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Mostly Retired on Eos
Stephen and Lynel Lemon no longer have an agenda...... There is a time to every purpose
Departing Santa Barbara

Another 3 months has flown by and we are busy preparing to return east. Many house projects have occupied us, including rebuilding our storage shed and completely rebuilding the deck. The plastic lumber will live far longer than we will.
We enjoyed a visit by Gordon and Mary Matlock, friends from Longview, a few weeks ago, and will plan one more visit to Santa Cruz. Juliette is becoming quite the little lady, and Tyler is in first grade, reading more and thriving in a private school. I've put a few more pictures in the gallery.
We will leave Santa Barbara on 4/23 and plan to put Eos back in the water 4/25. After a long list of boat jobs we will button up the boat in the marina at Bodkin Creek and fly to England for our first ever visit. Our plans include visiting the countryside by car for the first 11 days, then joining a Rick Steves tour of London for a week. Our return to Baltimore is on 5/26, after which provisioning and other preparations will keep us busy.
If all goes well, we hope to exit the Chesapeake by Memorial Day, transit the Erie Canal and arrive in Lake Ontario by late June. After visiting the Thousand Islands area, our transit of the Trent-Severn Waterway should happen in early July, with the following few weeks spent in Georgian Bay and the North Channel.
After reading over volumes of material we have decided that the rivers and waterways from the Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico are just not that appealing to us. The mid Atlantic and New England coast have much more to offer than does cruising through the south, and the prospect of eventually having to be in Florida again was particularly noxious. So once we are in Sault Ste Marie in mid August, the plan is to turn south down Lake Huron, travel the full length of Lake Erie and the Erie Canal back to the Hudson. We will cruise New England and the mid Atlantic until later in the fall, then put the boat away and return to Santa Barbara. Hopefully there is no repeat of a Hurricane Sandy event this year, although being indoors at Bodkin Creek was no problem in 2012.
I will post again to the blog when Eos is back in the water.

2013 Travels
Update from Santa Barbara

It's been three months since I've posted an entry on our travel site. Time to catch up
We returned to Santa Barbara in late October, and have been busy with deferred maintenance on the house and with renewing our ties to home. We were in Santa Cruz for Tyler's 7th birthday at the end of October, and had Thanksgiving with family in LA. The time over Christmas in Santa Cruz was very's a magic time for grandchildren.
It's hard to believe that half of our 6 months at home has passed. It's now time to make plans for the coming season. Our very flexible schedule is:
* Return to the east coast in late April
* Get the boat settled at the marina in Bodkin Creek
* Fly to England for 3 weeks in May
* Leave the Chesapeake at the end of May with tentative plans to transit the Erie Canal and spend the summer in the Great Lakes
* By the end of summer, we will reassess things
Meanwhile, for friends and relatives who are interested, I have posted some family pictures in a new gallery called "Winter in Santa Barbara"

2013 Travels
Bodkin Creek
10/07/2012, Miles = 2953

Delaware Bay was long and boring as expected, but the anchorage behind Reedy Island was actually pretty as long as you only looked west. The massive nuclear power plant kind of dominated the landscape to the east. The next day we carried a favorable current through the C and D Canal, and came on down the Chesapeake Bay to Bodkin Creek near Baltimore. Eos will spend the winter indoors at the Pleasure Cove Marina warehouse, so we will not have to worry about winterizing systems.
Since arriving here on 9/25, we have been busy with cleaning, packing , and making plans for our return to Santa Barbara. Having a rental car gives us a lot more flexibility, so we have been able to see some of the neighborhood.. We also took a 3 day road trip to Shenandoah National Park where we stayed 2 nights at the historic Skyland Resort. The leaves are turning colorful at the higher elevations, and it was fun hiking a little of the Appalachian trail. Seeing names like Front Royal, Thornton Gap, and Luray (where we toured the caverns) brought back memories.
We have about a week left before the boat is hauled and stored. Sorting through several years of accumlated "stuff" and shipping multiple boxes home will more than fill our time. We will have to make one day trip to fill the fuel tanks, but otherwise our boat travels are over for this year.
We will return home on 10/17 and settle in for the longest stretch in our house since leaving at the end of 2008. The boat will be relaunched in April and hopefully by then we will have decided on a general plan for next year.
Blog posting will be limited until next year, although it's impossible to stop grandparents from showing holiday pictures of the grandkids.

Southbound Atlantic Coast 2012
Cape May
09/23/2012, Miles = 2837

A very long day down the New Jersey Coast, arriving at Utsches Marina at about 6 PM. The helpful down coast current did not appear for the journey.
Utsches is a friendly family owned marina, less expensive than the South Jersey Marina where we stayed last time. We walked into town to get some items at the hardware store, and to pick up some more of the outstanding Cape May salt water taffy.
Another front came through with wind, rain, and a drop in temperature, so we elected to stay here until things settle. There is definitely a fall feel in the air, leaves are turning, and we have had to use the Kabola heater several times.
Tomorrow (9/24) we will travel up the Delaware Bay, but will anchor overnight to await a favorable current through the C and D Canal on Tuesday

Southbound Atlantic Coast 2012
Manasquan Inlet New Jersey
09/19/2012, Miles = 2752

We have travelled many places and seen a variety of things since the last entry. We are now on our way south to the Chesapeake where we will start the process of getting the boat ready for the winter. Since the last entry:
9/2 we left Quincy after an excellent visit with Liz and Pete. The transit through the Cape Cod canal was easy, and we went on to South Dartmouth where we anchored for the night.
9/3 We went on into Newport and took a slip at the Newport Yachting Center. They were in the middle of preparations for the Newport Boat Show, so we got a special nightly rate, but had to promise to leave on the seventh.
9/4 Explored Newport
9/5 Mike and Barbara Wapner, friends from Santa Barbara, arrived to spent the next 2 weeks cruising
6/6 We toured "The Elms", one of the famous Newport Mansions
9/7 To Block Island, where we anchored in the Great Salt Pond and dinghied ashore. We walked to Old Town to see some of the island.
9/8 To Sag Harbor on Long Island. Another upscale picturesque Long Island village.
9/9 To Hamburg Cove. This was a beautiful place up the Connecticut River. Swimming, kayaking, and a visit to Essex required two nights stay, and it certainly could have been longer.
9/11 To Millford, by way of the Thimble Islands. We took a slip at Millford Landing for 2 nights, and on 9/12 took the train into New Haven where we spent the day at Yale University.
9/13 To Northport, Long Island. We anchored outside the mooring field and went into Northport, a nice town with a great bakery.
9/14 To Huntington Harbor, Long Island. A short jump over from Northport, Huntington was great. We took a mooring from the Huntington Yacht Club, and on 9/15 took a cab to "Eagle's Nest", the estate of Wille Vanderbilt. Excellent tour of the grounds.
9/16 To Liberty Landing, Jersey City. A spectacular trip down the East River in clear weather. The marina was also good, with an easy ferry connection to Manhattan. On 9/17, Mike and Barbara toured the UN while Lynel and I spent the day on Ellis Island. On 9/18 Mike and Barbara left for the west coast. A weather front came through with high winds and rain, so we elected to stay put until things settled. On 9/19 we toured the 911 site, then spent the afternoon walking lower Manhattan.
9/20 To Manasquan at Brielle, New Jersey. We left Jersey City at 0800 and arrived at Manasquan (Hoffman's Marina) at 1330. More than a knot of downcoast current helped, but a choppy 4 foot beam sea made the trip less than pleasant. The marina was good, we paid for 1 night and rested up for tomorrow.

Southbound Atlantic Coast 2012

The marina in Quincy has been a good base for touring.
We spent a day in Concord visiting the Minute Man National Park and learning about the beginning of the Revolution. Concord is an interesting place, founded in 1635, and a center of intellectual thought in the early to mid 1800s. Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa Mae Alcott, and Nathaniel Hawthorne all lived here. We drove by Walden Pond (a tourist trap) and walked through Sleepy Hollow Cemetery where all of the notables are buried (no headless horseman seen, although Washington Irving's hollow may have been elsewhere).
Yesterday we drove to Lowell and toured the national park there. The Park Service has done a great job preserving the history of the American industrial revolution which had it's beginning in the textile mills and machine works here. The feeder canals off the Merrimack River have been preserved and a small part of the Boott Cotton Mill is still operational as a demonstration site. Visiting a boarding house for the mill girls really brought home this slice of American history and gave a new appreciation for the beginnings of labor unions.
We will do provisioning and boat chores today, spend tomorrow visiting with Liz and Pete, then leave early Sunday AM to make the trip back through the Cape Cod canal. We will be in Newport from September 4 to 6 to meet Mike and Barbara Wapner for a cruise down Long Island Sound to New York. I'll start a new folder of pictures in the gallery and a new Favorites in the blog categories for our trip south to the Chesapeake.

Atlantic Coast Northbound

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