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The Baars' Adventure Aboard EIRA
Menno, Valerie, Daniel, John and their dog Daisy are off to explore the Caribbean Islands for two years-no-make that three years!
River Antoine Rum Distillery
07/24/2006, St=2E Georges, Grenada

We took a tour to the 18th century River Antoine Rum Distillery with some other cruisers. Our driver was Elvis!This is the longest continuous running distillery in the Caribbean, dating back to 1785 and it still runs much the same as it did back then. The distillery is located on a sugar cane plantation and water from the river is still used to turn the old waterwheel whcih crushes the cane to extract the juice. The dry stalks of cane are used to heat up the juice and large wooden scoops are used to manually transfer the hot juice from one big cast iron bowl to the next as it gets hotter. A very strong white rum is made called Rivers it is 79% alcohol and ahmm, not very good. It was a good field trip though to see how the distillery works, seeing that we do consume copious amounts of the sugar cane beverage!

The Grenada Chocolate Factory
07/24/2006, St=2E Georges, Grenada

Grenada has its own organic chocolate factory which we thoroughly enjoyed touring! It is a small but prosperous factory which was started in 2001. It is completely powered by solar panels, 32 panels. They make a high-octane bar that is 71% cocoa and a low-octane which is 60% cocoa. It was neat to see how the chocolate is made beginning with the cocoa beans which are slowly roasted to the final step of the women wrapping the chocolate bars by hand.

Photo; Chris, Jeff, Page,Taya,Micah-Tradition; Rob-Honi Hanta; Lynn, Chuck- Cyan;Shaun, Joe-Libertase, Menno, Val, Daniel and John

Fourth of July
07/04/2006, St=2E Georges, Grenada

We are anchored in the lagoon just off of the Carenage in St Georges. "Carenage is of French origin meaning a place where boats are careened or tilted onto their sides to be repaired. It is a great anchorage in that it is very convenient to grocery stores, the local market which is very colorful with spices and fruits, vegetables and fish, The Best Little Liquor Store, Island Water World ( a boat store), the Yacht Club which has laundry and great rotis for lunch and free Wifi! What else does a cruiser need? There are lots of friends anchored here and it has been great fun catching up with everyone! There is a Cruisers Net every morning on the VHF 68 starting at 730am, this is an informative bulletin board for the cruisers. Weather is discussed, safety and security issues, pot lucks which are being organized, restaurants mention special nights, movie nights, domino nights, Happy hours are mentioned, if you are looking for a boat part or have things to sell, that is how the net works! There are quite a few cruisers who spend the windy season here so the net can be very helpful.

We had a Fourth of July party on Dreamweaver! Daniel and John made decorations and party hats for everyone. We had a great time with Dalilah, Amanzi, Crossroads (Michelle and Glen) and Rob on Honi Honta. Everyone brought a dish to share. Daniel and John even gave a music concert for everyone, they played Yankee Doodle Dandee and other songs on their recorders! We also played Laura's game Who Am I? which is always great fun!

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