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15/05/2016, Kapa, Tonga

Still at anchor off Kapa. Quite heavy rain showers. Went to Nuku in the dinghy but could not get outboard going so Chris ended up rowing. We had the island to ourselves, the old house had mostly fallen down but there is a new one equipped with solar panels. The chickens have not been replaced but you can still hear them on Kapa. Last time we were here we saw some people arrive in a tender. disappear into the centre and reappear with buckets of 'booty' we mentioned it to a local and a few days later all the chickens had gone. Did some snorking along the island. myriads of fish, beautiful colours and many different types, electric blue starfish and sea slugs. Did not go very far as I was not sure how well my knee would respond and you can get quite a strong current around the corner. We had not brought towels so dried off in the sun. Chris left us to sunbathe. ostensibly to drain outboard and get it running but it started immediately for the return leg and he did not even return to pick us up when it rained. We did some good works collecting up broken bottles and looking for a new home for a hermit crab who was bursting out of his shell. He looked as if he was scurrying along carrying a French Horn. Most of the shells were already occupied and he had disappeared before we found anything suitable so do not think we have a career in shell real estate! A charter cat arrived and anchored off the beach rather spoiling the exclusivity but they did not come ashore until we had left.
Tonight is roast lamb, the last of our NZ meat. The meat supply is worse than before so it looks as if we will be totally vegetarian as even the restaurant is only serving burgers as to use the mince you have to boil it to get the fat off before using it and then it is still tough and tasteless.
Tomorrow we go back to town and stock up for a few days on the outer islands in a lagoon. We hope to stay there before the 'fleet' arrives and have it to ourselves.

Paradise Anchorage
14/05/2016, KAPA

At anchor off Kapa. Some light showers but sea temp still 28 degrees. Pigs grazing on the beach again do not know what they find to eat! Chris spent most of the day trying to replace window seal and then had to put old one back on as the new one got torn trying to get frame back in place. Window is now back in place and is rain proof (tested with buckets of water) but as we cannot get the hinges to align properly (? Warped with age) we will probably have to replace the hatch when we get back to NZ.

The bed has stopped moving!
12/05/2016, Neifu, Tonga

Good nights sleep, strange to be on bed that is not moving In spite of reports to contrary there are few changes in town, although sadly the ice cream shop has gone. Stocked up on duty free and fresh vegetables, Tema still on the market and kindly gave me a lift back to Bounty Bar where I was meeting Chris.
Planned on quiz evening but weather conspired against us and as wind got up and it looked like rain we decided to stay on board.

Crash Out
11/05/2016, Tonga

Arrived Neifu early morning. Tied up on quay with a bit of shore assistance and high tide. Immigration and customs formalities completed fairly quickly and we transferred to Beluga Mooring. Greeted by several old friends on radio but opted to tidy up and crash out.

03/05/2016, Minerva

Arrived at Minerva after longest ever tack (same all the way) Horrible passage, lumpy seas, rolling, winds up to 40knts but dropping suddenly to 0 with no warning for a a few minutes at a time and then back. Anchored successfully. Rain and gale force winds, only ones here. 35knts wind did not allow us to go on the reef as it was covered most of the time and waves continued to break over. Leaving us plenty of time to admire the view anchored alone in the middle of the pacific

26/04/2016, Marsdon Marina

Sue arrived last night, departed for Neifu Tonga. Reefed main and rolling.

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