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The Baars' Adventure Aboard EIRA
Menno, Valerie, Daniel, John and their dog Daisy are off to explore the Caribbean Islands for two years-no-make that three years!
Scott is catching dinner!
04/19/2008, Normans Cay

We had a beautiful sunny passage for the 40 mile sail across the Exumas Banks. We left Nassau by 8am and dropped the anchor in Normans at 4 in the afternoon. We have anchored on the inside, next to the airplane wreck, which crashed into the lagoon back when Carlos Lehder, the drug lord from the 1980's, lived and dealt here. The underwater wreck has turned into a nice reef teeming with many colorful fish. Menno, Daniel and Scott went for a morning dive to check it out When we arrived yesterday, Daniel and John got the fishing poles ready and we spent some time fishing off of the old dock. We were greeted by numerous Eagle rays and sting rays , a curious nurse shark and of course a barracuda. John caught a Blue Runner and Scott pulled in a Nassau grouper! These fish are all going into a nice seafood gumbo...wonder whose making it?!!

Scott has Arrived!
04/18/2008, Passage from Nassau to The Exumas

Scott flew into Nassau yesterday and we met him at The infamous Poop Deck Restaurant. This is Scott's second visit to EIRA, however the first visit was 14 years ago, on our first cruise throughout the Caribbean! He and Chris flew into Margarita Isla, off the coast of Venezuela. We are all just as fun and entertaining as before, or at least we think we are! The anchorage in Nassau Harbour isn't as bad as I first reported, we dropped the hook in a quietier part of the harbour with not as much traffic and further away from the cruise ship dock. We take Dasiy over to Fort Montague for her morning walks. This morning we were up early and are presently underway to the Exumas. The sun is shining, and we have full sails up - looks like it is going to be a great day on the Banks!

Welcome Mark!
04/06/2008, Normans Cay

Mark is back! We scooped him up from The Poop Deck at Yacht Haven Marina in Nassau. We spent the first night in the busy, dirty, loud, busy, diesel smelling, did I mention busy? anchorage in Nassau. We left just after sunrise on Sunday and sailed over to Rose Island, only 5 miles away. The winds and seas were not cooperating for a passage across the banks back to The Exumas. We spent the first day and night at Rose Island.

Photo: Exploring Normans Cay

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