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The Baars' Adventure Aboard EIRA
Menno, Valerie, Daniel, John and their dog Daisy are off to explore the Caribbean Islands for two years-no-make that three years!
How do you spell Relief?
06/05/2008, Passage in the Gulf Stream

How do you spell Relief? Daisy's answer; it feels great to finally pee! We have been away from land for over 48 hours and Daisy has not gone to the bathroom yet. She doesn't like to pee/poop on the deck but when land is not insight...She could hold it not longer and finally relieved herself, on the boys' closed hatches, this morning! Doggy treats for Daisy! She was quite excited afterwards and ran around the boat prancing and barking. We had a great sail last night and then the wind died this morning and we had to turn on the "iron genny' (aka motor). We have been motor sailing all day and it has been a warm one. Lots of time reading books/magazines (thank you Kathy and Tracy) and the boys have watched a movie. We are presently 90 miles off the coast from Jacksonville, FL and still riding the gulf stream. However the current is not as brisk here, we are only gaining 1.5-2 knots. Day 3- wish there was more wind.

Farewell Bahamas-Day 2
06/04/2008, Little Bahamas Bank

We had 50 miles to sail on the Little Bahamas Bank, one last time to glimpse the beautiful waters of the Bahamas. We were off the banks by 11am and the boys were ready to let out all 4 fisihng lines once we reached the drop off. We set a westerly course inorder to quickly get into the swift Gulf Stream current. The center is located apporximatley 30 miles off the banks. The waters in the Gulf Stream are warmer and we kept a log of the temperature increase, going from 90.4 F up to 93.2 F and our speed incresed by 3.5 knots! We were sailing at 8.5- 9 knots!! woo-woo! The day was warm and unevevntful (which is good) until sunset when --zzzinggg- out goes a line and we have a big beautiful Mahi-mahi on! 4 feet 7 inches- oh yeah! It gave all 3 boys a good fight. Day 2 was a good one.

We're on our way...
06/03/2008, Green Turtle Cay, The Abacos

We weighed anchor at 9am this morning from Green Turtle Cay, said farewell to our friends on SandDollar, pointed EIRA north and we are on our way back to the states. We motored 50 miles today across the Sea of Abaco and onto the Bahama Banks under clear skies, very little wind and warm temperatures. We dropped the hook of off Great Sale Cay this evening to eat dinner, Menno made cracked conch, and get a wee bit of sleep. We will continue at midnight and sail across the Banks to Mantanilla Shoal where we officailly exit The Bahamas. ohhh, this is sad. Yes, I am having a hard time of it! The plan to leave at midnight has something to do with Menno's desire to catch fish in the gulf stream tomorrow! We will exit the Banks mid morning and be in the gulf stream during daylight hours in hopes of catching more fish! I won't let him fish at night! Our sail plan is to try and make it to Charleston,SC- 360 miles- with arrival expected on June 6. That's all for now. Good night.

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