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Elara at rest for the winter

20 November 2012 | St. Helens, OR
Elara is safely at home at St. Helens Marina, resting for the winter after an active summer of cruising the lower Columbia River. We were blessed by over three months of nearly continuous sunshine beginning in early July, which made for an awesome summer sailing season, with 20-25 knot winds nearly every day blasting down the Columbia River valley in the vicinity of St. Helens. Predominantly northwest winds and a north-south river orientation provided for extended close reaches down to Kalama, and long runs back with just the genoa flying. With lower river levels in the later summer and early fall, flood tidal currents of up to 2 knots in combination with 20 knot tail winds made docking into our upriver slip more than interesting. Highlight of the summer was a 10 day downriver cruise to Ilwaco, Astoria, and Cathlamet.
Vessel Name: Elara
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42 mk2
Hailing Port: La Conner, WA
Crew: Dave and Mari Latimer
About: Dave and Mari live in La Conner, WA, and sail the San Juan Islands and surrounding waters. The blog is used for both sailing and RV adventures.
Elara is the 8th largest moon of Jupiter, and is named after Elara, one of the lovers of Zeus and the mother of the giant, Tityus. She was a mortal princess, the daughter of King Orchomenus. Zeus hid her from his wife, Hera, deep within the Earth, where she gave birth to Tityus. We sailed a boat [...]
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Enjoy some photos of our 2012 adventures between St. Helens and Astoria. Stops include Cathlamet, Ilwaco and Astoria.
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