S/V Endorfin

"Fulfilling our dreams, one ocean at a time"

05 February 2014 | Nicaragua
02 February 2014
01 February 2014
28 January 2014 | Barillas, El Salvador
19 January 2014 | Chiapas, Mexico
18 May 2011 | Bahia Aqua Verde - BCS
11 May 2011 | San Evaristo Anchorage - May 11-14
10 May 2011 | Isla San Francisco to San Evaristo
08 May 2011 | Ensenada Grande to Isla San Francisco
05 May 2011 | Isla Partida - Cardonal and Ensenada Grande
22 April 2011 | La Paz, BCS
21 April 2011 | La Paz, BCS
18 April 2011 | Mainland, BCS
16 April 2011 | Isla Isabella to Los Muertos
16 April 2011 | Mantachen Bay to Isla Isabella

Departure from La Paz

05 May 2011 | Isla Partida - Cardonal and Ensenada Grande
May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) to May 7
Depart from La Paz - to Isla Partida (Cardonal & Ensenada Anchorages)

Emma and Phoebe assist with our dock lines and we head out of the marina and out the La Paz channel.
Soon after exiting the channel and setting our way points for Cardonal anchorage, we are boarded by the very friendly Mexican Navy. Miguel only wants to do a safety check and inspect our paperwork. The happy officer declines a cold coca cola and proceeds with his duties. Before we know it, he’s hopping back on his ship and we all carry on.

Savannah is tired and naps underneath the table in the cockpit. She looks cozy and I’m happy she is sleeping.

We hear ‘Endorfin, Endorfin - Taking Flight’ on the VHF. We switch to channel 68 and chat a bit with Dave. They are anchored at Isla Ballena and will join us in a a day or two. We make our way to Cardonal and anchor for the night. The coromuels blow, but we appreciate the fresh breeze inside the boat. Summer is almost here and it’s heating up.

We start the next day with a morning swim before breakfast while Dan scrubs the water line. Savannah is wearing her ‘jelly’ suit for the first time and she is is very cute in the glowing yellow and hot pink lycra suit.
Dan shuttles me to the beach to play with Savannah while I run to the other side of the isthmus. Too many happy hours and not enough exercise is taking its toll. I am rewarded! The view from the top of the mountain is amazing.
Back on the beach, we witness dozens of squids beaching themselves - some phenomenon that I need to ‘google’ - Savannah is thrilled to be able to catch them, but wants to take them home. We attempt to rescue the ones still alive, but they insist on beaching themselves again. Dan says ‘no’ to calamari for dinner.

Today, we met a lovely couple from Scotland who are sailing their recently purchased s/v Aquarius. Gitte and David join us for a happy hour and we enjoy cold VTs while chatting about our recent adventures. They are shaking down their boat briefly before returning to Scotland and preparing for their next adventure. We are thrilled to share some cruising tips about the Banderas Bay area while they share their years of sailing adventures around the UK and Scotland. Brrrr !!!
Vessel Name: Endorfin
Vessel Make/Model: 55' Bruce Roberts (built by Jomar)
Hailing Port: Channel Islands, California
Crew: Dan Olsen, Lisa Olsen, Savannah Olsen (8)
Extra: "Fulfilling our dreams one ocean at a time"
Home Page: www.tropicalcruiser.com
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The Olsen's

Who: Dan Olsen, Lisa Olsen, Savannah Olsen (8)
Port: Channel Islands, California