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Change of Plan

22 June 2016 | SavuSavu
The wind is not right for the Lau, wrong direction combined with rough seas. It seems that Plans are made to be changed. We delayed departure because of gale warnings and now the new plan is to go to Rabi, although we were told this morning that it suffered severe damage in the cyclone. Cannot understand why SeaMercy is concentrating efforts on Taveuni which has a good regular ferry service when somewhere like Rabi is isolated with no direct boat links. I wonder how they choose where to help? We collected our meat order this afternoon luckily the butcher had agreed to keep it in the freezer until we left!

Shopping for departure

15 June 2016 | SavuSavu
Still not sure when we will leave or our route but have started stocking for departure. Ordered meat which we will pay for on Saturday when it comes in on the ferry, but they will keep it in the shop until we go. Also stocked on 'dry' stores (things like pasta, rice, tins and long life milk). There is a shortage of fruit and veg due to cyclone so will be difficult to get those we may have to rely on tins. There are plenty of root veg like Taro but not much greenstuff not even Taro leaf. There is some leafy stuff like spinach which the market lady said was for soup but I am not sure that it would keep well. Yam OK but need to find something else, may be able to get Dutch cabbage which keeps well, local garden cabbage is like pak choy and although very tasty wilts quickly

Roti for Lunch

13 June 2016 | SavuSavu
Did a bit of shopping on the market, mostly salad stuff to go with tonights steak but also a small melon and giant pineapple. We also managed to get a replacement plug for George, the original just disintegrated a few days ago leaving me with a pile of plastic chips and bare wires in the socket (had to turn off the electric to pull out the remains).
Bought a Tuna Roti on the way back, will go nicely with the Tamarind chutney that we bought in the Hardware shop (managers Mum makes it). The roti was good, walked it off by going up to the ferry, I should have had my camera with me as there was a lovely moody sky but we did not stay long as we thought we might be in for a soaking.
Steak was also very good, tender and flavourful, the white radishes were very hot, I think we must try and buy our veggies from the small stalls as although they are sometimes misshapen I they are garden grown and usually have a good flavour.


08 June 2016 | SavuSavu
Settling in nicely Met Mahindra again, he spotted us as he drove passed in his Taxi and stopped to chat. He would like us to do a trip. We met him again at the market, he would definitely like us to do a trip! Not much shopping to do as Public Health did not confiscate any food as long as we consumed it on board. No problem, where else would we eat it? So curry, bol and rotis for a few days, although tonight is a treat at the Copra Shed for my Birthday


06 June 2016 | SavuSavu
Savu Savu never looked better. Customs and immigration formalities completed fairly quickly. Fumigation expensive and rather ineffective as they did not close any hatches this time (last lime boat was closed up and we were not allowed inside for half an hour) We also had to pay for the officials to come out to boat which was compulsory as we could not go into our marina berth until we had been fumigated (because last port of call was an area with mozzies).
Town looks very much the same, a few shops have gone and new ones opened. The market is in full swing with all damage repaired, the quay that has mostly gone looked as if it would die soon anyway last time we saw it but Waitu Marina sounds as if it is in new more efficient hands and is managing without it.

Shake Rattle and Roll

05 June 2016 | At Sea
Sailing west and just 20nm east of the first reefs of Fiji . Wind has been firmly astern most of the way giving us unruly and short seas which cause us to shake rattle and roll I knew the weather was too good to be true, I was doing fine until the rain came and tried to shelter below could not take the roll and ended up with my head in a bucket again! Now off the Lau Islands and will pass between Vanuabalavu and Tuvuca to enter the more sheltered waters to the west. Not an easy place this with boats running onto the reefs every year.Only 12 nm to run to Savu Savu for customs and breakfast tomorrow
Vessel Name: Esprit de la mer
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau
Hailing Port: Milford Haven
Crew: Chris and Penny Bates
Chris Bates is a Haverfordwest GP retiring at the end of March after 28 years at Winch Lane Surgery. Penny is a nurse in outpatients at Withybush Hospital and retires at the end of June. [...]
Capt pictured here with his pet seagull says 'Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans: it is lovely to be silly at the right moment' and thinks it is far more important to find him a name so we are running a competition to find him a name and guess the miles he will have sailed by [...]
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