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Peg leg pirate to fire the cannon

From the relaxed mode waiting for weather in Isla Mujeres we really put some miles under the keel again.
We had to wait a week or so and took the time to bus over to Isla Holbox. The island is perfect for kiting but was completely rained out with no wind. We had fun between the rain bursts and would consider going back to visit on day.
The cruisers in Isla Mujeres talk about the nasty conditions of crossing the gulf stream to Florida and constantly discuss the upcoming weather. A lot to them want to travel in packs for reassurance and safety. We ended up leaving with an Amel 54 and stayed ahead of them for most of the trip (until they started their motor). I think they were amazed that our little 45 footer was sailing the same speed as us. We both left from Key West to Miami within an hour and they would call on the VHF to ask if our motor was on.

Key West was a haven for broken down boats and sailors. A lot of sailors have been there for years and don't have the money to leave. They make ends meet by working some of the many bars. We were befriended by a Canadian sailor named Ted who initiated us to the poor sailors method of partying. It is legal to drink from plastic cups on the streets so we would buy a six pack at a corner store pour three beers into cups and I would carry the other three in my purse. We would wander up and down all the streets checking out the bars and the sights including the old hanging tree and the skeleton that was dug up during the bar's expansion. It was the anniversary of the fight for independence of the Conch Republic and there was a mock battle which started off our little party. (you will notice that the pirate in the photo has a real peg leg, he is one of the liveaboards who lets tourists take pictures of him and his parrot for tips) We ended up a few six packs later at a cowboy bar where lucky for me they don't let you ride the mechanic bull unless you have proper ID (as you may fake your name on the waiver form).
We could have stayed there for quite a while but a bad storm was approaching and we did not want to be in the anchor with that many derelict boats.

Safe Arrival in NY
05/05/2010, Atlantic Ocean

We arrived in New York this afternoon after a fantastic sail from Miami. This was a fast trip as we sailed at hull speed for days on end and had the gulf stream carrying us along. We closed out Atlantic circuit as we sailed past Sandy Hook into NY. Time to wind down and have a cold drink with ice.


05/06/2010 | Hilda & Michael
Congratulations, looks like you have now gone full circle. Looking forward to seeing you when you get home. Have a safe trip the rest of the way!
05/10/2010 | Tor Vesterlund
Congratulation Scott and Lori.
Scott give me a call
Safe Arrival in Key West
04/19/2010, Key West, USA

We just arrived in Key West. Amidst a lot of other anchored boats of various description, planes, and military except nice I am going ashore to check in .


04/26/2010 | Jeff & Erin
Looks beautiful, wish we were there with you. Waiting to hear your schedule for arrival around Hatteras, NC. We may be working again soon, but if we book a week out there before we get the jobs / contracts... :)
Safe travels,

Moored off Puerto Morelos

Cavern diving

We had a blast staying at Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We had a great sail down and then tied to some free mooring balls very close to the town which was really laid back and friendly. We got some good kiteboarding, nice strong winds and long long beaches. We also for the first time paid to go diving. We signed up to do a two tank dive in the caverns just south of Playa del Carmen. Very cool. The visibility was amazing and the rock formations stunning.

We kited again yesterday morning and sailed north back to Isla Mujeres. We caught a delicious Wahoo fish on the way and had some sushi for dinner. We are staging the boat for the jump to Key West. It doesn't look like we will have a good weather window for at least a week so we may take the bus to Isla Holbox and kite for a few days.

04/18/2010 | Mom and Dad
Love the photos and we so glad that you finally got some kite surfing in. It's good to lose all those frustrations.
Lots of love
Isla Mujeres

Excusme is still anchored at Isla Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. We had a fantastic visit with my sister, Michelle, her husband Leo and their four children. I would have thought I would have lots of great photos but the kids were in constant motion. Pool, sand beach, ocean and then repeat all day long. Kathleen who just turned seven had an early birthday present of swimming with the dolphins. Ben, Liam, and Micah were a continual source of amusement to many. As they are identical triplets (Scott still has no idea how to tell them apart) the locals had fun telling us jokes about how fertile the parents were and offering us 3 for 1 drinks rather than the normal 2 for 1. We had them to the boat at the marina for a BBQ dinner and although the kids are well behaved we were very glad that they had their own accommodations on the beach. It was like a small beach vacation for Scott and I as well as most days we would join them at the beach and enjoy the complimentary loungers. We babysat one night at their hotel and we watched movies. Their dad recommended the old comedy Invasion of Mars which we watched until all four were convinced they we going to have nightmares. We quickly switched to a Disney movie and cookies and all had a good time.

We just got back from an overnight bus trip to Merida. It was a beautiful and safe city. There is music and dancing each Saturday night and activities on Sunday. Apparently there are a lot of Canadian and American retirees living in the area and they love it.

The weather has been really good for the last three weeks which is a lot better than the cold northern fronts that we were getting each week while in Honduras. All the cruisers have been complaining about the poor weather this season but Miami had snow so how bad is it really.

We spent a couple of weeks in Belize which was really amazing. Lots of dolphins and manatees to see. One day we were racing to get to a safe anchorage for an approaching cold front. Insatiable I draws six feet eight inches while we draw five feet six inches. We decided to take the short cut through Turniffe. We had waypoints to get to the other side and were proceeding with caution. A lone dolphin was jumping to the side of us. This has happened many times as the dolphins seem to love attention and are very curious. This dolphin started to swim at the front of the boat. As Scott was at the bow on look out he could see that the dolphin was rubbing the starboard side of the boat. When we slowly went aground on a sand bar and the dolphin was leaping and circling in the same spot over to our left we realized he was trying to herd us into deeper water. Luckily a dive boat came close so we could ask him if there was deeper water to the left of us. The driver pointed to where the dolphin was still surfacing and waiting and told us that there was water six feet deep there. We then unfurled the jib, heeled over and followed the dolphin. Once we had followed him through the channel to ten feet plus he left us never to be seen again . Clever creatures, I only wish I had a tasty fish for it.

03/24/2010 | Don and Muriel
Lori and Scott: This is the easiest way to say - good to hear from you and that Merida was good. I remember being told it was very enjpyable when we were in Cancun those many years ago. Still cold here, but slowly warming up.
Where do you head now?
D & M
03/31/2010 | Mike & Kelly
Scott & Lori, We're friends of Darryl Wiebe that visited you in Toronto and sailed Wyndeavor a few years ago. We're going to be staying @ Marina El Cid Apr 4-11. Love to catchup. Cheers Mike&Kelly

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