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Hindu Temple
28/10/2014, Nadi

Visited the Hindu Temple in Nadi. It is an amazing kaleidoscope of colour. At night must be even more impressive as it is covered in hundreds of fairy lights. Shorts were not allowed so we went in sulus although they will loan them from the office if you are improperly dressed. You also have to have your shoulders covered and take your shoes off even to wander through the grounds. It was quite busy, mostly with the faithful bringing offerings to the relevant Gods. Although taking photos outside was allowed it seemed rather intrusive.

07/10/2014, Malolo Lailai, Fiji

Went paddleboarding today from the sandbank that is exposed at lowtide. IT WAS GREAT FUN AND I DIDN'T FALL OFF. I was rather annoyed that Chris did not bother to take a photo, think I will ask Father Christmas for one! Went shelling on the bank but the shells were very delicate and broke on the way back. The snorking was good lots of fish I had not seen before, they crowded around and tried to nibble me! There was one slightly alarming moment when I was swimming between two large rocks when suddenly huge numbers of fish started swimming past me fast in the opposite direction, I wondered what they were escaping from but luckily did not meet anything large and hungry!

06/10/2014, Malolo Lailai

Several days of relaxing by the pool and walking the trails around the island and wandering through the other two resorts. The island is bisected by a runway where the 'first class' clients arrive, it does not have air traffic control or security fences so you have to watch out for arrivals and departures yourself. Face looking a bit red must have caught the sun while walking, will have to remember hat in future. Found some fresh coconuts so will try opening them later, may be dificult as will not be able to use the machete on the boat. The other resort is much bigger and more like a caribean resort and perhaps a bit more lively. Had swim in pool for a cooldown although water was actually quite warm. Rain followed a lazy lunch on the boat so did not go ashore again, and it is now very hot and humid on board as we have to have the windows closed.

04/10/2014, Malolo Lailai

We went to Bar-B-Q at the beach bar. There are several electric barbies and you put $2 in the slot to grill. You can bring your own food or order a selection pack from the bar. Another group get together of OCC and a good evening.

PiG Roast
02/10/2014, Malolo Lailai

Arrived Musket Cove early morning. Looked very inviting, blue waters and white sand beaches.

28/09/2014, Suva

I misjudged Suva, there are many old buildings, a museum and parks, even a couple of nightclubs. It has been an enjoyable visit many old buildings, good shops and very friendly people. Although there are people begging they are not threataning and not in the large numbers that you see in other cities.

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