21 May 2010 | Etobicoke Yaht Club, Toronto
16 May 2010 | Oswego
14 May 2010 | Erie Canal
12 May 2010 | Waterford, NY
10 May 2010 | Hop-O-Nose
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05 May 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
19 April 2010 | Key West, USA
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08 April 2010
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30 January 2010 | West End, Roatan
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26 January 2010

Plugged back into Reality

21 May 2010 | Etobicoke Yaht Club, Toronto
We decide to raise the mast at Oswego and spend the day tightening rigging, putting the sails back on and generally turning Excusme back into a sailboat. Then we docked at the Oswego Yacht Club for a free sock but the showers we closed and the water to the docks was turned off. We decided to start the 20-24 hour motor then and left the harbour as the sun was setting.
It has been two years sine we have been docked and electrical cord plugged. It was nice to be greeted at our old club, Etobioke Yacht Club by family and friends. We have had a lot of good wishes since we have been back and there will be a lot of story telling for awhile. It is a bit surreal as it seems like nothing much has really changed and that we have only been gone for a short holiday. I think I may have to work on a short slide show for all the loyal readers of the blog. Sometimes it seems the readers remembered the dates and stories better than we do which shows some of the interest in my ramblings.
We borrowed a car to go to the mall and get a new cell phone and a haircut for Scott. We went for the month to month plan for one phone and the long business look for Scott.
We are cleaning up after the mostly delivery sailing from Mexico. It is hard to believe we were there about three weeks ago and have had some fantastic sailing and a quick trip through the lock system.
I will try to get some more photos on the blog and stayed tuned as we look for cars, jobs, and a smooth entrance back into the normal life.
Vessel Name: Excusme
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter Legend 45 1986
Hailing Port: Toronto, Canada
Crew: Lori and Scott
About: Left Toronto in May 2008 and sailed via New York City to the Azores, Portugal, Maderia, the Canaries, and have arrived in the Caribbean.
Extra: Met in a boat yard. Lori's C&C 27 was too small, bought Excusme, been making her blue water worthy. Got married have been living aboard saving our pennies.
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Who: Lori and Scott
Port: Toronto, Canada