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Cruising on Destiny
Side trip to Kennedy Space Center
Joannie/sunny and warm!
12/01/2012, Port Canaveral

Friday we weighed anchor in Titusville at 0930 and continued down the ICW to the turn-off for Cape Canaveral canal. After getting through 2 bascule bridges and a lock, we came to the Port Canaveral Yacht club and docked for a couple of nights. Dinner at the yacht club was for those participating in the boat parade the following night, but we were invited to join them - and did. Our plan for Saturday was to go to the Kennedy Space Center, however we found out from the locals that the only way to get there was to get a cab or rent a car; so we rented a car for the day. The KSC was well worth the trip. In addition to the regular bus tour of the property we had a tour of the huge Vehicle Assembly Building and Saturn V launch pad, took in an amazing 3-D IMAX film about the International Space Station and finished with a "Launch Experience" complete with sounds and G-forces. My mother was a high school science teacher during the 60's and 70's and took a great interest in the "space race." So we never missed a launch or rescue when they were on TV. Today standing next to those incredible machines, it was thrilling to look back at those times and hear the story so well preserved.
Tomorrow we move on, taking the ICW farther south.

12/04/2012 | Trish
How did mom do with the 'Launch Experience'? No claustrophobia?
another day on the ICW
Joannie/sunny, warm (70's)
11/29/2012, Titusville, FL

We are definitely enjoying the Florida air now! Today was sunny all day with a light easterly breeze as we continued to make our way down the ICW. We weighed anchor this morning at 9:30 and within 20 minutes we were looking at a fixed bridge with only 62' clearance. (With our 63' foot mast we have only attempted to pass under bridges that show at least 64' clearance.) So we did figure 8's waiting for the high tide to pass and the level to drop. After an hour of waiting and no change, we decided to approach the bridge and attempt to go under anyway. John stood on the bow looking up with the binoculars and I inched the boat forward. We cleared with just a brief "ping" as the flexible VHF antenna tapped the structure. Whew!
Then it was full-steam-ahead until 5 pm when we dropped anchor just south of the Titusville highway bridge. We expect more of the same weather for the rest of the week. No complaints here!

moving along the ICW
cloudy/sun but getting warmer
11/28/2012, Daytona

We spent an extra day in St. Augustine Tuesday so John could fix a leaking porthole over our bunk (on the transom) and I could do some window shopping in Old St. Aug. This morning we left the dock at 1030 and motored our way to Daytona. For most of the day we had a grey sky but as we arrived in Daytona the skies cleared and we saw blue! Now we are in an anchorage we have used before, cozy and warm, despite the northerly 15-20 knot wind. The days ahead are predicted to be mostly sunny and in the 70's. Life is good!

Florida, at last!
cool, but sunny!
11/25/2012, St. Augustine, FL

Thanksgiving in Charleston was a gorgeous sunny day. After skype-ing the kids and grandkids, we walked into the historic district and enjoyed a delicious dinner at "Cypress" in the French quarter. Friday we met up with a dear friend, Cynthia, who used to sing in our choir in Hertford and now lives in Charleston, for a 2 1/2-hour breakfast! After breakfast we spent the day provisioning and preparing for our next offshore leg. We left Charleston on the ebb tide at 0830 Saturday, with a gentle breeze and plenty of sunshine. By night fall the winds picked up and we had 15-20 knots most of the night. With a clear sky and 3/4 moon, we had lots of light reflected on the water. Coming into the St. Augustine channel this morning was a bit of a challenge because it is not well charted. The shoaling can be very unpredictable, so the markers are moved around. But we made it and by noon were docked in St. Augustine. The weather for the week ahead looks good, so we plan to stay two nights and then continue down the ICW on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving in Charleston
Joannie/cool, breezy, sunny!
11/21/2012, Charleston, SC

Greetings from Charleston! Yes, we left Southport yesterday at 1300 and motor-sailed offshore into the night. By midnight there was enough wind for us to turn off the motor and just sail! We arrived at the entrance to Charleston Harbor at 0500 this morning. Though the winds had subsided some from the previous gales, the seas were still quite rocky. It was not the most comfortable offshore leg we have had, but our new auto helm worked like a charm - never missing a beat and allowing us to relax during those long, dark hours. We even played a game of Scrabble in the cockpit by flashlight! Now we are once again enjoying a few days in this delightful city. The marina is top-notch and the historic district with its museums and many wonderful restaurants is within easy walking distance. (We already made reservations at a very nice place for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.) We wish you and yours a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

don't mess with mother nature
Joannie/cold, rainy, WINDY!
11/18/2012, Southport, NC

The weather continues to keep us in port! Offshore, storms and rough seas... inland, coastal flooding. Today it is very windy and the northerly has us pinned against the dock so hard we couldn't leave if we wanted to - even with the bow-thruster! So we will be here a while longer. It's a good thing Ken Follett's books are 1000 pages!

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