23 October 2016 | Ile Uere
09 October 2016 | Ile Uere
06 October 2016 | Noumia
05 October 2016 | Ile Uere
02 October 2016 | Baie de Somme
29 September 2016 | Bay of Prony
26 September 2016 | Noumia
14 September 2016 | Vuda
09 September 2016 | Denarau
22 August 2016 | Musket Cove
14 August 2016 | Musket Cove
12 August 2016 | Denarau
04 August 2016 | Musket Cove
23 July 2016
20 July 2016 | Suva
19 July 2016 | Suva
18 July 2016 | RSYC Suva
17 July 2016 | RSYC Suva
16 July 2016 | Levuka, Ovalau.
15 July 2016 | Levuka

We meet again

23 October 2016 | Ile Uere
We were getting ready to leave marina when we were greeted like long lost friends by Stefhan who we last saw in Tahiti. I did not recognise him but he seemed to remember us (or the boat) quite well. We had been tied up next to him in Marina Tahina, he had just bought the boat (similar to ours) and was looking for sail to get home to New Caledonia so Chris gave him our spare old one. He gave us his email and phone number so that we can contact him when we return to Noumea.
We went to Ilot Maitre which is only a couple of miles from Noumea but being Sunday it was very busy and all the moorings were occupied so we anchored for lunch.
It is a large island surrounded by clear water and reef, very good for snorkeling, it also has hotel where you can eat and internet, the rooms are on a jetty projecting out into the lagoon. It was a nice sunny afternoon but we decided to move to Ile Uere as it was more protected and we were expecting the wind to get up a bit.
It was lucky we did as we had heavy rain overnight and although I could see clear blue sky through the hatch at 06.00h I was woken by banging on the hull. I went on deck to investigate but quickly retreated below when thunder and a contiguous flash of lightning frightened the life of me, the wind was stronger and had changed direction and we were knocking against an unoccupied mooring. We moved in a quiet interlude but did not go ashore as rain and wind continued on and off all day. Was supposed to clear by this afternoon so hoping for improvement tomorrow.

Off again

09 October 2016 | Ile Uere
Restocked on fresh provisions and going back to Ile Uere. We had intended going up the West coast but with strongish west winds and thunderstorm tomorrow decided to go the other way

La Chaumiere

06 October 2016 | Noumia
As we were able to get into the Marina Jill is spending last night on the boat instead of going into the hotel and also treating us to a meal at La Chaumiere where they do a very good Creme Brulee. The meal was excellent and having had a taste of Jills Creme Brulee I can see that they deserve their 9.5* rating for it! Turned in quite early as Jill leaving at 05.00 in the morning

Ile Uere

05 October 2016 | Ile Uere
Good anchorage at Port Koube , Isle de Quen in thick red sand no sign of the beautiful white sand beaches described in the guide, once again we wonder if the writer has actually been there. Along the coast to another anchorage for the day but back to Koube for the night.
We needed to return to Noumia to drop Jill off for her flight and reprovision so moved to anchorage which is good and protected from the southerly winds which developed overnight. A pretty spot in clear water but so close to town I should imagine it will be very crowded at weekends. Did not swim here or go ashore so perhaps we will revisit

Another Penal Colony

02 October 2016 | Baie de Somme

Very sheltered anchorage in this large bay (Baie de la Somme) in the Bay du Prony. The large ore processing facility a few miles away is visible at night time but is not intrusive. Went ashore yesterday to get rid of the rubbish and to walk to Prony. The village is part of another old penal settlement, and well preserved but uninhabited although some of the houses are now holiday/weekend homes. A modern working telephone in the village centre seemed a little out of place. The shore is red dust and stains everything and so far has been impossible remove from clothes or dinghy. We ran the generator with locker open so that we could keep an eye on but for the moment it has decided to work without leaks so we can have fresh water and hot showers. We were told that rust might seal the leak so hope this will continue until New Zealand it will make life much easier.

Off again

29 September 2016 | Bay of Prony
After a few days getting land legs, restocking and enjoying the patisseries it was time to move on. Jill booked a flight back to New Zealand in time to supervise the house sail so we had a week to explore. We sailed from Noumea on Wednesday and anchored overnight in Bay Ngo. Very pretty but much work ashore restoring the ravages of open cast mining, so a bit dusty during the day. Another early start to get the tide through the Chenal du Wooden to go into the Bay du Prony. We took a buoy in the lee of the Ile Casy in perfect shelter, just off a small white sand beach. The buoys are free and well maintained. We were aware of the ore processing plant at night from the orange glow in the sky but tucked in a hollow it was only visible from a high point in the centre of the island. The following day we had to move to the other side of the island due to wind change. There were several boats there but there were some vacant buoys. We were invited to a BBQ but did not have anything suitable to contribute so went with a bottle of wine and left before the eats. The small hotel is closed and the island deserted apart from an abandoned dog. The national parks maintain the island as a bird sanctuary. There are pleasant well marked walks and sandy beaches with clear water. Idyllic and quite a contrast from its previous incarnation. The island used to be farmed using convicts for labour but there is no evidence of agriculture now.
There are several anchorages in the bay so we decided to move on and try them out .
Vessel Name: Esprit de la mer
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau
Hailing Port: Milford Haven
Crew: Chris and Penny Bates
Chris Bates is a Haverfordwest GP retiring at the end of March after 28 years at Winch Lane Surgery. Penny is a nurse in outpatients at Withybush Hospital and retires at the end of June. [...]
Capt pictured here with his pet seagull says 'Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans: it is lovely to be silly at the right moment' and thinks it is far more important to find him a name so we are running a competition to find him a name and guess the miles he will have sailed by [...]
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