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Getting ready for Africa
30/09/2010, la gomera

The weather south of us seems to be settling and the grib files seem to show fair weather well into next week.Penny flies back sunday 3rd so all looks good for leaving mid week.
The Cabo Verde Islands are 800nm from here and approx 400nm west of the african coast at a level with the Gambia.Ex Portugese colononies they were an important fueling stop on the route to South Africa and Brazil.The island we shall be going to is well away from the tourist islands ofSal and Boa Vista.From here on the boat will need to be well stocked with provisions and all gear will need to work because we will be very much on our own for the
next 3000nm to Brazil
[grib files are computer generated weather charts provided free by the US government.They can be downloade but must be interpretted by the user]

07/10/2010 | Dave Davies
Good to hear all is well, have travel plans myself, not going to be in work much between now and xmas :-)

First Jordan, then Indonesian Borneo then India.
Yet another virgin

Whilst Penny is back home in Wales life has been getting on in marina San Sebastian.Not abad place to be. Very hot but fortunately there is a sandy beach around the corner.Several boats are preparing for the atlantic crossing here with two of us going to Brazil via Cabo Verde.We have all been watching the hurricane[Igor ] and tropical storm[Julia] both of which developed over the Cabo Verdes.Hurricanes develop off the west coast of Africa during the summer when the sea temperature is at its warmest and then track west across the atlantic to the Carribean or the east coast of the States.It is unusual for them to actually form over the Cabo Verdes.We will cross the area in which hurricanes develop as we head south towards the equator in November/December.Meantime it is keep a close eye on the weather charts.
Otherwise life here is fairly routine with daily spanish lesson,swimming,walking and boat maintance.This week a neighbouring boat 'pot luck' party whch was an international affair and great fun.[every body brings a dish]Today is yet another festival and the whole town seems to have gone to sea in fishing boats decorated with flags and firing rockets.They carried relics from the nearby church;as my neighbour Ann-Marie put it'yet another virgin'

24/09/2010 | Richard Bird
Hi Chris I am your neighbour in Milford aborad DAVICO a Centaur. Last September I crossed the Arlantic aborad Black Arrow a 40 foot steel boat . We left Lymington in September and sailed down Europe and North Africa. Left Lanzarote around 22nd November and got to Antigua afetr 22 days. I Rejoined boat in Marquesas and sailed acrposs Pacific to Cook Islands. Now aboard Davico in Milford. Any crew opportunities?? Best wishes Richard
Wedding Anniversary
07/09/2010, San Sebastian

Chris actually remembered this year and got up to put kettle on for tea in bed, only he left me to make it!

07/09/2010 | faith
well, half way to a cuppa...praps he'll manage next year!! happy anniversary anyway!
07/09/2010 | Dave
yes happy anniversary both
08/09/2010 | keerev
Happy Anniversary to you both.

When are you next in Pembs?
08/09/2010 | Rob Jones
I didn't know it was your anniversary so I am a day late.

Happy anniversary both. How many years?

06/09/2010, San Sebastian

This week is Fiesta week, celebrating Colombus's epic voyage. He apparantly stopped here to fill up with water and say mass.
The event kicked off with a Brass band and speeches from various VIPs from both sides of the Atlantic, and was followed by a concert in the square (traditional Spanish and South American music) and fireworks on the beach. Excellent, and more to come during the week!

07/09/2010 | faith
brilliant! sounds lovely
Live Aboard
06/09/2010, San Sebastian

Have now been here a week and starting to feel like a piece of the furniture. When we arrived our neighbour greeted us and told us he had been here for twelve years.
Not sure this live aboard life is for me and itching to get back to sea. However the stay is very much planned because we can't cross the atlantic untill late November because of weather patterns;so this is a good place to be at the present. It will give Penny a chance to fly home and me opportunity to do some final maintainance.We will then set sail at the end of this month for Cape Verde islands and Africa. We will need to be totally self reliance from then onwards. Picture shows attractive tree lined promenade behind beach.

02/09/2010, San Sebastian de Gomera

The water in the marina is very clear and full of a large variety of fish. They come in variety of colours although unfortunately the eyecatching stripey fish, and the blue or silver silver ones are dificult to catch on camera as they seem to live deeper and when tempted up with food move very fast and are gone before the shutter has clicked.

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