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Arrived Fiji
29/07/2014, Fiji

Arrived yesterday. Have berth in marina, electricity (so therefore air con) free water and hot showers! Too shattered to do anything yesterday (fell asleep before we had finished our bottle of wine). Feeling much better now after a good sleep. Went into town plenty of shops and a good market with loads of lovely spicy aromas (will have to come without sun glasses as it is a bit too dark in there to identify things). Much cheaper than Tonga. Lunch out for about £1.50 and evening meal in Marina restaurant for £10 so quite hopeful that I may get my birthday meal out (It didn't happen in Tonga because they were not showing the Rugby. Loads of fabric shops so may get a new Lavalava. Supermarket is well stocked with European, Indian and Chinese foods and spices.

No telephone
15/07/2014, Neiafu

Came into town by taxi from the Arc Anchorage to do minishop, wifi and withdraw some money but telephones not working again so hole in the wall not working and can only withdraw from bank if you have account there and because telephones down no wifi either.

Block Party
05/07/2014, Viva'u

We had decided to stay on for Saturday to enjoy the last of the events but there was no sign of the triathlon or the other events listed, the float parade was the one that took place on Thursday and the Block Party was banned by the Police after a fight broke out. Tongan timetables once more prove to be adjustable. We got over our disappointment at not being invited to the Official Reception and decided to go out to islands again. Internet still not allowing photos

Kings Birthday
04/07/2014, Viva'u

Canada Day passed with Barely a ripple and Independence Day did not disturb the water much either as today is the Kings Birthday. We had a timetable but no times just order of events, probably because the Tongan Clock is very flexible. It started with Military Parade and Trooping of the Colour on the Rugby Ground behind the Palace, we arrived for 09.00h as we thought the Thanksgiving Service would be at around 10.00h (the usual time for Church Service here and what most people guessed at). The troops were already lined up in position but no dignitaries in sight. They trickled in over the course of the next hour while the poor soldiers continued to stand in the blazing sun. Eventually the heat/sun took its toll and the soldier accompanying the colour passed out. He was held upright and in position by a nearby Officer and eventually removed to the shade, where the propped him up on a tree (even though Chris had suggested he would recover more quickly if he was laid flat with feet in air. He was eventually taken off somewhere in a truck. His replacement was noticeably wriggling his toes!. Eventually guest tents seemed full and the red carpet was rolled out but breeze had blown up and the carpet would not stay in place so it was removed without being used. The King arrived in traditional dress waved to the crowd, inspected the troops and departed for the Thanksgiving Service.
We trudged over town looking for the traditional dancing (dancers from all over Tonga)and feast but could not find it or anyone who knew about it until we met a lady with family who said it was all over but we should come to block party tomorrow. Back in the main street we came across an impromptu block party, very noisy but entertaining watching the 'dirty dancing' (Young Tongans from away home for the Festival)
Not having been invited to the Royal Feast or having suitable attire for the cocktail party we went back to the boat for our own feast of Spag. Bol.

Viva'u Festival
03/07/2014, Viva'u

Went into town to shop and internet. Very crowded, everyone sitting around waiting for something. It was the Viva'u Festival Float competition. All the villages take part and decorate a truck or van. Some entries were well decorated and imaginative others were just ancient people carriers crammed full of people with few ribbons and horns blaring. Very loud music also seemed to be an important ingredient. They did a few circuits of town and ended up in the school grounds where the craft display was set out and where the judging was to take place later (by the Crown Prince). Took loads of photos but no hope of putting them up as it took half an hour to load this page and still cannot get BTmail.

SeaTalk is chatting
30/06/2014, Neiafu

Had a nice weekend out. Chris managed to get some sailing in, we made water, charged batteries and anchored off Lisas Beach. Had lunch off one of the islands but could not stay because anchor dragged (but plagued by flies so probably would not have wanted to stay anyway). Today the Navigation System was finally sorted, faulty connection was stopping the communication between parts. Completion tomorrow and then we will have to wait until we get to Fiji to get a new water heater. I really miss hot showers and hair wash!

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