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Skipper Shirl's Adventure
Christmas Card
Shirl/ warm 80
12/20/2011, Coco Plum YC

Merry Everything.... Christmas too. Greetings from the island of Vaca Key... well really we are part of Fox Key but Vaca Key, is larger and might show up on a map search and the small island I am on probably will not.

The photo was taken by a dear friend of mine. Thank you snoozer... you know who you are. ( He would not want his name in print. It is the way of the Keys....)

Also a special thank you and hugs to Sandy and John in Michigan who through modern Photo Shop skills touched up the photo. I am much better looking than the photo. They thought it a good idea to tone it down a little!! He he

The boat lettering is new... part of the logic of the photo. I just had to show it off. I spent months searcing for the font I wanted. The local boat lettering store, there is only one, could not offer me anything I liked. Thus I went to the internet and found some thing called p22 Alpha Roman. They purchased the font and now I can have more items lettered.

Why that font, it is as close as I could find to the printing that is on the Empress Taro card by Rider Waite. The deck served as inspriation, a symbol that helped name her. To me the boat is like the Empress card... part of her is initiative & action. Along with many other mother earth type skills.

For the boaters the anchor is a stern anchor , a Fortress tx 37 with chain rode. It is there as a break in case I need to stop in an emergency. The upright the anchor is attached to is part of the davits. In fact I am sitting on part of the chain... the mizzen pushed off to the side.

cruising sail
Thanksgiving Trip
11/24/2011, Everglades City, Fl

On the way back to the keys from our Thanksgiving trip. Snoozer and I stopped at the Rod and Gun Club alng with many other great places.

We discovered a great newsletter/ paper that covers the Everglades City Area. It is called the Mullet Rapper. Maybe that is what the fish are wrapped in? It lists local events from turkey shoots to a free thanksgiving dinner for the whole community. Pet pictures, history, tide tables, community calendar... all for $0.25, yep a quarter.

cruising sail
Road Trip
11/23/2011, Central Florida

What does Bok Tower Gardens, Pinewood Estates,Hollis Garden, Harry P.Leu Gardens, Polk Museum of Art, Winter Haven and Polk County have in common. They are all parts of a trip that was fun and a welcome change from living on an island.

Snoozer and I took off and explored central Florida and had a great time. He is from the general area so it was familiar to him yet very new to me. He was an excellent tour guide.

My favorite attraction was the Bok Tower Gardens. Maybe that is because that is the only attraction we made it to! We had so much fun that we spent all our time at the first stop. Still it was a beautiful place and an invigorating experience.


A tandem skydiving is a bucket list item......

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Birthday Photo
Shirl/ great
11/12/2011, Melburn, Fl

Here is a current photo. This is at age 62. I am finally at an age where I will be paid for doing nothing. Social security will start soon and I will be socially secure.

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Lost in the North
cool/ need coat
09/08/2011, St. Joseph, Mi

Hi, This is for everyone who is wondering what is happening? Well... I decided that I needed to return to Michigan and see if I was really home sick. Guess I was, a little, becasue I am still in St Joseph and after 6 weeks finally making plans to return to Fl.

The motivation for change is the weather, it has turned cool..... time to go where the weather fits my clothes. This photo is in front of my favorite chocolate shop in St Joseph.

cruising sail
Survey Photo
06/24/2011, Ft Pierce, Fl

This was taken in October 2008

cruising sail
Boat Photo
06/24/2011, Ocean side of Florida

Found this photo of S/V Empress

cruising sail
06/22/2011, Coco Plum YC

These grow outside in the Keys...

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