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The Baars' Adventure Aboard EIRA
Menno, Valerie, Daniel, John and their dog Daisy are off to explore the Caribbean Islands for two years-no-make that three years!
12/19/2005, Marsh Harbour

Marsh Harbour is a "big city" with one stoplight and automobiles instead of golf carts. It has a wonderful selection of stores and the prices are right on. They are not double or triple as in most of the smaller cays the reason being that Marsh Harbour is located on the Big Island and there is an airport so goods are flown directly in and do not have to be transported by boat. We spent 3 days there shopping and filling up Eira with goodies and doing laundry etc! It was busy. School was cancelled for the 3 days due to the hectic schedule! Darnestown has snow days and Eira has Reprovisioing Days! We also picked up our mail and that is always a treat!! The boys are doing well in school and we have just mailed off our second set of tests to our Advisor at Calvert School.
There were about 60 boats anchored in the harbour at Marsh Harbour. Every morning there is a Cruisers Net which comes on at 815am on channel 68 on theVHF . This is an informative session where you can hear weather, community anouncements, local happenings etc. It is nice. We enjoyed the shopping and Eiras belly was full of goods so it was time to leave the "big city" and head on.

Guana Cay
12/18/2005, Guana Cay

We day sailed to Guana Cay today and stopped at Spoil Cay on the way for a swim, shelling and lunch. Spoil Cay is a manmade Cay which was formed when a channel was dug for a cruise ship to come into and the ship anchors off Guana Cay to let the passengers play a bit. Spoil Cay was the sand which was piled high and over the years some shrubs have grown on it. It is isolated and beautiful! We spent a couple hours shelling and swimming before continuing south to Fishers Bay for the night. Another very small quiet Cay with golf carts as the transportation mode. We hitched a ride over to the Atlantic side of the island which is merely 1/4 of a mile-very skinny Cay. There was a restaurant called Nippers which is famous in the Aboacos for their Sunday Pig roast, rum drinks and a pool with waterfall and double decker pool! The beach is great on the Atlantic side of all of these Cays. There are great coral reefs to go snorkling on and beautiful colors. The sand is like flour between your toes and yes the water has the most beautiful hues of blue. Ahh, yes, life is good!

Alas-No Pirate Movie Star....

You won't be seeing "Johnny, Orlando, Menno" in bright lights anytime soon..we did not make it in time for Menno to be an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean. The weather did not cooperate and we were not able to make it to Grand Bahama in time for the week of filming. We have met someone who did make it and he WAS in the movie as an extra!! I was green with Jealousy! He said it was exciting but gruelling. They had to report at 4pm to make up and were there for 3 hours getting hair extensions, bloody makeup, costumes etc. Then the filming was all night long. There were 3 ships- the Black Pearl, The Flying Dutchman and another pirate ship which they cut in two. This was the ship they were all on and where the fighting occurred. Once they were killed they had to remain in that position for the entire length... of the filming. There was one barge which was spraying water on everyone as rain and the seas, another barge with giant fans for the wind, another couple of barges with lights. Apparently it was quite cold and uncomfortable. Thirty extras started and only 14 were there at the end of the 5 days of filming! Can you believe that? The pay was increased from $75 a day to $150- I guess it was considered hardship $!! He did give me a boot leg disc of some pictures he took while on the set- I won't be posting them though! So, it was not meant to be....

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