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First day on the boat

22 May 2013 | Cathlamet Washington !!
Rain,Rain, Rain, Raining hard.
Hi everyone it's Freddi and Flo or Flo and Freddi !
We are right now in Dave and Mary's boat in Washington state for the first time. Freddi had so much fun today getting wet and Flo had so much fun staying dry. We have been eating Oreos since breakfast so sorry to all our host families but Dave and Mary are the best host family we found ! ( Just Kidding, or not ?). We had a lot of rain today, like a lot ! Which Freddi was pretty happy about at first. Because it was raining we already watched two movies, Overboard and Captain Ron, with which we have been promoted to Swabs. Dave promised us to become mate by the end of the trip if we behave well ! Dave initiate us to Jimmy Buffett especially to the song Margaritaville.
Aufwiedersehen or Au revoir !
Vessel Name: Elara
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42 mk2
Hailing Port: La Conner, WA
Crew: Dave and Mari Latimer
About: Dave and Mari live in La Conner, WA, and sail the San Juan Islands and surrounding waters. The blog is used for both sailing and RV adventures.
Elara is the 8th largest moon of Jupiter, and is named after Elara, one of the lovers of Zeus and the mother of the giant, Tityus. She was a mortal princess, the daughter of King Orchomenus. Zeus hid her from his wife, Hera, deep within the Earth, where she gave birth to Tityus. We sailed a boat [...]
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Enjoy some photos of our 2012 adventures between St. Helens and Astoria. Stops include Cathlamet, Ilwaco and Astoria.
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