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11 October 2015
18 July 2015 | Anacortes
04 June 2015 | Anacotes Miles=98
11 May 2015 | Miles = 0
17 April 2015 | Miles = 1195
12 April 2015 | Ft Pierce
26 February 2015
24 November 2014 | Miles = 1146
10 November 2014 | Miles = 625
04 September 2014
07 June 2014 | Miles = 613
02 June 2014 | Miles = 486
27 May 2014 | Miles = 397
21 May 2014 | Miles = 357
15 May 2014 | Miles = 256
07 May 2014 | Miles = 149
30 April 2014 | Miles = 41.4

Santa Barbara and Beyond

15 July 2016
Much time has passed since I last posted about our boating adventures. Eos did well over the winter in Anacortes under the watchful eye of Nancy Rink at AAA Yachtfinders. The boat has been shown multiple times but we have not yet had any offers in spite of dropping the price several times. We went up to Anacortes for a few days in mid June to do boat maintenance and to review things with the broker. The situation is frustrating, but I have to believe that somewhere in the world there is a couple who will be just right for Eos.
Meanwhile, I have been racing Wet Wednesdays at SBYC and am reminded of how lucky we are to live in Santa Barbara. Year round boating is routine, the sailing is excellent, and recently we made several trips to Santa Cruz Island with friends. Re joining the active sailors at SBYC has only re-inforced the idea that day sailing, club racing, and island cruising will the the style of boating in our future.
Last spring I began seriously considering what type of boat would replace Eos...something that would fit in a 35' slip, perform well on the race course, and yet still be good for trips to the islands and to Catalina. J-109, Beneteau First 36.7, and C&C 115 models looked good, so I followed several on Yachtworld. Co-incidentally, the Canadian dollar exchange rate kept changing, until a certain C&C 115 in Halifax became just too good to pass up.
The summary is that our "new" C&C 115 is currently on a truck heading for Ventura while we wrestle with the stress of owning 2 boats. Once here, we will temporarily settle the boat in Ventura while we wait for the Selene to find a new home.
Meanwhile, other plans include a visit with grandchildren the last week in July, followed by 6 weeks on the Selene cruising in Canada. I will post to this site during our Canadian cruising.


11 October 2015
We are back in Santa Barbara, but over the past three months several changes and adjustments have happened.
At the end of July I had surgery for high grade spinal stenosis. The situation was a little worse than expected, so bilateral laminectomy was needed at three separate levels. After a brief hospital stay (not brief enough for me) I have been working on therapy and regaining normal leg function. Progress is slow, but I have every expectation that by early next year all will be well..
Meanwhile, Lynel's foot problems had worsened and a week ago she had reconstruction on her left foot requiring screws, plates, and advancement/re-implantation of a tendon. No weight bearing for 2 months will present a challenge.
Since it was quite clear that we would be unable to use Eos for a period of time, we decided to sign a formal brokerage agreement with AAA Yachtfinders International in Anacortes. Nancy Rink, our broker, has shown the boat several times, and we are cautiously optimistic that the market in the Pacific Northwest will produce a buyer. If not, we fully expect to be physically able to enjoy extended summer cruising next year. British Columbia is such a unique and spectacular area to cruise, and we are not yet ready to give it up.

West Coast at Last

18 July 2015 | Anacortes
For the last 2 weeks we have been in the Pacific Northwest. The weather is great, although when we first got here there was a lot of smoke from wildfires in Canada. There air eventually cleared and we enjoyed some remarkable scenery, including the views of Mt. Baker from Echo Bay on Soucia Island (above). We decided to stay in the San Juan Islands and not clear into Canada, so we spent nights at Reid on Stuart, Garrison Bay and Westcott Bay on San Juan, Blind Bay on Shaw, and Echo Bay on Soucia.
We returned to our slip in Anacortes on July 16 and beganthe process of getting the boat ready to sit for the next 5 to 6 weeks. We have signed a limited brokerage agreement, but so far have not had any results. If nothing develops, we are OK with taking the boat to Canada for winter storage and enjoying Spring/Summer cruising next year. Eventually we will encounter a knowledgeable couple who will enjoy Eos in the coming years as we have enjoyed the past years.
In the mean time, I will be out of commission for a few weeks. It seems I have developed a critical level of spinal stenosis, resulting in gradual loss of use of my legs (very tacky to fall down on the dock). Surgery will hopefully put things right, but it is not entirely clear how long recovery will take.

Pacific Northwest Finally!

04 June 2015 | Anacotes Miles=98
After an absence of 4 1/2 years, Eos has returned to the Pacific Northwest. Remarkable experiences and challenges have filled the last few years, but it certainly felt comfortable to return to such a beautiful part of the world.
Numerous delays in Florida were finally ended when Eos was loaded on M/V Tramper, positioned below in the hold. The trip from West Palm Beach to Victoria was supposed to take 3 to 3 1/2 weeks. One port call in Manzanillo was eliminated, so we were optimistic that the prediction would prove true. Not To Be. For no apparent reason, the trip took more than a week longer than we were told, requiring an extended and expensive stay at the Coast Victoria Hotel. Eos was finally off loaded on May 19 and fortunately all went well. We spent several additional days in Victoria cleaning the boat, and after provisioning, we were able to spend a few days cruising.
The delays resulted in missing Anacortes Trawler Fest, so any opportunity to show the boat was lost. Now settled in our slip in Anacortes, I did leave a sign on the boat in case any "dock walkers" might be interested.
We are now back in Santa Barbara where I have resumed part time work doing endoscopic procedures one day a week. Flexible work scheduling will allow us to make intermittent trips to the boat for cruising in Canada, and we are especially looking forward to having Tyler join us on one of these trips. Depending on how the next few months go, we will probably list the boat with a broker at the end of the season.

Santa Barbara to Victoria

11 May 2015 | Miles = 0
The process has been long and frustrating, but we are getting close to completion. Eos is aboard the M/V Tramper which today is far offshore from the Mexico-California border, bound for Victoria, Canada.
After an extended time in Florida, we finally got Eos loaded below deck aboard the Tramper. Soon we will fly to Victoria to await arrival of the ship.
This coming weekend is "Victoria Day" in Canada, as well as the Opening Day for the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. Finding a slip in Victoria Harbor was difficult, and we could only arrange for one night. We will move to Sidney as soon as all systems aboard are checked out, then will provision for a brief time cruising. Later we will settle into our slip in Anacortes, Washington, and get Eos settled for June.
It will be refreshing to no longer need the air conditioning!

Leaving Florida !!

17 April 2015 | Miles = 1195
I was going to post the same picture as last time, but then figured that one shot of a South Florida personal injury lawyer was enough There is even a firm with advertisements encouraging clients to "Call 1-800-HIT BY CAR" Shades of "Call Saul".
It has been a long process, but we are scheduled to load Eos tomorrow. As the last several weeks have progressed, I have gained a better understanding of how tramp steamers operate, including the unpredictability of schedules. I stopped by the Seven Star Florida office and met Lauren and Monique, our two primary contacts. I think they are hard working people who are very good at dealing with cranky boat owners, specially since they have no control over ship arrival and departure dates.
We have been assigned below deck placement. I had to remove the masthead instruments and anchor light to make the clearance, but this is great since Eos will not be exposed to wind, sun, or salt spray. I cancelled the shrink wrap appointment which saved some of the cost of this adventure.
We will fly home on April 22, allowing extra time for schedule changes.. If all goes well we will have extra days to visit in West Palm Beach where there are several interesting museums, and of course major shopping.
Vessel Name: Eos
Vessel Make/Model: Selene 47 Trawler
Hailing Port: Santa Barbara, California
Crew: Stephen and Lynel Lemon
We call Santa Barbara our true home, but for this part of our life our home will be always changing. After surviving long careers in medicine we now look forward to a temporary career as boat people. [...]
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