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Arrived Suva
23/09/2014, Suva Harbour

Arrived Suva after long hard sail from Ovalau. Lots of rusting hulks and sunken boats hope it looks better in the morning

Arrived Ovalau
22/09/2014, Levuka

This is the old original capital of Fiji, many of the buildings unchanged in a hundred years. The capital was moved to Suva because there is only a narrow coastal ledge and no room for expansion. Pleasant anchorage with good holding and bright blue leading light on the church. Only minus factor was the overpowering kipper smell all night.

21/09/2014, Makogai

This island used to be a leper colony. The last patients left in 1968. Since then it has had a variety of uses such as sheep quaranteen station, clam farm and currently run by Department of Fisheries as a clam hatchery and turtle head start program.
Much of the old leper colony can still be seen and some of it forms part of the current village. Surprisingly there is no mobile coverage here.
It is a pretty anchorage and a shame we cannot stay a while (have to get to Suva for Chris's dental appointment.

Cookery Lesson
18/09/2014, SavuSavu

Still no results from the election. Had cookery lesson on Kika this morning, first we went shopping for ingredients and then back to Kika to cook. Bought a roti pin so that I can make rotis for the passage.
We went to eat on Kika this evening to sample the curry, Chris not very impressed did not believe we could have spent all morning doing it

17/09/2014, SavuSavu

Election Day today. All the police transport trucks have gone from the police station and no sign of the army. People have been queing for hours to vote and so far it seems trouble free. Street in town is empty and everyone seems to have gone to the beach for a picnic. Every tree with shade was occupied. We walked along the coast and were invited in for tea by our pasty man.

Hot or cold?
15/09/2014, SavuSavu

Went to a nice Chinese Restaurant with friends. We asked what wines they had (there is usually a limited selection) The answer was red or white (silly question?) So we asked for white, What did they have? Answer hot or cold. I do not think the waitress had much experience as sommelier but the wine was OK anyway and the food excellent.

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