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S/V Endorfin
"Fulfilling our dreams, one ocean at a time"
Arrival to La Paz
04/21/2011, La Paz, BCS

April 21, 2011
Arrival to La Paz !!

We arrived to Marina Palmira, La Paz just after 12:30. Ahhhhh ! It feels good to be back. With the boat cleaned up and feeling the need to cool off, I am ready for the pool. But I am re-directed by Dan to meet the family onboard s/v Blue Sky. The swim will have to wait. Jim, Emma, Phoebe and Drake have just completed a 5 year circumnavigation and I can't wait to meet them.
Wow !! I stare at 12 year old Phoebe - who was just a bit older than Savannah when they started their journey. Looking at this amazing almost teenager, gives me goosebumps -as I get a glimpse at a future Savannah. She is well-spoken, polite, obviously super-intelligent, and extremely worldly and outgoing. Her brother Drake is just as amazing. Their Mom and Dad (Emma and Jim) are over the top friendly and invite me to join them for something cold aboard s/v Blue Sky - their home and magic carpet for the last 5 years. Emma pours a chilled white wine for me and Jim is super-generous with the Tecate for Dan. The time passes quickly as we listen to one amazing story after another. Ann makes popcorn and shares her fresh made dried fish.

We are laughing and chatting when I hear a very familiar ' Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaa' !!!! I know it is Josie, and jump off the boat. We laugh and hug! Ahhhhhh! Eeeeeeee !! We are looking at each other as if in a dream. Josie says ' you are here, you are here !! and not leaving in a week !!' It's a fabulous moment! We spend the rest of the evening getting caught up with each other and enjoy a lovely evening on s/v Blue Sky.

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07/01/2011 | Kerri Bingham
Hi Lisa and Josie!!! Hope you're having a wonderful time, miss you both!!! Happy diving :) Love from Indo, Kerri
Bahia de los Muertos
Lisa - photos: see album - Bahia de los Muertos
04/18/2011, Mainland, BCS

Bahia de los Muertos (Bay of the Dead) - otherwise known as Bahia de los Suenos (Bay of Dreams - the developers tried to change the name in order to sell more condos)
18 - 20 April, 2011

We had arrived to Bahia de los Muertos anchorage with the intention of staying only one night - just rest a bit after our long crossing, then hurry to La Paz. But soon after anchoring, another dozen boats pulled in and dropped anchor.

For the first time since we left California in December, I finally felt like I was a cruiser. The moment came when I packed my running shoes and ipod into a dry bag and headed to shore on my paddle board for a beach run.
Soon after pulling up my board past the surf, I met two more paddlers - Mark and Ann from s/v Blue Rodeo and they told me about the beach potluck that was planned for tonight. I looked forward to the opportunity to make new cruising friends.

Two days turned into three after we discovered that a beautiful pool with a fast slide and cold beers served was available for cruisers to enjoy. We met up with Dave, Ann and Kara from s/v Taking Flight and spent the afternoon chilling under pool-side umbrellas while Savannah and Kara (6) splashed and wore out the slide.

It's beach party time !!!! We head back to the boat to dry out and prepare an appetizer dish to share - I'm trying to remember what I made... it's been a while. Oh yes, I did an olive, pickle, cheese, salami, cracker plate.
We met a handful of really nice couples. Let's see if I can recall some of them: Dave and Marissa on Pacifico, Larry and Karen from s/v Panta Rea, Howard and Lynn from s/v Swift Current, Ellen and Ian, the racing crew from Sirroco, and a handful more. I toasted with everyone as I celebrated my first cruisers beach potluck. I felt like I had become 'one of them'.

While we ate and drank, Kara, Autumn, Nick and Savannah enjoyed the surf and sand. They rolled, swam, dove, and tumbled until sand filled all their cracks and crevices. Tonight would be a shower night!

With bedtime for Savannah fast approaching, we packed up our empty appetizer plates and glasses and said good-night to the gang. As we motored back to Endorfin I thought about the fabulous evening and was grateful to meet other like-minded sailors. We would see them all again and enjoy more beach gatherings.

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Banderas Bay to La Paz - Isla Isabella to Los Muertos
Lisa - photos: see album - Banderas Bay to La Paz
04/16/2011, Isla Isabella to Los Muertos

The anchor is up at 6:15 pm - it's only 216 nm to the Baja Peninsula - we are heading to Los Frailes anchorage.
Dan is sleeping, and I am listening to the Howard Stern Show. There are no boats on the hazy horizon and I am feeling OK about this whole nighttime, dark, sailing thing.
4am - Dan is back on watch and Lisa is OUT.
Savannah wakes me at 6:30 am. OMG my eyes are tired. She enjoys a beautiful sunrise with Daddy while I snooze a bit longer. In the galley, I prepare a quick and satisfying fried egg sandwich breakfast and then it's time for school for Miss Savannah.
Neither the time nor the engine stop. There is no wind for sailing. The day passes and before we realize the time, we are hungry for some Dorado on the BBQ. We enjoy natures perfect fish with some beet root salad. It's night-night time for Savannah and Mommy. My little sweetie rubs my back and we fall asleep together while Daddy maintains his watch.
11:15 pm - I awake to different weather. We have 20 plus knots of wind right on the nose and the course is uncomfortable - at 11:30 on 17 April, we change course to Los Muertos and level out the boat with a reef in the main. Dan heads below to get some needed sleep. At 1:30am, 18 April, I enjoy a full moon, flat seas, and a faint breeze. So far, it's a smooth passage.
At 3:30am I head below to wake Dan for his watch - Savannah thinks it's 'wake-up' time and proceeds to make the bed. We pull back the covers, and within a few minutes she is snoozing again and we cuddle till morning. Dan is alert and watching carefully for other boats. We are in thick, pea-soup style fog. The sun burns it off around 9am and Dan can rest his brain. He changes to dry clothes and gets some snooze time on the port settee in the cockpit. He has worked hard in the fog. Spongebob keeps Savannah content while I have a chance to catch up on the log and blog entries. We should arrive to Muertos in 4 hours. The sea is calm, the sun is up, and we are thrilled to have arrived back to the happiest place on earth - the Sea of Cortez.

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Banderas Bay to La Paz - Mantachen Bay to Isla Isabella
Lisa - photos: see album - Banderas Bay to La Paz
04/16/2011, Mantachen Bay to Isla Isabella

Raised both anchors and set a course of 296 magnetic to see the nesting frigate birds of Isabella. The charts are off, so navigating is now serious business.
10 am - a huge pod of dolphins.
School begins today at 10:30.
We arrive to Isabella at 2:15 pm - in time to explore the island and frigate nests. The bay is lined with fishing huts and the locals point us in the right direction for some close up viewing of the baby frigates.
Along the way we meet a local family enjoying some R and R on the island. Savannah and the girls are quick to make friends and play. They offer some sweeties and share some giggles.
We must return to Endorfin and prepare for an evening departure.

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Banderas Bay to La Paz - Chacala to Mantachen Bay
Lisa - photos: see album - Banderas Bay to La Paz
04/15/2011, Chacala to Mantachen Bay

Breakfast, school, play, tea - the day goes ...
A confused ocean - quite swelly and no wind to sail.
It's low tide, so we cannot enter into San Blas Harbor- we anchor at Mantachan.

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Banderas Bay to La Paz - Punta de Mita to Chacala
Lisa - photos: see album - Banderas Bay to La Paz
04/14/2011, Punta de Mita to Chacala

Adios Banderas Bay
We make our way fro Punta de Mita to Chacala.
It's a quaint village where we enjoy micheladas and fish tacos on the beach.

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