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Good life

15 January 2012 | Coco Plum Beach Y.C.
Shirl/ cool
Wow, living the good life. What is goin on...? The retired life in the Keys is what is happening.

I wake up at 6 AM and it is not light yet... no reason to get up. Reach for my ever handy book and read my favorite author Robert Ludlum. This book is the Sigma Protocol. By the way the books are traded in our laundry area and there is always a good book to pick up in exchange for one that I just finished.

It is now 7 AM, time to turn on the TODAY SHOW. Great empty minded reporting ...just right for when you do not want to deal with heavy details of the world and your not quite awake yet.

I have a wonderful network of friends and I usually talk to someone on the phone before I get dressed and ready for the day. So, even if I am thousands of mile away, through unlimited phone minutes we get to stay in touch

It about time to join the coffee group and kill an hour or two or three. It is here in the same marina and only a short walk from my slip number 29 to slip 5. We joke and complain just like any group.

Wow it is almost noon and time to walk back to my boat and Tiki hut. But it is not a direct route, I stop and visit with the snow birds, who are now awake. A visit seems like a neighborly thing to do...after all I am walking past them, they are only a few feet away....they will only be here for a few more months.

Humm, lunch time and time to plan the day. This is where the choice is made, a boat project or a nap. Sometimes a nap is chosen, because of lunch. After all how many times, when you worked, have you said to yourself. "Self when I retire I am going to take naps after lunch!"

OK, ... nap is over. Next..... do a boat repair project until the bugs attack at sun down. Yep, things get done they just take planning.

Maybe plan a cruise ship would rather sail my own boat. Getting busy on the boat... and dreaming of the future. I m not sure I would like a cruise ship trip.

This ship was in Mobile, Alabama. It was the only photo I could find....
Vessel Name: Empress
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 422
Crew: Captain & her crew
About: We have over 70 years combined boating experience. Our training is a combination of the United States Sail & Power Squadron and the school of G.O.& D. (Get out and do).
The boat name has the astrological correspondence of Venus. (What else with a female captain!?) As a Taro card the keywords are: creative, intellect, good fortune, love of life. She signifies life, and a connection to earths natural rhythms. Remember if your are gentle, patient & caring you reap [...]
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