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Skipper Shirl's Adventure
Lost in the North
cool/ need coat
09/08/2011, St. Joseph, Mi

Hi, This is for everyone who is wondering what is happening? Well... I decided that I needed to return to Michigan and see if I was really home sick. Guess I was, a little, becasue I am still in St Joseph and after 6 weeks finally making plans to return to Fl.

The motivation for change is the weather, it has turned cool..... time to go where the weather fits my clothes. This photo is in front of my favorite chocolate shop in St Joseph.

cruising sail
Survey Photo
06/24/2011, Ft Pierce, Fl

This was taken in October 2008

cruising sail
Boat Photo
06/24/2011, Ocean side of Florida

Found this photo of S/V Empress

cruising sail
06/22/2011, Coco Plum YC

These grow outside in the Keys...

cruising sail
Mom's Birthday
06/22/2011, Coco Plum


I often think of you on this day and wonder. You would of been 86 today.

The picture is very much you, a red June rose and food. In this case it is Mango. A fresh out of the garden gift from a friend. I remember that no one could leave unless you gifted them with fruit, flowers, backed goods or something from the ever present garden.

cruising sail
Cooler Races !
06/06/2011, Coco Plum

Other events here include cooler scooter races. Yep, you heard that correctly. A plastic cooler is fitted with wheels, handle bars and a battery driven motor. It speeds along about three miles an hour and seems to have about a five mile range. The first official race was for Memorial Day. They raced up and down the street in front of Coco Plum Beech Yacht Club. Most of the residents of the marina managed to duck out of the way as the cool scooters rushed past. This was an informal event and the committee forgot to anounce the race schedule and course.

Check out the stickers on the side!

Memorial Day also included a pork roast and yummies. It is always fun when this group gets together to eat. The evening was crowned with a gorgeous keys sunset. The group broke up about 9:00 PM. The tropical life style calls for ending the day early and rising early. It is commonly called Marathon Midnight when it is only 9:00 PM on the clock. Works for me... I have usually had enough activity by 9:00 PM.

Weather here has been very dry. We have not had rain for months. I believe the last measurable rain was Feb. I say measurable because we get a few large dots of water but not enough to get the ground wet. It is strange to have the same weather month after month. I remember in Michigan that the same weather did not last through the day. You could wear everything from a bathing suit to a coat in the same day.

cruising sail
June update/New friend
Shirl/ very Warm
06/06/2011, Coco Plum

What is new in Shirley's world. I met a fellow lady sailor.
A very interesting person. She was in Marathon and we met through Roy our mutual friend. I was at the city marina dropping off another friend. The friend needed a ride so she could get groceries for the boat. As we were unloading the groceries at the dingy dock, I saw Roy, and Adelle was with him. He introduced her and as the boating community is small Adelle and I had all ready met earlier. Small small boating world. After the groceries were unloaded we made plans for the evening. Spontaneous events are very common here.

Roy volunteered his boat, Wind Drifter, as a meeting place. He also provided the dingy ride to his boat that was out on a mooring. I am sure his neighbors were envious of him taking two good looking females to this boat. We had drinks and shared stories and listened to the conk horns as the sun set.

Adelle is a great lady and very interesting to visit with. The three of had numerous boat stories to tell. Boat stories are like fish stories. They tend to grow in grandeur as time passes. She has a smaller than average cruising boat, with limited comforts and is a very brave person. Better sailor than I am....

I thought she might make a good match for Roy... guess not.

She took off on her own boat and headed up north about a week latter. I believe she sailed to Key West before she left the Keys.

cruising sail
John 's Graduation
warm/ Shirl
06/02/2011, Dowagiac, Michigan


You are now headed off into the future and my first God child to graduate.

Sorry I could not attend your Graduation / celebration at the Riverfront Café... needless to say I was in Florida on my boat. Maybe in the future ?!

Riverfront Café , 219 N. Front St. Niles , Michigan 49120
Commencement Ceremony, Niles High School, June 2, 2011, 7:00 PM
Niles, MIchigan

John Thomas Carey
56635 California Road
Dowagiac, Michigan 49047

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