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The Baars' Adventure Aboard EIRA
Menno, Valerie, Daniel, John and their dog Daisy are off to explore the Caribbean Islands for two years-no-make that three years!
Happy Halloween!
11/01/2006, The Tobago Cays

The kids are ready to go trick or treating! Ben, Daniel, Simon, Emma, Leia and John.

Happy Halloween!
10/31/2006, The Tobago Cays

We had a marvelous Halloween!! We were with La Gallipote and Carapan and had a super day! We had a scavenger hunt for the kids in the afternoon, they had to find a variety of items such as a coconut, palm frond, white coral(dead), a Canadian penny, shell with hole, flip flop, nutmeg, grain of salt etc.. It kept them busy for close to an hour , dinghying from boat to boat in search of the items. Then they built a fire pit on one of the beaches for our wienie roast scheduled for later in the evening. We all met on La Gallipote dressed in our costumes at 4pm and headed out in the dinghies to go trick or treating at 430! The costumes were great, a pirate, a skateboard punk, a yellow crayola, spiderman, a witch, an assasin and the adults joined in as Captain Ron, a pirate, a fortune teller, a tennis pro, and a shark! We are in the Tobago Cays and there are close to 25 boats anchored here (mostly charter boats which are picked up in Canouan, the island next door). All 6 kids piled into one dingy with Sharky Mark at the helm and the adluts in the other with Captain Ron leading us! Roxane, Lisa and I had visited a dozen sailboats earlier in the day to prepare and ask if it would be OK to come trick or treating. The kids recieved a terrific variety of treats from the boats- a coconut, bag of peanuts, Sprite, popcorn, Granola bars, bag of potatoe chips and of course some candy, lollipops and bubble gum, one boat did have chocolate and another gave each child one stick of Wrigleys chewing gum! Another boat showed us a big beautiful lobster but did not part with it! We had a bonfire on the beach afterwards, roasted hot dogs and had a nice dinner while making new friends! It was a memorable Halloween for all!

Tobago Cays
10/30/2006, St Vincent and the Grenadines

We have cleared into St Vincent and The Grenadines and plan to enjoy this beautiful island paradise for a couple of weeks! We anchored in Clifton Harbour at Union Island and went ashore to buy bread and fresh fruits and vegetables. Union Island is very quiet right now, there are not alot of charter boats here yet so many stores and hotels are still closed. The season gets underway around November 1, give or take a few days! All of the cruisers who spent the "windy season" in Trinidad and Grenada will slowly begin moving north again. The Hurriccane season is "officially" over and we can now sail north "out of the box" and not worry too much about those named storms! We always have an eye or two on the weather though!

We are presently anchored in one of our favourite places, The Tobago Cays. The Cays are a group of small deserted islands protected from the sea by Horseshoe Reef. The water here is so beautiful and clear and the few islands have white sandy beaches for us to play on. It really is a bit of paradise! It has been very windy since we arrived- a tropical wave is blowing over us and we have had 3 days of constant wind blowing steady at 20 knots and higher. Not to worry though, the kids have explored the islands and gone swimming and Menno, Mark and Steve are trying to master the art of windsurfing after a 20+ year gap! I must say they have all done great and what a super place to windsurf with the steady winds behind the reef! La Galliopote and Carapan are here as well so we have been having loads of fun with everyone!

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