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Uncharted waters
15/04/2011, Marau

Interesting sail upriver. Very pretty, passed fishermen in dugout canoes but few other boats apart from the small ferry.
Arrived Marau late afternoon and found market in progress, there was not much on display so we dashed around to get essentials only to discover that the reason there was not much on display was that they were setting up for tomorrow. Had an ice cool beer on the quay and watched procedings The giant fresco of Brasilian fauna was quite distinctive but in need of a bit of a repaint, it must have looked good at one time. The whole town had a faded charm, a revamp had been started but seemed to have lost momemtum.

Ilha do Campinho
14/04/2011, At anchor off Village

Very peaceful here, holiday season well and truly finished. We will move upriver to Marau tomorrow. Should be interesting as it is uncharted so will be using the foreward looking sonar

At Anchor
11/04/2011, Abrolhos

Arrived yesterday. Pico at anchor nearby woke us early this morning to ask how we were. we had last seen them a few months ago in Bay of Islands (Salvador). Spent most of the morning bottom scrubbing AGAIN. Then Snorking in the afternoon. Wonderful Amazing variety of fish. Electic blue. bright yellow, spotted and stripey, a big red one with bits that looked like tusks gave me a nasty turn when it popped out of a hole underneath me. The fish did not seem frightened and swam all around. Chris saw a sea snake (rather him than me). We leave tomorrow as winds promise to be favourable which is a shame as I could easily spend another day here. Many birds fishing around us wish I could identify them. Beautiful sunset. but still no green flash

09/04/2011, Vitoria

Time to move on again. We are heading for Salvador and should be there in about ten days. We will have a few stop offs on the way, which will be weather dependant. Sunny today but not much wind.

Cleaning and washing
06/04/2011, Vitoria

The downside of having plenty of water is that you have to catch up on all the cleaning and washing. The boat has now been scrubbed top to bottom and been dressed in sheets, towels and clothing for the past few days. We have also managed to spend some time by the pool and walking around town. Shopping seems to take too much time, either because we do not have a car to transport it back in or perhaps we eat too much.

08/04/2011 | faith
Glad you're at work again you lazy things!!!! We are having an amazing day...really hot!! Trying to mow grass but soo tiring!!! Just had to stop and soak up the sun!!!! xx
15/04/2011 | paul&ann
Having great weather here summer has come early enjoying your journeys by proxy, less stressful
Glad all is going well,we have both families down for easter,with 5 kids should be fun
03/04/2011, Vitoria

Arrived Vitoria, all the comforts of a marina again, electricity, air conditioning. no limit on water and a swimming pool. It is a large modern town which developed on the back of coffee growing industry which has now been overtaken by mining and oil industry. Huge busy port with many ships at anchor outside. The cranes lining the docks at Tubarao can be seen from the marina and look like rows of giant insects in the evening, when you can only see their shadowy profiles.

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