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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
The voyage is complete!
05/04/2009, Tavernier, Florida

Alec , Emilie and David, the last picture of the trip taken the last mile from home.... La derniere photo du voyage prise a 1 mile de la maison.
Big smiles. We are back home in Tavernier. A final post with our future plans to come. Lots to do right now after being away for a year and four months!
De grands sourires, nous sommes de retour a la maison!!!! Nous ecrirons un peu plus longuement apres cette premiere semaine, pas mal de choses a ranger et rmettre en place apres 1 an et 4 mois!

05/06/2009 | Frank Taylor
Congratulations on completing your voyage!
Regatta Time
04/25/2009, Georgetown, Bahamas

We are back in Georgetown again enjoying the 56th annual Family Island Regatta. Today are the finals so will try and get some good pictures to post.

04/26/2009 | Debrah Bennett
Reeses and Lazuli are waiting for your arrival. We (my sister who is given me tremdous help feeding them) tell them everyday that you will be home any day now!
05/03/2009 | Amy Bright
Wow! Beautiful pictures of the Regatta and lovely spectators. Looks like they had enough wind after all.....

Lots of Love to O'Vive and her crew.
xxoo, Amy and the Boys
Fishing in the Jumentos
04/04/2009, Water Cay, Bahamas

We have been anchored here for 3 days eating the seafood we catch every day. Today Nathalie asked "can we eat meat today" so our catch went into the freezer. We will try and add to that tomorrow so we will have some available should the weather not be cooperative when our friends arrive on the 11th. Hopefully the weather will be great and we can bring them down here to spear some fish for themselves. For those of you that don't have the google plug in I suggest you download it, a very small application and you will be able to get a good sense of how remote an area this is.

We arrived in the busy town of Georgetown and took off the next day for the Jumentos. There are 80 miles of unhabited islands where only a few of the very numerous winter cruisers adventure themselves.... And it was splendid.... The wind finally layed off , the water got warmer and we were able to spearfish everyday!
It was great, we found some groupers, hogfish, lobster (before the season ended) and conch, and lots of queen triggerfish but we are not interested in those (Gaston on the Tuamotus would Love those, he was always getting the green parrot fish for Lunch in the Pacific, here in the Bahamas, they would not touch it for nothing in the world!).
We also met a nice couple on a catamaran, he is 77 and him and his wife (both pilots) just spend their time either sailing their catamaran, driving their Rv or flying on a little plane they just built... the energy some people have is amazing (by the way she was an amazing spear fisherwoman, got more fish and lobsters by herself than the four of us!).
We are on our way back to Georgetown to wait for the arrival of Amy and Dave , our friends from Colorado, we sure hope to have a nice sail to the Jumentos with them as well.


04/18/2009 | Nancy & Joe
WoW! We wish we could help you eat lobster! I Love the Blue warm water too! Your photos are great & you all look so Happy! Keep having Fun, Love, N & J
04/21/2009 | Nathalie Houston
Hi Joe & Nancy, fly on over and we will eat some together! Dave
Back in the Bahamas
03/27/2009, Staniel Cay, Bahamas

Ovive is back in the Bahamas. We left Ft Lauderdale on March 19th just before midnight. We were going to leave the next morning on the 20th but by leaving late on the 19th we avoided a Friday departure (which we have done with no adverse affects before) but more importantly jumped across before the wind started blowing. And it has been blowing ever since! It's nice to be back in the clear water of the Bahamas. We never saw water as clear as here all the way across the Pacific. Although there are many other boats it seems very quiet without Orca III and Malachi.

03/28/2009 | Malachi
Dear Nathalie, we hope you had a wonderful birthday! and we hope the rest of you are enjoying your time in the beautiful Bahamas! So warm, not like here in NZ
O'Vive back in America!!!!
03/15/2009, FT Lauderdale, FLORIDA

O'Vive arrived today and we are so happy to reunite with her. Dockwise did a great job, she needs another deep fresh water cleaning and she will be all new again!
The kids are in the Keys with their friends this week-end, they were so excited to see everybody again.
I spoke to my friend Marg from Malachi tonight, New zealand is so far and I miss them all so much, New Zealand is getting colder already (72 deg during the day, cooler at night).
Florida is also around 75 deg and cooler at night, the sky is blue and beautiful....

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Who: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
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