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Lazy Days
22/02/2011, Ilha Grande

Moving around from beach to beach, but shopping today so using WiFi in shopping centre. Repairs continue Between sunbathing and swimming, then next week we have to apply for visa extensions and temp boat import. Think we will then return to Rio for Carnival


Everything fresh and cool after the thunderstorm and torrential downpour last night. The storm was overhead for a while and there were huge almost constant flashes of lightning. This morning there is no Internet it says the server is not available so assume that the aerial was damaged in the storm or switched off as a preventative measure. So once again having come here specially for Internet it is not available .
We have been unable to get hold of a sail maker even with the help of Plankton so we'll have to embark on a major repair session by hand to hold everything together until we find someone ( the spray hood is suffering from an excess of sunshine)

17/02/2011 | faith
an excess of sunshine..what's that!!! we are dealing in an excess of rain!!!
Trip to waterfalls

Feb 14th

Very hot Cecilia and Paolo took us to waterfalls above Parati, Cachoeira das Penhas. Approached along a bumpy narrow unmetalled road, the car in front had great dificulties negotiating the track. We had a tropical downpour while there so swam in the rain, water deep and cold, tried to stand under fall but was too slippery. When we tried to return found track blocked by fallen branches (due to heavy rain) glad I was in Back seat so did not have to get out to help clear road (did not like idea of paddling through the muddy water and handling the branches - you never know what creepy crawlies might be lurking).

12/02/2011, Parati

Feb 12th
Internet available at 6.30h today! But no-one on Skype, tried to update blog but found Office frozen as trial period had ended (old version of Office does not work on Win 7 but do not feel inclined to pay to upgrade)

Leaving Parati Bay we saw Plankton at anchor (we met them in Cabo Verde) arranged to meet up on Ilha do Cedro, an island off Parati. Another idyllic location, although crowded at weekends. We stayed until Monday morning and had the place to ourselves.

Bay of Islands
12/02/2011, Paraty

We are now 60nm southwest of Rio in the Bay of Islands.This is probably as far south as we shall go.
The islands and there are 350 of them in a large bay protected from the atlantic by Ilha Grande are mainly covered in tropical rainforest which tumbles onto the white sany beaches which fringe them.Some are quite high with peaks in the clouds.No roads and no cars-transport by tradidional schooner.Some small villages with pousadas.
The sea is very warm and very clear. There is very little wind and it gets very hot.
Fortunately the genset was repaired in Rio and we can have aircon at night.
The marinas here are very expensive so we use our genset and anchor off making our own water.
We shall remain here for another two weeks . The main decision is whether to spend carnival here - small and friendly or to go back nto Rio.
This I suppose is probably as near to paradise as you get but with civilisation near at hand because this is southern Brasil and at last the shops sell both gin and tonic[gordons and swheppes as well]

12/02/2011 | faith
Good to hear from you, sorry I missed you before. It sounds so idyllic, am most envious, we have loads of rain and wind again. But it is gradually getting lighter in the mornings and evenings, so hoping spring not too far away!! Enjoy whichever carnival you do, pictures please if possible xx
Catrin and Graham
10/02/2011, Angra

Feb 10th

Catrin and Graham Flew home. They caught bus to Rio from Angra bus station. Having waved them off shopped at the shopping centre using the free 2 hour dingy parking service, very useful especially as the marina is 400R$ per night.

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