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Elixir NZ Kos to Leros to Samos (Greece) 2009

02 July 2009

28 June 2009, Late in the day we move the yacht into Kos Marina for water before returning to our anchorage off the Kos Atkis Hotel.

Over the two days that we had been laying to anchor there I was delighted to be able to welcome Paddy and Carolyn Mitchell who arrived in their Yacht Kristiane, having sailed all the way from Sydney.

Kristiane on the left Elixir to the right with Tactical Direction to the right and behind.

Ausi - Carolyn Mitchell with NZ cuzzie-bro Ted

All enjoyed the reunion and on this our last night in Kos we adjourned for drinkies, oh yes and story telling, Boy was there some story telling... I never lied once I tell you! All on board Tactical Directions a roomy catamaran belonging to Tony Roberts also sailed all the way from Sydney.

Tactical Directions.

29th June 05:00 and we ship our anchor and head off under motor northward to Pandeli on the east coast of Leros.

Pandeli with Castle and Windmills - A picture postcard into which we sailed.

Anchored by the entrance to the town basin and with a sternline ashore it was off to investigate our surrounds which from seaward had looked magic and we were not disappointed in the reality. Decided the next day would be spent here also and to hire motor scooters to promulgate a greater exploration. Off around the Leros with Jenny on the pillion I was back to my bikey best with a full 80cc under us. Bit embarrassing when it literally ran out of grunt and we had to walk the last little bit of hill to the castle.

Have had a word to Jenny about the ballast but she informed me that ballast was integral to my free board. Nothing further one could say.

David and Elizabeth - Born to be wild!

We even had time to visit the odd small church along the way.

We were delighted when at the northernmost part of Leros we observed Savana with just Keith and Pam aboard making sail in the bay below.

You just can't keep boatgirls away from the sailors..can you!

Back to Elixir at the end of the day and into the anchorage came both Savarna and Perfect Lady who's owners Tim and June Perfect are from Leamington, Cambridge in the Waikato making it a three NZ ship line up along the embankment. Lots of fun on Savarna for drinks her having rugby field sized cockpit and all.

Savarna Under way and about to peal off to the South while we head Northward.

Photo of Elixir under sail thanks to Keith and Pam.

Vessel Name: Elixir NZ
Vessel Make/Model: Dufour 45 Classic
Hailing Port: Tauranga, New Zealand
Crew: Ted & Jenny Peacocke
Blog of the cruises of Elixir a Dufour 45 Classic bought by New Zealand couple Ted and Jenny Peacocke in June 2007 taking delivery in Kinsale, Ireland. [...]
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