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Skipper Shirl's Adventure
Key West Coffee & Weather
07/15/2010, Key West Down Town

Snoozer and I took a drive to Key West and had a great day sight seeing. I have found that there are new sights to see no matter how many times you have visited. It is connected to the saying" only in Key West"... meaning there are many strange and fun things to see.
Local tip... wear rubber shoes. Because when it rains in Key West the water gets very deep very fast.

One of the best stops was Baby's Coffee, the southernmost coffee roaster in America .

The story is:
Late, last century (circa 1991), Gary & Olga. left the Big Bad Apple (NY), looking for a home for their new coffee roasting company. They set up shop in a small building on the uptown side of Key West's famed Duval Street. In the 1920's, an old Cuban family had owned this building and christened it "Baby's Place", after the family's youngest son. "Baby" Rodriguez grew up and ran a cantina there where, legend has it, Ernest Hemingway indulged in the occasional crapshoot with locals, known as "conchs". Inspired, Gary and Olga. adopted the Baby's name and let the dice roll one more time.

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Making Our Own Fun
Shirl/very hot
07/13/2010, Coco Plum YC

Crab cake contest... entertainment for the evening.

One of the many wonderful things about my life in Coco Plum is the interaction with the people. The event for Tuesday July 13, 2010 is a Crab cake cook off. Who can make the best one? I am steppping out of the contest and providing support. I have offered to bring chip and dip... something to eat while we watch the cooking process.

Judging will be a blind taste test... until all the goodies are consumed or the tummies are full.

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55 and not counting
Shirl/ Very, very hot
07/09/2010, Coco Plum Y.C. Marathon, Fl

The attached photo is for a friend.... you know who you are. It is Shirl at age 55.

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Shirl/Very hot
07/06/2010, Homestead, Fl

What does a favor have to do with a shoping trip? I would of never gone shopping unless I was driving through Homestead, Fl on my way back from dropping a friend off at the air port. Thank you Nickie... have a good trip to Texas.

Homestead is the largest major shopping area when you live in the Keys. It has a culture that is centered around fruit and vegetable marketing.

My favorite place is the fruit stand called , Robert Is Here.

It started as a small stand on the corner of an intersection and a six year old boy. It has been featured on the Today Show, World News and magazines across the country.

My second favorite place is Home Hardware & Supply, a speciality harware store on 330 N. Krone Ave. Phone 305-245-2930

I found many impossible to find items there. For example I needed this small hook for the door of my kitchen sink. I was very tired of it coming lose and hitting me in the knees. Fixed... thanks to Home Harware. I also found a great small oil can that has a feature that allows you to extend the spout to reach that difficult to get at spots. I will not list all the items but the bill came to $70... so you know I found many great items.

Shopping is not shopping unless it includes lunch. In this case Sonny's Bar-B-Q provided the needed pulled pork sandwich....Yummm it is served on grilled garlic bread.

One last place...Papco Auto ... another established Homestead store. It carried the deisel additive that I was looking for. Just incase you want to visit.... take Krome ave to the Police station and it is just down the road at 80 W. Mowry Street.

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Update / News
Shirl/Very hot
06/26/2010, Coco Plum Y.C. Marathon, Fl

I am working on my boat getting her ready to travel. Have done numerous big projects and still have more to go. Work is often put aside for the trip to the reef to snorkel or just swim. They call it the keys disease, just an excuse to enjoy the area and put off work.

Went to the Bahamas and Bimini during the end of May and first part of June. Had a great time. The water was more blue than I have ever seen. It is even more blue than the keys... (See other postings)
The oil spill is not a concern here... why worry... be happy. The news makes it seem worse.
Have made many friends here and the social life is very active. It helps that I am the only single female in the group of 50 slips. This marina is like communal living... we all share and help each other out. You have to be good to your neighbor when they are 5 feet away.
I am no longer working the charter boat in Key Largo. Went to some great places on that boat. Visited the Dry Togas, spent weeks at a time in Key West, Everglade city was fun along with Shark river. Have swam with the Dolphins and enjoyed the sea turtles. Numerous sunsets and expanses of beautiful blue water.

Sure miss the Sherman ice cream shop. Believe it or not the closest ice cream shop is 50 miles from where I live in the keys. Oh, I am not suffering, there is ice cream in the local stores... just not someplace to go in the evenings. It seems the Tiki huts type bars are the place to go and watch the sun set... watch for the green flash.
I have given up drinking, too many calories and it gets expensive on the retirement money. It seems like this area is very focused on drinking. The saying is " a nice fishing town with a drinking problem... or was that a drinking town with fishing problem?
I am happy and there always seems like there is something to do. Have developed a napping habit....learned that from the local people. There attitude toward the heat is...get it done early in the day or wait until tomorrow. It goes with the saying only mad dogs go out in the mid day sun. If you want a laundry or a grocery store that is not busy just go during the heat of the day.
Life is good and I am adjusting to the boat life.

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New Boat Letters
Shirl/Very hot
06/23/2010, Coco Plum Y.C. Marathon, Fl

One of the larger boat projects is to get Empress new boat lettering.

Her name was changed, months ago, on the paper but not her hull.

This is a photo of her hull taken by my good friend Snoozer, Ed Watson. The purpose is so the boat lettering people can see the shape of her stern.

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Cool Air
Shirl/ Very, very hot
06/19/2010, Coco Plum Y.C. Marathon, Fl

What is new? It is a small box called a Cruisair. It is wonderful in this 100 degree air conditioner.

When I lived and sailed in Michigan I never thought I would have such a unit in MY boat. That was for the non sailing types who lived at the dock. Well I guess I am one of those... non sailing types. For a short time...

The air conditioner in Floridia is as necessary as heat is in Michigan.

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06/07/2010, Flea/straw market

I was told that one of the must see sights is the Straw market, down by the cruise ship dock.

It must of been something else to see.... from the stories before it burned.

Now it is rather small and un expired.

I did end up geting a new change purse... probably made in china.

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