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Eshamy's Northern Passage
11/14/2011 Back on Land
11/06/2011 Our Last Sail
11/06/2011 End of the Journey..
10/31/2011 Boat!
10/31/2011 Across the North Sea
10/28/2011 Sandshamn to Leirvik
10/27/2011 Blue Sky!!
10/23/2011 M/F Bilfergen
10/23/2011 Adventures in Ålesund
10/19/2011 Tonneshaven
10/19/2011 Slow progress in Norway
10/10/2011 Voyage so far..
10/09/2011 Bodø Harbour
10/07/2011 Norway and Onwards
10/03/2011 Trees in Hammerfest
10/01/2011 There is land..
09/29/2011 We've seen the Light!
09/27/2011 Another night becalmed in the Barents Sea
09/24/2011 Is it the Barents Sea?
09/22/2011 Bird Life Aplenty
09/21/2011 One month at sea!
09/18/2011 Looking for Santa
09/16/2011 Oil, Northerly Wind and a Giant Squid
09/14/2011 Waves, clouds, rain, bit of snow and some fog
09/11/2011 Satellites, Australia and The Cure?
09/09/2011 Green Brown Lumpy Sea!
09/07/2011 Eshamy and the Iceberg
09/07/2011 Date with the Dateline
09/06/2011 Snow already!
09/02/2011 Point Barrow and the Chukchi Sea
08/29/2011 Tern, Tern, Tern
08/28/2011 Pingos in the Beaufort Sea
08/25/2011 Fog, fog and more fog!
08/21/2011 Goodbye Cambridge Bay
08/19/2011 We Arrived
08/18/2011 The Strait..
08/17/2011 Catch up..Peel Sound to Victoria Strait
08/15/2011 An Iceberg in the Fog
08/15/2011 From Lancaster Sound to Peel Sound
08/12/2011 Moon over Bylot Island
08/12/2011 Hello Canada
08/11/2011 We’ve got company!
08/11/2011 Into the Fog..
08/09/2011 Upernavik, ice creams and sunshine
08/08/2011 Seals on an Iceberg
08/07/2011 Godhavn to Upernavik
08/05/2011 Sisimuit to Disko Island
08/03/2011 Into the Arctic Circle
08/03/2011 Iceberg in the Harbour
08/03/2011 Street in Nuuk
08/03/2011 Iceland to Greenland
07/08/2011 Faroe Islands to Iceland
07/08/2011 Orkneys to Faroes
06/27/2011 Orkney
06/23/2011 Aberdeen to Orkney
06/23/2011 Hartlepool to Aberdeen
06/13/2011 Last minute preparations
12/31/1969 Across the Noth Sea
Eshamy's Northern Passage
Who: Jeffrey Allison, Katherine Brownlie, Alex Taylor, James Allison, Paul Brossier, Martin Oakley, Chris Phillips, Tanya Hargreaves, Philip Schofield (Onshore Communications Officer)
Port: Hartlepool
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