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Espumeru in Tahiti!

08 September 2010 | Tahiti
Espumeru in Tahiti!

Our passage from Fatu Hiva to Tahiti was one of the most pleasant ones we have experienced so far. We had quite light winds but enough to keep a decent speed and no seas at all, it was sailing at its best. We buddy boated the whole passage with another boat and had a fun time chatting along with them throughout the days. It took us six days to arrive but the days flew by, the weather was fabulous and the fishing was good, Niklas caught a 30kg wahoo, that he actually managed to pull up all by himself while everyone else were fast asleep, unow our freezer is packed.

We arrived in Tahiti early in the morning and navigated through a very narrow pass inside the reef. It is absolutely beautiful here and the people are very friendly. We have had fresh baguettes and brie which is heaven and happy hour cocktails. The kids have been running around and enjoying the terra firma, they even played with some local kids. We have snorkelled and seen some small but very colourful fish and are planning to do a gtrip to the other side of the island for some body surfing. We are very happy here and it really feels that we have reached a milestone by arriving here. It is understandable that people call this paradise and get stuck here for much longer than planned.

We had some fun news at the immigration office, Espumeru has been here before, she has actually travelled through these waters in the past, no wonder she glides through the ocean with such ease here, she is in her element and feels right at home. Incredible that we are here, on the other side of the globe by boat, we do feel a slight sence of achievement and enjoy with full force this lovely tropical island.

Vessel Name: Espumeru
Vessel Make/Model: North Wind 40 Catamaran
Crew: Niklas
About: Max 5 years (powerboat experience since 7 months old) Knows now how to start and turn off engines lower fenders etc... Felix 3 years (copying his brother in everything...) Mira born by the sea but no sailing experience!?! Niklas lots of experience with different boats power and sailing.
Extra: None of the crew has ever sailed a catamaran!!!! Are we mad???
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