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14 August 2014 | Katakalon
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22 August 2013

Porto Pollo, Corsica

12 May 2012 | Porto Pollo, Corsica
George, Hot hot hot
(New photos of Toulon and Porto Pollo in the gallery)

Well, we are no longer near mainland France, Fandancer has safely made it to Corsica! Wooo!
Toulon marina charged us 40 euro for ONE NIGHT, shock horror, so the next day we moved over to St Mandrier and anchored outside the little harbour there, for free. It was lovely and quiet but when the ferries started going in and out of port it got a bit rocky with the wash they created. The next day, Wednesday, we left at 845am and set off for our trip to Corsica. We headed firstly for les Porqueroles, the island group nearest to Toulon, but we decided not to stop, and just kept going. This was the longest trip I have done non-stop, in total it was 28 hours, 130 miles. There was virtually no wind at all, so we had to motor sail all the way, but the brand new Beta engine we had installed was magnificent, not one hiccup.
Tim loves his new autopilot, christened Otto. With one press of a button, Otto takes charge, allowing Tim to leave the helm to tweak things. He loves to tweak - the sails, rigging, GPS, radio, he can go down below and check the engine, he can peruse the charts and pilot books to his heart's content, and has even been known to make the odd cup of tea!
Lunch and supper very exciting though. Not up to my usual culinary standards. Baguettes again for lunch, then for supper Tim had warmed up left over shepherd's pie and I had some savoury rice.
The sunrise the next morning was wonderful. beautiful pink skies, no clouds at all. We could just make out the distant mountains of Corsica in the distance. At one point, a little bird followed us for some way, he was a bit like a finch, yellowy gray feathers, maybe a flycatcher? He came and sat in the cockpit for a while, on top of the GPS and the navigation books. i put out
some bread and water for him, but he wasn't that interested.
We were also followed by some dolphins on several occasions. No matter how many times you see them, they are always a treat. Apart from the wildlife, there was very little else to see. The occasional ferry in the distance, and one huge big container ship.
We decided not to stop at Ajaccio, which was our original plan. The mooring fees are very expensive. Instead we found the little harbour of Porto Pollo about five miles south, where we anchored in the bay for free. It is always a bit of a faff untying the dinghy, pumping it up, getting it over the side, rowing it ashore, locking it up, etc, but beats paying up to 50 euros a night in a marina. The beach at Porto Pollo was wonderful, golden sand, a cafe and beach bar, free wifi. But I think we will leave here tomorrow or Monday and head south for Bonifacio, so more news in a few days .......
Vessel Name: Fandancer
Vessel Make/Model: Northstar 40
Hailing Port: Gosport
Crew: Georgina and Tim Moon
About: We bought Fandancer in March 2009 with a view to living aboard permanently in the Med.
Our fourth year of living aboard in Greece. We have overwintered in Syros, Oreoi on Evia, and this year we have been in Ionion Marine, Preveza. We will be sailing in the Ionian Sea this summer, hoping to discover some more new places to visit.... We also have a new crew member - Artemis the [...]
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