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Mostly Retired on Eos
Stephen and Lynel Lemon no longer have an agenda...... There is a time to every purpose
The Long Winter

This is not Santa Barbara. I had to post date this on April Fools Day since the weather over the winter "just had to be kidding". I had my first opportunity to put tire chains on the Honda, and the TV weather program commented that March set a record for only one day out of the entire month without measurable rain.
Christmas in Santa Cruz was great; nothing like a 5 year old to remind you of priorities. On March 17, Juliette Kristen Osterling arrived (9# 4oz) and is an absolute charmer. Tyler is adjusting to being a big brother.
Kim, Anne, Chris, and Wanda in the Specialty Clinic and the entire crew in the ACU will be greatly missed. Peace Health has finally been able to contract with a second gastroenterologist, so maybe now Anne will have some relief. Therefore, it seems unlikely that we will return to Longview in the future. However, given the unpredictability of the future, I left my staff appointment and Washington license on the record.
We left Longview in April, returning to Santa Barbara after a stop in Santa Cruz.

Santa Barbara 2011
Back to Longview

We got Eos ready for the winter in Santa Barbaraharbor with extra lines, chain on the dock cleats and a very heavy tarp on the flybridge. A good friend, Mike Wapner, watched over things for us while we returned north.
We loaded up the minivan and left for Longview to begin a 5 month work assignment at Peace Health. Although not Santa Barbara, arriving back in Longview had an almost "home-like" feeling, hearlded by the "Jesus" sign on I-5 as we drove in.
Our circle of friends had not changed since our departure in April, and it was easy to step back into a demanding work schedule. We settled in the same apartment complex that we had left in April, ao in some ways it was almost like we had never left.

Santa Barbara 2011

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Mostly Retired on Eos
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