma memoire. De la premiere vision des pics perdus dans la brume, jusqu'au mouillage avec a peine 10 bateaux dans un cadre feerique, la petite baie du village d' Hanavave, la baie des Verges renommee la baie des vierges (c'est plus acceptable?) est absolument epoustouflante de beaute et degage des ondes mystiques (non, je vous assure ce ne sont pas les trois semaines en mer qui me tapent sur le caillou!). Les Marquesiens sont adorables, gaies, tres relax, c'est vraiment le paradis. Nous avons retrouve Gilles, un navigateur solitaire que nous avions rencontre aux Galapagos et il nous a acueilli avec de delicieux pamplemousses du pays, et puis peu a peu les bateaux que nous connaissons arrivent les uns après les autres, Silver Curl (Gerhart et Gisela), Kuanidup(Pascal et Genevieve),nous faisons aussi d'autre connaissances- finalement des bateaux avec des enfants du meme age qu'Emilie et Alec, Orca III (Kyle, Mia et Emma) du Canada-. Il y a plusieurs bateaux avec des ados venant du Mexique, ils devraient arriver sous peu. Il semble jusqu'a maintenant que le voyage Mexique- les Marquises (bien que ce soit a peu pres le meme nombre de miles) est plus long (entre 22et 28 jours en moyenne), les alizes etant un peu moins forts et plus variables que les alizes du sud de l'equateur. Tous ces bateaux viennent plutot de la cote ouest des USA, soit americains soit canadiens.Bien sur, il faut que jementionne la peche miraculeuse que nous avons fait juste avant notre arrive a Hanavave: Trois Mahi-Mahi et un enorme thon de 25 kilos!!!! Imaginez David et Alec, meme Emilie qui ne s'excite pas tellement sur nos records de peche etait extatique! (En attendant, J'etais a la barre et commencais a paniquer car la terre approchait et il y avait un grain tres serre qui m'empechait de voir la cote, J'avais beau leur dire de se depecher ils etaient tellement après leur poisson qu'ils me pretaient a peine attention, heureusement en ralentissant la pluie a eu le temps de passer avant notre entrée dans la baie! Les moments de peche dans la famille Houston-Dupart sont toujours des moments tres intenses et tres vocaux (ils doivent nous entendre jusqu'a Noumea!!!!)

04/17/2008 | Jill
Great! I can breath now. I can't wait to hear all the stories! Is the bird still with you? Miss you all! Love, Jill
04/18/2008 | Davina Geddes
Still following your voyage, it looks fabulous.
04/23/2008 | jill
Hi Houston's,
Haven't seen any new info lately, everyone alright? We hope so!
Love,Jill, Steve, Morgan, Ryan & Reece
04/28/2008 | Sylvie White
Congratulations on making it so far and doing something everybody dreams about but never do ... I m so jealous !! Key Largo is sooo boring ... (could be stock in a worst place)
Great idea the web site !
Steven Frink is going to Tahiti next week
doubt you ll be in the same area.
He is going to Papeete/Bora/Fakareva
Fakareva is the place everybody recommand for the diving !
How do you like the Marquesas ?
Never made it there ! Is it worth it ?
Be safe and have fun
Sylvie White
[email protected]
07/17/2008 | Gisela from Boca Raton
I hope you remember me..
Steve just gave me your blog and I am starting to follow your amazing adventure. It is beautiful to see all the pictures..... it feels like you are enjoying every moment. It just great that you are on this voyage.
We just started selling our house and will then move to Panama....
Do you still have time to make your rings???
Stay save and say hello to your family.
Day 16
04/16/2008, Pacific Ocean

We are almost there and expect to arrive tomorrow! Second night with the spinnaker up but will probably have to figure something else out for tonight as there are squalls around. We are busy cleaning the boat. When reading story's of other people doing the same thing, quite often they mention a reluctance for the passage to be over as they are really into their routine etc.. I find no such feelings on this boat! 186 miles to go. Nous projetons d'arriver demain a Fatu Hiva, l'ile la plus au sud des Marquises. Le mouillage de Hanavave est un des plus spectaculaires au monde (la baie des verges, pardon, la baie des vierges!). Je 'n'arrive pa sa croire que ce movement de va et vient va cesser! NOUS SOMMES TOUS TRES IMPATIENTS!

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