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The Baars' Adventure Aboard EIRA
Menno, Valerie, Daniel, John and their dog Daisy are off to explore the Caribbean Islands for two years-no-make that three years!
Kathy and Coconuts!
05/24/2008, Hope Town, Elbow Cay

The versatile coconut. There are so many uses; the older brown coconut has nutty flavored meat, the young green coconut has sweet coconut milk, the husk can be used for starting beach fires, the inner shell is a great bowl. We found the green coconuts to be Kathy's favorite! Daniel would take his brand new very sharp machete and chop off the top of the coconut and make a hole through the top. Then the coconut was handed over to Menno and he was responsible for the very careful calibration of rum:coconut milk mix. A little shake of the coconut, insert a straw and VIOLA- Kathy has her coconut drink!

05/23/2008, Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay

We sailed south to Tahiti Beach to spend the afernoon on the beach and to search for coconuts. Did you know: More people get hurt from falling coconuts than from shark attacks? We had a relaxing day and then sailed into Hope Town, which sits beneath the Candy Cane Lighthouse, where we spent Christmas 2005. Ben, Dixie and girls were flying in from Utah and Tracy and Shane were also arriving! The coconuts we found will be put to good use...

Surprise Brithday Visit!
05/22/2008, Marsh Harbour, The Abacos

Kathy arrived today,,,flying in from Washington DC became an alllll day affair. There were flight cancelations and re-routing of flights and her 5 hour trip became a 14 hour quest! She arrived at the marina in Marsh Harbour by 10pm and was ferried through the anchorage by another cruiser in search of EIRA! Alas, we did find her and all was well although her suitcase did not follow her. No problem, mon! It's the islands! Kathy was surprised by her family with a birthday ticket to come and visit us! Friday we weighed anchor and sailed across the the Sea of Abaco over to Elbow Cay. We geared up and all went in for a snorkle- conch was plentiful and Kathy was victorious in her first match with a fighting conch! The coral heads had some colorful fish living around them. Menno and Daniel went in search of some fish for dinner while Kathy and I stayed in the dinghy. Menno speared a nice fat Porge and then sent Daniel down in search of a bigger fish. Well, the boys did meet up with a bigger fish- a 5 foot balck tip shark - feeling fiesty from the recent blood in the water and the distressed calls from the Porge! The boys quickly returned to the safety of the dinghy. Kathy's comment, "Menno moved faster than Val at a one-day-sale at Noordstroms!" "Tippey" aka the black tip shark, proceeded to circle our dinghy! Perhaps the fish eyeballs Daniel was throwing in the water peeked his curiosity. ahhh, just another day in paradise! Kathy was quite the trooper and did not let this shark encounter stop her from future underwater explorations!

photo: Hope Town Lighthouse in the background

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