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26 January 2010


14 September 2009 | Cusco, Peru
The Spanish lessons are going well if not a little slow on our part. We should have been studying this weekend but were busy visiting many of the ruins around the city. The Inca civilization was incredible. The three main points of their philosophy and way of life was to love, to learn, and to work. Then the Spanish came and gold and silver artifacts were melted down. Walls were dismantled to build huge churches.

On Sunday we signed up for a easy bike ride to see some of the sites. Luckily Scott and I know how to mountain bike because the flat section was mostly up and down large hills and the down hill section was some pretty intense single track on the edge of huge cliffs. We were the oldest on the trip and were at the front of the pack. Some of the people had to walk their bikes on many of the uphill parts and a lot of the single track. We were late and the ten bikes where tied to the roof of a public bus. The hour plus trip back was a lot longer. We stopped at every little town on the way and cramped more people than you can imagine into the aisle. A lot of times the assistant was still hanging out the door shouting for people to move to the back as we started driving down the highway. We got back to Cusco in the dark and then had to bike down streets and cobblestone laneways to get back to the main square. Quite the adventure but could have used some lights or reflectors for the last part. Scott and I waited at the square for over forty minutes for the rest of the group. I think it was the nicest Pisco Sour drink that I have ever tasted.

Today is Tuesday and we have two women professors this week and they are a lot tougher than the men professors from our first week. No English allowed and we listen and speak in Spanish. My head hurts. IdonĀ“t think that the next three days will make me bilingual.

Ah manana es otre dia!
Vessel Name: Excusme
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter Legend 45 1986
Hailing Port: Toronto, Canada
Crew: Lori and Scott
About: Left Toronto in May 2008 and sailed via New York City to the Azores, Portugal, Maderia, the Canaries, and have arrived in the Caribbean.
Extra: Met in a boat yard. Lori's C&C 27 was too small, bought Excusme, been making her blue water worthy. Got married have been living aboard saving our pennies.
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Who: Lori and Scott
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