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The Baars' Adventure Aboard EIRA
Menno, Valerie, Daniel, John and their dog Daisy are off to explore the Caribbean Islands for two years-no-make that three years!
10/04/2007, Spanish Virgin Islands

We are still out here and all is well! I have been on a "blog strike" and have not updated our site in many suns and moons! We have been spending our time between the Spanish Virgin Islands and Water Island in the USVI, keeping an eye on the weather systems. There have been a few Tropical waves but for the most part all has been calm, just the way we like it! There is one month left in Hurricane season however the Virgin Islanders say that by mid-October the sesaon is pretty much over...Our weather guru, Chris Parker, wrote today on his website; " It is likely we have reached the end of the CapeVerde Hurricane October thru November & even December, we'll be monitoring potential for Tropical systems to form in W Atlantic and Caribbean. The Eastern Caribbean can certainly be threatened by this activity (remember"wrong-way Lenny"?)...but it's not likely to come from the East...and any activity coming from the East should develop near the Islands." In other words, the majority of hurricanes which form this time of year do not come off the coast of Africa but "pop up" in the Atlantic making the threat for a severe storm here in the islands much less. Good!

We will continue to stay in this Virgin Island area until the end of October.

09/20/2007, Culebra, Spanish Virgin Islands

We had a Dixie,Tracy, Valerie and Annelise visit us back in August, unfortunately Ben wasn't able to join all the girls but we hope to see him on the next visit! Photos have been added to the photo gallery of the great time we all had. The "guest blog' follows; Cruising with the Baars as seen through the eyes of Dixie and the Girls!

The girls descended on Eira in August - Tracy and Dixie with Dixie's daughters Valerie (7) and Annelise (5). We had a wonderful time exploring the quiet island of Culebra. The beaches are stunning and sailing was wonderful. Menno taught little Valerie how to snorkel. John taught Annelise the art of beach combing. All the kids were expert at making hermit crab hotels. Little Valerie loved to take Daisy for her walks. The boys also lead many exciting games of shuffle board at Casa Ensenada. Big Valerie was the ultimate hostess during our stay and we had such a wonderful time on our vacation. The trip became interesting when hurricane Dean headed toward Puerto Rico. Tracy and Dixie received lessons from Menno on hurricanes - how they develop from a wave and monitoring them. Thankfully, the hurricane stayed south. The trip ended with a birthday bash for Daniel. Thank you Baars family for a wonderful island holiday and we hope to visit next year.

Hurricane Dean

When Hurricane Dean past 180 miles south of us he was a category 3 but we only saw winds of 30 knots perhaps a bit more in gusts. We have yet to get a single drop of rain! So it really was a non-event for us in Culebra. We secured EIRA, put out a second anchor and came ashore. We spent the night in Casa Ensenada, the guest house located right on the water where Dixie and the girls stayed. We had electricity throughout the night so we all watched High School Musical 2 on TV, took hot showers and sat in the air conditioned house! A bit surreal for us. This morning the sun is breaking through the clouds, the winds are blowing 25+ and still no rain.
Let's hope Martinique and St Lucia faired well as Dean went over them as a category 1 and our thoughts and best wishes go out to those in the track of this powerful storm.

Photo: Hurricane Dean close-up taken from Space Shuttle Endeavour Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 1pm.

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