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Small World
06/04/2012, Nevis

Chris swam over to Ananda of Hamble and after a chat invited them over for tea. Out of biscuits so made some scones. Talked about our travels and then home and jobs. Amazing, Keith and Stella were from Eastbourne and were great friends of Lamberty (friend of Chris from Uni) and Jacki in Brighton and also knew Ranjan and others. They are making there way back to Europe so heading north at the moment, having visited USA and done Caribean this summer. Retired and left Uk same time as us.
Gas still not back. So will have to be very frugal.

Busy Day
05/04/2012, Nevis

After a lazy day yesterday we went into Charlestown today with several jobs to complete. The swell made it difficult to land, even on the dinghy dock as one moment the dinghy was level with the top of the pontoon and the next right down below it. We managed to scramble out and keep the laptop dry essential for the first task (sort out my health insurance) which we had to do at wifi café as Sunshines and Double Deuce were no longer working on the boat. While I got on with that Chris went along to find out if our cooking gas was back (task two) it wasn't so we have to continue gas conservation measures and avoid using oven. We elected to save shopping (task three) until after we had been to Fort Charles. It was not a long walk (just out of town) but was very hot with little shade or breeze so after several wrong turns were a bit disappointed in the ruins. Lovely position, nice views, but little attempt at conservation. Rusting cannons lay on the ground left where they stood in King Georges day their gun carriages long since rotted away. The site was surrounded by what looked like a derelict modern hotel, perhaps damaged by a hurricane but left to fall down.
On the way back I persuaded Chris (he was sagging from the heat and had had enough) that we wanted to go to the Bath House and Nelsons Museum. We stumbled across the recently restored Hot Spring (not signposted until you found it) and put our feet in the hot water (just to test it really was hot), it is supposed to be therapeutic and invigorating due to the volcanic sulphur content, but at that moment a cool pool would have been more tempting. Was reputed to have been used by Nelsons troops and must have been quite a treat as bathing facilities did not normally seem to feature high on the agenda.
We then headed back to town and task three as Chris refused to go any further, leaving Nelsons Museum for another day.
Shopping for fresh vegetables in the market is a delight, big choice, clean and fresh. You can also get directions on how to cook things although the quantities are a bit vague ie add 2 bottles of water and a bit of vanilla. Supermarket shopping is not so good most of the meat is several days out of code and there is the usual choice of chicken or chicken (necks, backs or wings). We managed to find some frozen goat or mutton (that is how it was labelled) still in code by a few days and postponed the remaining shop until Saturday.
Returning was as problematic as arriving, the dinghy rope had caught on a piece of the dock under water and was quite difficult to free given the movement of the boat. The shopping and bags had to be thrown in each time the boat rose up to dock level. As usual the dock master was on hand to give advice.
We made it back to the boat with shopping and computer intact (and dry) we had planned to go to the beach but surf would have made landing wet and difficult so we swam from the boat instead .

Once more unto the the beach
03/04/2012, Nevis

More beach days, very hot Chris ended up a bit scorched looking in the face. Must have got sunstroke because he agreed to get a Snapper from a lady with a bucket of fish. Think next tme I will stick to market as they gut and scale them for you and doing it on the boat is a bit messy, scales everywhere

Sunshines Home of the Killer Bee
02/04/2012, Pinneys Beach Nevis

Feeling really good today. I finally gave in and let Chris give me steroid injection a day ago ( I do not mind giving them but I'm not too good on the receiving end) I have had the first good nights sleep for 5 weeks and have been able to walk and swim pain free. Did not need any analgesic today so celebrated by having a Killer Bee in Sunshines beach bar.
Saw the gas boat arriving so took the gas in for refill did not know when they would be ready but probably Friday. Having got red of the bottles walked up to the Nevis Museum on the site where Alexander Hamilton was born and then back via the site of the slave market, although there was nothing left to show where it had been apart from a plaque.

No gas
30/03/2012, Charlestown

Mitch and Ann arrived they had been delayed because there was a fire on one of the motor boats in the marina and they could not get out.
Cooking gas depot long way out of town so took a taxi, it is a good thing we did as it was even further than we thought down a deeply rutted track. Unfortunately a waste of time because although they may be able to fill them we will have to wait until next Wednesday when the gas boat arrives. Suggested that we take them to the lotto shop in town and they will take and collect. Used taxi to shop at out of town supermarket on way back. Late night music at Double Deuce did not need to go ashore could hear it well enough from the boat

28/03/2012, Nevis

Went ashore to check in and were met on pontoon by a friendly guy who took our ropes and then tried to persuade us that customs and immigration had moved to the other side of the island and that as it was too far to walk he would get us a taxi. We were a bit surprised as had checked on the immigration procedures and location prior to leaving St Kitts so declined his offer and as soon as we stepped off the pier saw the sign for the immigration. We described incident to customs who went off in search of the man and found us later in town to tell us that it was nothing to worry about the man thought that we had to go to the old customs location. We left it at that but still wonder what would have happened if we had taken his word and gone in the taxi, as he told us it had moved not that it was not in Charletown.

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