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Emerald Seas Adventures
Emerald Seas Profile
Who: Jim & Renate Mendria
Port: Victoria, B.C.
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Emerald Seas
02 January 2014
20 Photos
16 June 2013
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31 December 2009
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Emerald Seas's Photos - Hard Work on the Hard at Grenada Marine
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Temperature is in the high 80
While Jim and I slave on the bottom, sail riggers are replacing the rigging.
One of our riggers- rather than take the mast down, the riggers would climb the mast each time they changed a shroud.
Sanding the hull. The old paint and dust is very toxic.
Keep going Jim!
You are doing a fine job!
These guys are hard at it too!
View from Emerald Seas- lots of catamarans in the yard
Everyday we would pull out the blue tarp and make a tent over the port side of Emerald Seas. This kept us protected from some of the sun.
Finally. The port side paint is gone. Time for some sanding and then we will put on two coats of Interprotect 2000.
Day is done and Jim is happy with our progress.
Johnathon from Island Water World. Everyday he gives out the weather for Grenada on the cruiser
After the Interprotect we put on two coats of Trinidad Black. The paint contained lots of copper and was very heavy to carry and tough to roll on.
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