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Mostly Retired on Eos
Stephen and Lynel Lemon no longer have an agenda...... There is a time to every purpose
Leaving Lauderdale
03/30/2012, Miles = 31

I had to find the best "happy face" picture that I could. At last, after what seems like an eternity, we are ready to leave Ft. Lauderdale. The last posting when I wrote those words was 8 weeks ago, but we are optimistic that this time is for real.
Yesterday we bought lunch for all of the people here at Certified Diesel, a good crew who have done an outstanding job on Eos. Special thanks to Matt and his brother T.J. for all of their hard work.
In the AM we will make a short run down the New River and anchor in Lake Sylvia for the night. The weather looks good for an early departure Sunday, and if we get a good boost from the Gulf Stream and all else goes smoothly, we may skip West End and enter the Little Bahamas Bank at Indian Cay, traveling on to Mangrove Cay for the night. We can clear in a day or two later as we move east.
If we have WiFi along the way, I'll post an update. Otherwise, I'll update our travels when we get back to the mainland.

Florida and the Bahamas
Progress in Ft Lauderdale
03/25/2012, Miles = 31

Yes, we are still in Ft Lauderdale at the dock behind Certified Diesel, but the knot log now reads 31 instead of 9. Progress has been made.
Last week we drove south to Marathon and stayed two nights with Skip and Linda Shipman. They have a delightful cottage looking out over Florida Bay. The weather was perfect, it was a great visit, and Lynel fired the cannon for the striking of the colors at dusk.
When we returned to the boat, things were looking better. There was a day delay waiting for some fabrication work on the exhaust, but the engine re-assembly progressed with no problems. Thursday we were able to start the engine and do preliminary checks, and Friday we completed the sea trial. The trip down the river is nearly 7 miles, but is slow because of current and time spent waiting for bridges. It sure felt good to be off shore in the open Atlantic! The engine ran perfectly, with no significant problems or leaks. There are a few minor details to be completed tomorrow, then the galley has to go back together. The insurance surveyor will be here Tuesday to review all that has been done. We don't want to be over confident, but if all goes well, we should be out of here by Friday.
If we get a good weather window, our current plan would be to clear into the Bahamas at West End on Grand Bahama island, and then spend 10 to 14 days in the Abacos. Depending on weather, timing, and whether we are in the mood for a longer passage, our landfall on returning would be Fort Pierce, Port Canaveral, or even further north. Since we have already visited St. Augustine and Savannah, we will head to Charleston as our next major destination. But after being stuck in Ft Lauderdale for so long, we do need some time anchored out too. We are still expecting to be in the Chesapeake by the end of May.
If all this actually comes together, I'll try to post once more before we head offshore. Internet connections in the Bahamas will be less available and less reliable, although I'm expecting to be able to check e-mail at restaurants or marinas.

Florida and the Bahamas
03/27/2012 | Gary
Excellant news that you are finally under way! I hope plans now fall into place.
03/30/2012 | Tricia
It is great to hear the sea trial went well. Now it's time for you and Lynel to enjoy the Bahamas! I'm looking forward to hearing about it and seeing the pictures of the beautiful blue ocean.
03/12/2012, Still in Lauderdale

We returned from Savannah yesterday after a 5 day excursion. What a remarkable city, and certainly a refresher course in American history. The azaleas were blooming; the streets were beautiful with all the hanging Spanish moss.
Dining is outstanding! We had elegant dinners at Vics on the River and at Elizabeth on 37th. During lunch at Wilkes Boarding House (an experience in itself) we were seated next to the stage manager and one of the stars of the traveling production of "Menopause - the Musical". The manager arranged comp tickets, so we had a great night at the theater in downtown Savannah. I think we could easily have spent several weeks soaking up the history and ambiance of the deep south - not to mention the cooking!
The engine work is slow. Realistically I don't see it being done until the end of next week. We will then have to look at our options as to where to go...but I think the first mission will be to get out of Florida.
Meanwhile, we hope to see some of Naples and the Everglades, and may travel to the Keys again.

Florida and the Bahamas
Still Here
03/05/2012, Ft. Lauderdale

We remain in Ft Lauderdale, but both Lynel and I agree we have had enough of Florida. The engine rebuild is slowly progressing, but has now been delayed by some urgent work for the Port of Miami. The salt water damage was extensive, but in the end we will have a complete rebuild...essentially a new engine.
In the meantime we have rented a car and are trying to see some of the local sites as well as learning some of the local history. We spent 2 days in Key West, took a one day trip to the Fairchild Tropical Gardens, and did a 4 day trip to St. Augustine and the Kennedy Space Center. I've posted some pictures in the gallery.
The insurance representative was aboard the boat to assess the situation and to report to the underwriter. Although we have lost 6 weeks of time, I'm hoping the financial part of this mess will not be too bad. If only we can get out of Florida!!

Florida and the Bahamas
South Fork of the New River
02/19/2012, mIles = 9

Life doesn't come with any guarantees, and certainly no one ever said fairness was part of the deal. But if attitude, determination, and perserverence matter, maybe you can muddle through the set backs.
We are at the dock behind Certified Diesel on the south fork of the New River in Fort Lauderdale. We expect to be here for the next 2 to 3 weeks while our engine is rebuilt. Any one interested in the details can read on, otherwise readers can skip the next few paragraphs.
As near as we can determine, Yacht Path tipped the boat so far bow down that water ran from the lift muffler back up the exhaust. The water then ran through the turbo into the exhaust manifold, and all the way forward to the number one cylinder. We think this happened in Cartegena, since the water had time to migrate around the rings while it corroded the piston and cylinder liner. When the boat was off loaded and started, the water emulsified and circulated through the engine.
I notified the cargo insurance carrier, and a marine surveryor has been aboard. We are in the process of discovering what will be covered.
Boat geometry can be a real challenge in situations such as this. We will have to disassemble the galley and move cabinets to open an area over the engine. The engine will then have to be lifted enough to remove the pan and access the connecting rod bearings. At a minimum the number one piston and cylinder liner will have to be replaced, but there may be more damage that cannot yet be seen. The best guess is that all of this will take 2 to 3 weeks. Not really the way we had expected to begin our east coast adventures.
So for the next few weeks we will remain in south Florida doing tourist things. There is still a chance we can get out to the Bahamas, but certainly the rest of the year will be different than we had hoped. It's not yet clear how bad the financial hit will be since I expect some of the $30,000 estimate will not be covered. We had already lost several weeks due to Yacht Path delays and the diversion of the ship to Cartegena, and losing another 3 weeks will affect our options.
All we can do at this time is wait and see how this mess turns out.

Florida and the Bahamas
02/26/2012 | Anne-Marie Castleberg
Boo hoo. How terribly sad and frustrating.
Also what a total PIA!!!!
I don't understand why the stupid transit company shouldn't be liable for all the costs. Why wouldn't they. the boat was in perfect shape when it was loaded on board.
02/26/2012 | Anne-Marie Castleberg
Boo hoo. How terribly sad and frustrating.
Also what a total PIA!!!!
I don't understand why the stupid transit company shouldn't be liable for all the costs. Why wouldn't they. the boat was in perfect shape when it was loaded on board.
Ft Lauderdale
02/10/2012, Miles = Still 0

Above is a picture of the "injured party"

Certain things in life are universally true...death and taxes immediately come to mind. But there is another absolute truth: Planning and cruising are mutually exclusive. You can have plans, or you can be cruising, but you cannot have both.
We remain in Ft Lauderdale with a non-functioning engine. As near as can be told, the Yacht Path people tipped the boat too far bow down, presumably in Cartegena, and salt water from the muffler ran back into the engine. The consequence of this has not yet been fully assessed. It may be nothing but an inconvenience for multiple oil changes and flushes, or it may be major. We are awaiting a scope exam of the inside of each cylinder (maybe the technician will let me work the hardware since I'm so used to putting scopes in dark places).
We will remain at the dock behind Ulla and Bob Gates house until all is resolved. The Gates are truly two of the kindest and most gracious people on the planet.
More later.

Florida and the Bahamas
02/14/2012 | robbie
OMG I feel for you AND Lynel. I would be wondering if it was worth it about now. By the way Happy Valentines day!!

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