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S/V Endorfin
"Fulfilling our dreams, one ocean at a time"
Birthday Fun on the Beach
Lisa - see photo album: San Evaristo
05/11/2011, San Evaristo Anchorage - May 11-14

Wed May 11- 14 San Evaristo Anchorage

We keep ourselves busy at San Evaristo while we wait for s/v Taking Flight and Kara's birthday to arrive. Ann has planned to celebrate Kara's 7th birthday with a party at the beach.
We wander to the 'tienda' on the first day to find out when the fresh veggies will arrive. We are told 'manana' and plan to return with our groceries bags in hopes of finding fresh bananas and avocados. For now, we grab some snacks and more boxed milk.

During an informal and impromptu happy hour on board s/v Endorfin, we meet the local fisherman when they pull up beside the boat with fish and lobsters for sale. Of course we will buy some for dinner!! We are always happy to support the local businessmen!
With Kara and Savannah content with a movie in our aft cabin, Dave, Ann, Dan and I enjoy a fresh lobster dinner in the cockpit.

The next day, Savannah and I keep busy with some fun projects. We made birthday presents for Kara and hope she will like our creativity. Homemade play dough was the most fun for Savannah to help with. She picked and mixed the colors and made 5 big squishy gooey balls. For the next project, the hardest part was taking the paper off of old crayons to make 'rainbow crayons'. Savannah stuck with it until they were ready to be broken up and put into the muffin cups and melted in the oven.

After the projects were completed, we took the dingy and met the group for some snorkeling. Savannah was the first in and loved every second in the water. Kara needed a bit of coaxing, but once in, she laughed and squealed with joy.

Kara's birthday finally arrived! Savannah was just as excited, as I had promised her face painting for both to celebrate the special day. After my morning paddle around the anchorage with Savannah, we set up the paint and tools. Savannah couldn't wait for Kara to finish school, so I painted her first - a beautiful butterfly! Dave brought the birthday girl to our boat as soon as she had finished her journaling and science. Kara also wanted a butterfly, so we changed the colors to make her's just a bit different. These painted beauties decided they should show everyone their faces, so I took them in the dingy from boat to boat until the entire anchorage had met the birthday flutterbys'.
That evening, we all met at the beach with appetizers, drinks and presents. Kara opened her gifts, we played baseball, and enjoyed yummy food and drinks.

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Crossing back to the mainland.
05/10/2011, Isla San Francisco to San Evaristo

Tues May 10 - The hook to San Evaristo, Mainland, Baja

I get to enjoy a quiet run on the beach the next morning before we depart for San Evaristo anchorage on the mainland. We will have better protection from the Northerlies that are still in force and easily disrupt an otherwise quiet north facing beach.

Savannah and I spend the majority of the crossing down in the cabin. Her school time is important and Dan can certainly handle the 2-hour 'motor' across to the mainland.

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Mother's Day
05/08/2011, Ensenada Grande to Isla San Francisco

Sun May 8 - Mothers Day (for those whose husbands and kids remembered!)
Ensenada Grande to Isla San Francisco -'the hook' anchorage

Dan is ready to move - he has the 'gotta get there' mentality these days. Can't stop him, or change his mind. So, we prepare the boat, raise the anchor, and set our course for Isla SanFrancisco. It's been over 5 years since we have explored this beautiful anchorage and we are excited to visit 'the hook' again.
Outside the anchorage, we run the jib sheets and unfurl the head sail. We are in luck. The wind is strong enough and going the right direction. We are sailing !!!! 3.7 knots in 5.8 knots of wind. It's a lovely broad reach towards the picturesque anchorage
Dan has suggested (and later on claims that this was my mothers day gift) that we fly the reacher (an asymmetrical spinnaker flown without a pole). It is actually the first time we have used this sail and we are quite surprised and pleased with how easy it is. The bright orange, red and yellow sail is easily seen our cruising friends that are following us to the next party stop.

Bright and early the next morning (well, ok, 10 am - but that is bright and early!) we head out to hike to the top of the hill for a magnificent view of this amazing place. This short hike turned into a half day event as we continued with each new trail we encountered.

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Departure from La Paz
05/05/2011, Isla Partida - Cardonal and Ensenada Grande

May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) to May 7
Depart from La Paz - to Isla Partida (Cardonal & Ensenada Anchorages)

Emma and Phoebe assist with our dock lines and we head out of the marina and out the La Paz channel.
Soon after exiting the channel and setting our way points for Cardonal anchorage, we are boarded by the very friendly Mexican Navy. Miguel only wants to do a safety check and inspect our paperwork. The happy officer declines a cold coca cola and proceeds with his duties. Before we know it, he's hopping back on his ship and we all carry on.

Savannah is tired and naps underneath the table in the cockpit. She looks cozy and I'm happy she is sleeping.

We hear 'Endorfin, Endorfin - Taking Flight' on the VHF. We switch to channel 68 and chat a bit with Dave. They are anchored at Isla Ballena and will join us in a a day or two. We make our way to Cardonal and anchor for the night. The coromuels blow, but we appreciate the fresh breeze inside the boat. Summer is almost here and it's heating up.

We start the next day with a morning swim before breakfast while Dan scrubs the water line. Savannah is wearing her 'jelly' suit for the first time and she is is very cute in the glowing yellow and hot pink lycra suit.
Dan shuttles me to the beach to play with Savannah while I run to the other side of the isthmus. Too many happy hours and not enough exercise is taking its toll. I am rewarded! The view from the top of the mountain is amazing.
Back on the beach, we witness dozens of squids beaching themselves - some phenomenon that I need to 'google' - Savannah is thrilled to be able to catch them, but wants to take them home. We attempt to rescue the ones still alive, but they insist on beaching themselves again. Dan says 'no' to calamari for dinner.

Today, we met a lovely couple from Scotland who are sailing their recently purchased s/v Aquarius. Gitte and David join us for a happy hour and we enjoy cold VTs while chatting about our recent adventures. They are shaking down their boat briefly before returning to Scotland and preparing for their next adventure. We are thrilled to share some cruising tips about the Banderas Bay area while they share their years of sailing adventures around the UK and Scotland. Brrrr !!!

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2 Weeks at Palmira in La Paz
Lisa - see photo album: Life in La Paz
04/22/2011, La Paz, BCS

Two Weeks in La Paz at Palmira Marina
April 21 to May 5

Our two weeks at the Marina goes by super-fast. We spend enormous amounts of time with Josie - we shopped, ate, drank and went to the movies! Our first shopping trip to Soriana is an eventful one for Josie !! We are picking up some groceries and supplies when, out in the middle of the isle, Savannah spots a stack of 'walking puppy' toys. She tried desperately, without success, to get us to buy the walking puppy. Many tears ensued! 45 minutes later, she stopped whining and asking for the toy. Mommy one! Savannah none!

I enjoyed a husband / child free afternoon when Josie and I went to the movies. We soaked up the air-conditioned air, nibbled on popcorn, and sipped cold cokes.
The movie was good and we finally enjoyed a La Paz movie together.

Some days were walking days - we would walk and Savannah and Kara would scoot on their 'Razors'. The Malecon which runs from one end of town to the other, is perfect for the scooting girls - so we all got lots of exercise.

We celebrated Dan's 50th birthday with a party at our favorite taco stand in La Paz. We filled our bellies with 'papas rellenas' and quenched our thirsts with cold beers at Rancho Viejo. Phoebe had her hands full with Kara and Savannah, and definitely earned her babysitting money that night. It was a delightful evening without children. Thanks sweet Phoebe!

Josie gave us a grand walking tour one day and showed us all her favorite shopping places. We started with a yummy breakfast at 'Corazon'. Across town we went to buy bread at the bakery. All the way to Farmacorama to buy Costco almonds, then back to the Malecon for $3 DVD's from the street vendors.

Josie and I celebrated her birthday with another outing to the movies.

Most days were spent just eating, schooling, cleaning, and swimming. And perhaps a happy hour or two :)

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Arrival to La Paz
04/21/2011, La Paz, BCS

April 21, 2011
Arrival to La Paz !!

We arrived to Marina Palmira, La Paz just after 12:30. Ahhhhh ! It feels good to be back. With the boat cleaned up and feeling the need to cool off, I am ready for the pool. But I am re-directed by Dan to meet the family onboard s/v Blue Sky. The swim will have to wait. Jim, Emma, Phoebe and Drake have just completed a 5 year circumnavigation and I can't wait to meet them.
Wow !! I stare at 12 year old Phoebe - who was just a bit older than Savannah when they started their journey. Looking at this amazing almost teenager, gives me goosebumps -as I get a glimpse at a future Savannah. She is well-spoken, polite, obviously super-intelligent, and extremely worldly and outgoing. Her brother Drake is just as amazing. Their Mom and Dad (Emma and Jim) are over the top friendly and invite me to join them for something cold aboard s/v Blue Sky - their home and magic carpet for the last 5 years. Emma pours a chilled white wine for me and Jim is super-generous with the Tecate for Dan. The time passes quickly as we listen to one amazing story after another. Ann makes popcorn and shares her fresh made dried fish.

We are laughing and chatting when I hear a very familiar ' Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaa' !!!! I know it is Josie, and jump off the boat. We laugh and hug! Ahhhhhh! Eeeeeeee !! We are looking at each other as if in a dream. Josie says ' you are here, you are here !! and not leaving in a week !!' It's a fabulous moment! We spend the rest of the evening getting caught up with each other and enjoy a lovely evening on s/v Blue Sky.

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07/01/2011 | Kerri Bingham
Hi Lisa and Josie!!! Hope you're having a wonderful time, miss you both!!! Happy diving :) Love from Indo, Kerri

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