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Kauri Museum Again
12/04/2016, Kauri Museum

Went back to Kauri Museum we enjoyed it so much last time. Although we started off with beautiful clear blue skies it had clouded over by the time we left but we were in there for about two and half hours. Many of the items were quite familiar such as the sweeper and curling tongs that you heat up in the fire

OCC Lunch
11/04/2016, Whangarei

Went to OCC lunch. Enjoyable meeting, some new members and the weather held. What more could you ask for

29/03/2016, Marsden Cove Marina

Back in Marsden Cove after a windless motor from Tutukaka We spent an extra night there as it would have meant a long motor back if we had moved on. Chris has gone for swim and walk on beach so is going to shop on way back. I have been for walk around Marsden, ideal at the moment as there are good level paths, managed nearly all the way around so am improving.

Hen and Chicken
27/03/2016, Tutukaka

Spent last night at the Hen and Chicken. Quite a swell on the way out but a peaceful night apart from the flies and mozzies. Did not see the latter but covered in bites so long sleeves in future. Tonight in Tutukaka, the anchorage is fairly crowded but a beautiful sunny evening. May move on in the morning or will stay here if there is no wind

Easter Weekend Away
26/03/2016, Marsden Cove Marina

We have had several days bad weather with storm force winds and although yesterday was a nice sunny day we postponed departure for weekend away as there was still a big swell. Left this morning on a beautiful sunny day. Although we have not seen as many logging trucks on the road the trees are still being cut in vast numbers. We passed the ships being loaded and a yard ful of timber waiting to go. We have been told that most goes to China for pulping

Brought the Welsh Weather with me
15/03/2016, Marsden Cove Marina

Seem to have brought the weather with me, although much warmer than home we are getting cloudy and showers. Chris still manages a swim most days but the surf a bit strong for me as I do not want to risk any damage to knee. Keeping up the exercises and a couple of short walks every day so hopefully will see some improvement

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