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Elle & I @ Home
We are presently cruising the Chesapeake Bay. Around the end of October we'll head South for the Florida Keys and Gulf shore.
Lawrence / to cold for April
04/03/2012, Williamstown, MA

I have given my notice to the good people of Tierney Properties, Inc. They have been very good to me here. Whoever takes this job next is going to be glad they did.
We've uncovered the boat and work has begun on replacing our chimney. I'll have to paint the chimney once they complete the rebuild. We've finished most of the painting in and out of the house, so now we'll shift to packing up the rest of the house and boat projects. I'll do the inside boat stuff first, so Elaine can begin to get a sense of where we can put all our provisions. Elaine and I will both have to continue packing the house, and she wants to paint the dining room as well. I've got two DC outlets to install and wire, a new water heater to install, a new house water pump to install, an inverter to install, shelves to make and install. I'll work on the outside after I complete those projects. Busy, busy,busy!
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Lawrence S/V Elle & I

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9 weeks
Lawrence/ New England Spring
03/28/2012, Williamstown, MA

Nine weeks is it. I'll be finished with work and hopefully finished with our home and finished with our floating home. A lot has been done. We've packed up about 75 % of our personal belongings and put them in the attic. We've corrected all the issues toward getting a CO from the town, so we can rent the house. We've done all our Spring burning. We've painted all our outside trim. We've replaced our chimney. We've painted all the rooms inside the house that needed painting. The bottom of Elle & I has been sanded and awaits 2 coats of bottom paint. The canvas work is done. The new RIB is on its way. I've got most of the wire I need to complete the electrical work.

We still need to buy the 5 group 31 AGM's and the T fuses. Of course, I have to install all these things on Elle & I, as well as the Solar array and dinghy davits. I'll need to build stands for the mast when stepped down and the shelves I've promised in the aft cabin. We've got some cargo netting to install and we've got to load all our stuff on to Elle & I. The funny thing is I think we can get all this done in NINE weeks. I guess we'll see.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Lawrence S/V Elle & I

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Elaine says "Hi, all"
Lawrence/ Snow March 1st.
03/02/2012, First Spreader

Well, we're not on our way yet, but we are working on it. Elaine has packed up boxes and boxes of our stuff, while I have hauled them into the attic or down into the basement or out into the garage or off to a dumpster. Our home is beginning to look somewhat bare. It looks like Elle & I will be setting low in the water. I'm down to my last 13 weeks at work and Elaine only has 7 weeks left at her job. No question these last few weeks will fly by.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I

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It's Official
Lawrence/ Warmer than it should be
02/06/2012, Williamstown, MA

Once we get the boat in the water (hopefully in early June) we'll be leaving the lake, travelling down the Hudson, and stopping at our summer home on Northport Bay. We've made payment for Seymour's Boatyard to drop a mooring for us in the Bay near Northport, NY located on the North shore of Long Island. We're still packing up the house and sorting out stuff for the boat. We've got a lot left to do, but a lot less than when we started.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Lawrence S/V Elle & I

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A Boat Christmas
Lawrence/ cold here to stay
12/30/2011, Williamstown, MA

Well, we were blessed once again by the incredible generosity of our family and friends at Christmas. The boat made out very well indeed. A new water heater and house fresh water pump. A solid state float switch for the shower bilge. 3 new 2 1/2 gallon water jugs with built-in taps for added fresh water storage. A new bed/ carrier for Marin. A ceramic hand-turned coffee grinder. The Garmin 541 for the helm. A beautiful throw pillow with our compass rose and boat name perfectly hand-stitched on the pillow. Warm lined shirts for Elaine and new smart and merino wool socks. Repair parts for the Magma grills. An additional 5 gallon diesel jerry can. Assorted wiring and DC outlets. A new laptop computer. And a new RIB dinghy. We're going to be really busy in April and May installing all these things while continuing to pack up the house. I can't wait. Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Lawrence S/V Elle & I

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01/05/2012 | Peter Brownell
WOW, your boat got more presents than we did :-) Looking forward to following your travels. See y'all soon. Best - Peter & Linda
Merry Christmas
Lawrence/ cold, but no snow!
12/23/2011, Williamstown, MA

Elaine and I want to wish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year. We are closing in on a float-based life on the S/V Elle & I. We'll see you on the water in just 5 months!
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaien & Lawrence

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