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The Voyage of S/V Estelle
Cruising from Maritime Canada to Florida in our Bristol 41.1
Summer cruising in the fog
Sunny/Foggy, 73F
06/30/2006, Northeast Harbor

Pulpit Rock with the Camden Hills in the background

Today at 5:00 pm , I am officially retired after 33 years at Maritime Electric. Although today is my last official day, my last day in the office was Monday, June 26th.
We are in Northeast Harbor, Maine, having made good 5 miles from John Williams Boatyard where we have kept Estelle for the past 2 winters. We arrived down at the boat on June 27th and spent the afternoon learning about the new systems we had installed during the winter. In summary, we added: Mastervolt 3.5 kW generator, Spectra Catalina 300 watermaker, Espar heater (so far the most valuable addition), a cockpit shower, and an anchor washdown pump. Only the generator took up valuable storage space (in a cockpit locker), as the other equipment was installed in areas not too useful. But maintenance could be a challenge. We spent Wednesday stocking up supplies and buying stuff we forgot at home. Thursday morning we had a couple of final jobs completed, and we motord 5 nm (nautical miles) in dense fog to where we sit.
Last night we were woken at 1:30 am with a huge thunderstorm passing overhead. It seemed like the largest I have ever experienced. Then it was followed by 4 hours of dense downpour that left the dinghy half full. We had a leak in the forward berth that we discovered last year that was well tested, and passed with flying colors. I have a couple of jobs to re-caulk the chainplates as there was some small leakage there, but given the downpour, we are in pretty good shape.
The weather continues poor all down the coast with flooding down as far as New Jersey, and fog in Newport RI, postponing the start of the Women's US Open golf tournament. But it's scheduled to clear tonight, so we will be off, probably working our way west towards Penobscott Bay. Our plan for tomorrow night is either Buckle Harbor or Buck's Harbor, depending on the weather and how well organized we are.
One good thing about the weather is that we eat well. Last night was BBQ steak with new potatos and fresh peas. The first night was broiled swordfish with strawberry-rhubarb pie.

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07/02/2006 | Doug of "Eleuthera"
Congratulations on your retirement. Time spent on a sailing adventure is the best way to celebrate a long working life. Good Luck and Fair Winds....
Just about ready to go
J. Lea
05/22/2006, Charlottetown

Exhausted Flycatcher

This is a test entry for what willl become the log of our cruise from Maine to the Bahamas. The attached picture is one that we took when we were delivering the boat from Bayshore NY to Maine where we have kept it for the past 2 years. The real entries will begin in July when I retire. We will be sailing in Maine for the summer, and leaving for a coastal cruise to Florida and The Bahamas. We will be leaving Maine about September 1st.
I will also be posting additional photos in the gallery at:

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05/22/2006 | Chris
Have a good time and be sure to stop at Freeport, Bahamas.
06/12/2006 | Sarah Lea
The countdown is on! I only wish I was going with you guys!!!!
06/12/2006 | Amanda (A.B.)
have a wonderful time!!
i would be happy to keep the piano keys warm in your absence. be sure to send lots of gifts. :)
06/12/2006 | Wilma
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!!! Don't take too many chances and sail safely.
Will be thinking of you guys lots.
06/22/2006 | Janet
have a great time and add lots of pictures and notes so we can all travel with you.
07/03/2006 | Lynn
Sounds like a dream retirement. Now I can't wait to retire!

So sorry Althea and I missed the party in Charlottetown.

This site is a great idea! Now we can all follow you (and eat our hearts out)!

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