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Adventures with Faith
Sandy, Chris & "Faith" living the dream.
A long time coming!
09/29/2008, San Francisco

Well...I FINALLY figured out how to post another entry to this blog!! I was stymied for so long and had given it up so was using the other one ( all this time!
We are currently in San Francisco...Emeryville to be exact. We arrived on the 20th and have been enjoying the warm weather, getting things done on the boat and doing a bit of sight seeing while we wait for Michael & Finn to arrive from Portland. What with all the waiting we did in Astoria & Newport for the gales to pass and the stops we made in Eureka & Bodega Bay it took almost a month to get here. Ah...well...we ARE cruising, right?
Yesterday we drove into the City and did the Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square thing and then went on to Sausalito for dinner with Chris' cousin & wife. The Maltese Falcon (Tom Perkins' 289' sailing yacht) had arrived on Saturday and was anchored in Richardson Bay so we got a pretty good look at it while we were there.
Today we're back to "projects". This evening we'll sit down and start planning the route to San Diego - via a few special stops. Tomorrow I am taking Chris to see the "Wave Organ". Michael & Finn are to arrive very late tomorrow night and we'll be leaving very early Thursday morning.
Here's to more warm weather...and some actual sailing!

May Day
05/01/2008, Vancouver, WA

It has been an exciting few days. Friday all my friends and family threw a big birthday party for me...the big 6-0! They rented a building, hired a band and decorated like no tomorrow! Chris flew up from Tucson to join us and a great time was had by all. Yesterday I made it official and turned in my written resignation! Today was the first day of the last month of work! Wow! Hard to believe. Starting next month, Chris, Patty & I will be hard at work getting Faith ready to go. "The plan" is to go up and cruise the San Juans/Gulf Islands for a month this summer before heading south to Mexico. Friends ask "where else will you go" but who can answer that? We're planning a season in the Sea of Cortez. After that we'll think about where to go next.

2008 - The Year of the Voyage
12/31/2007, Portland, OR

Less than 3 hours to the New Year - 2008. This is it. This will be THE year of "Sandy's Great Adventure". After all the years of talking a good story it looks like it is finally going to happen. Hard to believe the dream is really, truly going to happen. Five months until I'm retired. Seven months until Patty & I take Faith north for the shakedown. Eight months until we cross the bar and turn left on our way to Mexico via the 15th Annual Baja Ha Ha. So much to do between now and then. So much to learn. I love the boat and have every confidence in her abilities. I know we will have the time of our lives!

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