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Skipper Shirl's Adventure
St Croix West End
Shirl/very warm/summer/clear
11/11/2009, Frederiksted, St Croix

Fort Frederik is the start of town, by the cruise ship pier. The town is mostly victorian style. To me it looks like most Caribbean islands. The one hitch is that you are still in the United States.

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New Clothes
Shirl/comfortable temps
11/10/2009, St Croix

This is my favorite dress shop. Sharon recommened it to me. The fabric is like a patch work quilt, and cut for comfort in the warm tropics.

They are really comfortable and I have been told it is the only way to be feel cool in the heat of the tropics.

I could of cropped this scan but thought the photo of the guy was fun......

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Shopping & Sonys's
Shirl/comfortable temps
11/09/2009, St Croix

This will give you an idea of what the town is like.

Dave and I spent many hours exploring his old home. One of our favorite rest brakes, include a grapefruit soda named TING.

One of my wonderful presents from Dave was jewelery from Sonys's. I chose a hook ring . The Hook lore is based on the direction the hook is facing. Wearing the hook open is a hint you are open to luck and / or love.

They have a great trade up policy, when you return your old hook you pay a $10.00 trade up fee, plus the difference in price, and upgrade to a larger or wider band.

Sonya Ltd
No 1 Company Street
Christiansted, St Croix, VI 00820
[email protected]

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Harbor Photo
Shirl/ great
11/09/2009, St. Croix

This was taken while out and about Christiansted, St Croix

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Scuba Shack
11/08/2009, Christiansted, VI

This is where the dive shop is. N 17.43.10 W64.53.04

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St Croix
11/08/2009, VI

More shopping...Dave bought me a style of ring that is common to the islands and has a story or a lore atached to it.

It is called the hook. It has a "C" shape to the clasp. The idea is to wear the hook open if you are open to the advances of single males and closed if not. Fellow "hoookers" ahve been seen in many parts of the world. No two are exactly alike because they are hand made.

He offered to buy me the braclet but I thought I might get more use out of a ring! My best birthday present ever.

It came with a life long trade up policy. If you return the ring you can get a bigger finger size/ wider band with , while receiving full credit for the first piece. Plus pay the difference in price. Naturally...

Sonya Ltd, #1 COmpany St., Christiansted, St. Croix, VI 00820

Free: 877-766-9284
Web: [email protected]

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Shirl/warm summer
10/01/2009, Ft Pierce, Fl

THe paper work is complete and Manana/ Empress is finally mine.

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Friday Night
Shirl/ very warm/summer
09/25/2009, Key Largo

It is the week end and time to reflect on the life style in the keys. It is close to island living but not quite. It is very much a small town spread out over 100 miles of road.

The seasons are reversed when you think of the frozen north. Life is changing...people are more active while the north is getting ready to slow down and move inside .

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