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Esprit de la mer's Photos - Antigua
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Rather strange, a shell on a twig attached to another twig a tied down with grass or fine root
Rather pretty coloured hermit crab fell out of tree in front of me
He emerged from shell and scuttled off, lucky I did not try and pick him up as a much smaller one I found later was really aggressive and attaked with his pincers
Beach in Five Islands Bay
Yes the sea really is this colour
Shell collectors paradise
Second part of the shell trap
Seeds from Sea Bean
Pretty but unidentified beach flower
Another unidentified beach flower (I need a better flora and fauna book)
Pelican fishing
Lonely coconut palm, recently washed in and now growing well
Beautiful shell, would love to have taken it but very delicate and would only have broken
Crab Beach in Five Island Bay
Chris cooling off
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