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02/02/2011, Parati

Anchored off end of the pier in Parati. Very pretty town, was important for slave trade, sugar, gems and gold but declined during the 18C with abolishion of slave trade. It is surrounded by mountains and thick tropical forest. The old town is built at sea level and most of the streets flood at high tide. The houses and pavements are raised up so that they stay dry.
Marinas around all expensive and full. So pleased that internet available here although signal a bit intermittent

01/02/2011, Sacu du Ceu

At anchor

01/02/2011, Saca do Ceu

Feb 1s

At anchor outside Saca do Ceu. A beautiful very protected bay. It is said that on a clear night it is so calm you can see the stars reflected in the water.

Walk to Waterfall
31/01/2011, Abraao

Jan 31st

Walked along to the ruins of Antigo Presidio, about half an hour along the coast. It was originally built as an isolation hospital for cholera patients arriving from overseas and later converted to a prison for political prisoners. Even the ruins looked pretty grim. The path wound inland to an aqueduct still used to supply the villages water, there was a small waterfall nearby and a tempting cool pond we all jumped in it was GREAT. The forest was full of strange noises again although we saw only monkeys with stripey tails, they were difficult to photograph as they moved fast and were well camouflaged. Although I took a few butterfly photos still unable to catch the large blue ones at rest. We then foolishly decided to walk on to the big waterfall, leaving Chris to return to the boat. It took about 2 hours to get there and when we finally arrived found it crowded with people who had only walked 15 minutes from a beach on the other side of the island. A water taxi driver touting for custom nearly persuaded Catrin and I to return by boat but as Graham said he was walking back we decided we could not admit defeat. Graham treated us to another ice cream on return as we had saved on the taxi fare!

30/01/2011, Ilha Grande

Jan 30th

Went ashore in spite of last nights noises. Walked along well marked paths through the forest, great variety of trees but not many flowers (?wrong season) many air plants, mostly large leafy varieties although there were some rather pretty small ones with lilac flowers (Just like in Tescoes at Christmas). Plenty of rather large scary spiders, giant ants and huge blue butterflies. I tried to photograph them but they just wouldn't stay still and pose. Strange noises came out of the tree canopy but we could not see what was making it. No sign of monkeys though.
The track lead to a surfing beach on the far side of the island, with powder fine white sand which squeaked like fresh fallen snow when you walked on it. Land crabs kept popping out of holes at our feet and then reversing back in when they saw us. At the back of the beach were coconut palms laden with coconuts and trees with leaves like a rubber tree but covered in yellow fruit that looked like tomatoes. Many of the fruit had been opened to get at the nut inside, and you could see tooth or claw scratches where the nut had been opened to get the kernal. The fruit was untouched and left to rot.Jan 30th

Sailed to Vila do Abraao. Anchored in the bay and then all went for a wander around the village. Mountains rise dramatically around it, the peak known as Parrots Beak can be seen clearly in the distance. Plenty of places to eat and drink but not much in the way of provisions. Treated ourselves to an ice cream, it cost about £8 for two.

29/01/2011, Ilha Grande

Left Charitas for Ilha Grande. As we left had beautiful views of Sugar Loaf. Copecabana, Ipenema and Leblon

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