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No Eggs
02/04/2015, Hens and Chicken

A short break in the weather with not much wind so decided to go to Hens and Chickens just off Hatea River mouth (entrance to Whangarei) It is generally considered only suitable as a day anchorage as there is not much protection and water is very deep. We had a lovely day there and decided to stay overnight as there was no wind. It was very peaceful as there were no other boats, one night stretched into two but as it was a weekend we were joined by two others taking advantage of the calm spell. We could see Barrier Island, it looked quite near but we would have had to motor there and maybe back again as we needed to get back before the expected gale went through

Langsview Track
01/04/2015, Langsview Track

Have wanted to do this trail for a while but Chris's knee has been bad and it is fairly rough and quite steep in places. It forms part of the tramping track that runs the full length of New Zealand (Cape Reinga to Bluff). We expected to get some great views and we had a lovely sunny day. Most of the way we could not see the view as we were surrounded by natural forest, but sadly tracks had been cut into the hillside for housing all the way up. I found my perfect plot (view below) but would not like to see it when the development is complete. Chris waited at a picnic table here while I continued on but did not find a better view.

31/03/2015, Mangawhai

The beach the other side of the dune that protects the Harbour

Mangawhai Heads
31/03/2015, Mangawhai Heads

A spectacular house behind the beach, but I would not like to make it home as it would be like living in a goldfish bowl and I am not tidy enough for that!

Mangawhai and Mangawhai Heads
31/03/2015, Mangawhai

A small settlement with huge and spectacular beaches. In summer it is packed with holiday makers and Aucklanders who have baches or permanent tents and caravans here. The harbour was very protected behind a huge sand dune but the bar at the entrance made it too shallow for us, and dangerous in a swell.It was a lovely day although a bit breezy but we had the place to ourselves apart from a few dog walkers. The Smashed Pipi Gallery was not very evident but then we did not look too hard. The Heads was a bit busier and there was a good walk along the beach. Gold sand at one end and black at the other.

23/03/2015, Opua

We have a spell of good weather so decided on a trip to Opua. We were in good company as the Queen Mary 2 was also there, but were surprised to see she was registered in Hamilton as we thought the 'Queens' were all British. We had a good passage both ways and a pleasant stay. Stopping at Tutakaka, Whangaruru and Mimiwhangata. Met with James, Tracey and his mother Sue for a meal in the yacht club, she is coming with us to New Caledonia and the Barrier Reef. Paul on Thankful of Falmouth was also there doing some final preparations for departure, Marnie was also there moored behind us, they are going out to the islands I think and then beginning the trek home next year same time as us.

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