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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Bon Anniversaire Maman!!!!!
10/29/2008, Nuku'Alofa (Tongatapu- Tonga)

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!
Bon Anniversaire Maman!!!! Je voudrais tellement etre avec toi aujourd'hui, alors je t'envoie de gros bisous et toute ma tendresse... Vous me manquez beaucoup beaucoup!!!
Une photo avec mes copines, Marg que tu connais de Malachi et Dionne de Orca IIII, des super canadiennes!!!

02/05/2009 | gil de cholgas
Avec du retard bon Anniversaire
Cholgas va partir de NZ pour les Gambiers 14 02 2009 donnez moi de vos nouvelles
Alec 's Birthday
10/22/2008, Neiafu (Tonga)

We celebrated Alec's birthday in Neiafu. Five other kids boats were present and they had a lot of fun. The afternoon was followed by a sleep over on O'Vive. It was our last day in Neiafu , we decided to finally depart for the south islands, the Hapai then TongaTapu, our last stop before the big hop to New Zealand...
Nous avons fetes les 13 ans d'Alec a Neiafu. Cinq autres bateaux etaient presents, ils se sont bien amuses et tout cela s'est termine par un "sleep over" party sur O'Vive. C'etait notre dernier jour a Neiafu, nous avons finalement decide de partir pour les iles Hapai (plus au sud) puis Tongatapu ou nous attendrons la bonne meteo pour le dernier saut ..... New Zealand.....

The peanut Gallery first crossing
10/12/2008, Neiafu (Tonga)

After an afternoon of dinghy sailing in anchorage #8 (Nuku island), we decided to do a "peanut" crossing, we mean a serious crossing of 6 miles from anchorage #8 to Neiafu in a Davisson sailing dinghy of Orca III that we renamed "peanut". Peanut can only hold three of us comfortably so Jocelyn, Maya and Alec skippered the first leg of the trip and got "the easy downwind part" say Kyle, Emilie and Jenny who had to tack multiple times into the entrance of the harbor.
It was a real crossing with a major brake, luckily at the end of the voyage, the aluminum mast broke, nearly hitting Emilie ....but all in all it was so much fun! It took us 2 hours and we almost kept up with the big boats (Malachi, Orca III, and even speedy O'Vive) who were following along. We had up to 20 knots and went almost 4.5 knots at one point. The coordinate of the transfer point was 18' 40 355S (we are in the southern hemisphere); 174 02 003W (West).
Kyle says: "It took Orca III for ever to pass us, I felt very proud!"
Alec says: "It was intense at time, when it gusted to 25 knots!"
Emilie says: "It was so much fun to sail on our own!"
Maya says: "We were spreading like peanut butter with a peanut!"
Jocelyn says: "It was fun and faster than I thought it would be!"
Jenny says: "We were so excited to pack our lunch that we ate it as soon as we got in the dinghy, good so it didn't get wet!"
Check out more pictures in the pictures gallery (on the right) under Tonga

10/19/2008 | Philippe
Salut Nath,

Un petit coucou de France pour te dire que nous suivons votre superbe aventure.
L'automne s'installe chez nous et nous pensons tous bien à vous.
Grosses bises and see you soon !!
Laure, Philippe, Martin et Ludo
Still in Tonga
10/08/2008, Neiafu

no new article yet but many more pictures, check the gallery.
New feature of the month: Videos, access on the menu on the right.
Swimming with the whales, snorkeling, exploring caves, we have fun in Neiafu but the weather can be sometimes a little rainy!

10/09/2008 | Matt & Linda Dusanic
Wow, we're sorry to hear you had so much weather - we still remember the conditions between Palmerston and Nuie and Tonga as not a lot of fun.

Enjoy the swimming with the whales - one of our best memories from Neiafu (and there was a great pizza place too!)
Neiafu, a meeting spot and a melting pot
09/15/2008, Vava'u islands (Tonga)

We are delighted to have reached the west milestone of our trip in Tonga, it was a short and almost easy trip (beside the incident with the spinnaker). 90% of every boat we ever met along our Pacific crossing seems to be in Neiafu!!!! 1% stayed in French Polynesia and the other 9% left already for Fidji (like our friends from Silver Curl that we never catch up with since the Marquesas!), but it is a huge reunion place and it is nice to see all those familiar faces around town and yesterday at the bounty bar where Steve (from Orca III) and Glenn (from the Dorothy Mary) played some great music (the best they had yet performed, it was really nice). The kids met again and are awaiting patiently for Malachi, our other friends in the south islands of Tonga who should meet us in a week or so. The weather is a little rainy so we spent a lot of time around cappuccinos sharing our adventures.
Nous sommes tres heureux d'avoir atteints notre destination le plus a l'ouest de notre voyage, ce dernier passage a ete rapide et facile (a part l'incident du spi). 90% des bateaux que nous avons rencontre le long de notre traverse du Pacifique semble etre a Niafu!!! 1% sont restes en Polynesie Francaise, 9% ont déjà quitte Tonga pour Fidji (comme nos amis de Silver Curl avec que nous avons toujours espere rattraper, mais ils vont jusqu'en Australie cette saison , donc voyagent vite!). C'est donc a chaque coin de rue de Neiafu que nous voyons des visages familiers, ainsi qu'au Bounty Bar hier au soir ou Steve (Orca III) et Glenn (Dorothy Mary) ont joue a notre plus grand plaisir (harmonica et saxo).Les enfants sont tous reunis, il ne manque que Malachi, qui sont un peu plus au sud et devrait nous rejoindre dans une semaine au plus.

09/23/2008 | Genevieve
C'est formidable de lire les espisodes de ton voyage.

Un grand bonheur d'imaginer tout cela en ces temps agites tant climatique que economique.

Chere nathalie, je te souhaite ainsi qu'a ton equipage de continuer cette belle aventure avec tant de belles choses.

Bises et a bientot quand meme.


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