S/V Faring

17 April 2012 | Green Turtle Cay, Abacos
17 January 2012 | N 25 45.517, W80 08.768
02 January 2012 | Marathon, Florida
25 November 2011 | N29 53.527, W081 18.563
25 November 2011
25 November 2011 | N34 13.059 W77 48.800
25 November 2011 | N34 42.914 W75 39.820
25 November 2011 | N38 20.160 W76 26.107
25 November 2011 | N38 58.396 W74 50.602
25 November 2011 | N 40 32.197 W74 08.307
02 October 2011 | Point Judith, RI
26 September 2011 | Portland, Maine
05 September 2011 | Somes Harbor
26 August 2011 | Nova Scotia
15 August 2011 | Baddeck, CBI, NS
04 August 2011 | Sydney, CBI, NS
23 July 2011 | Francois, Newfoundland
16 July 2011 | Burgeo (47 36.781N, 57 36.446W)
03 July 2011 | St. Peters, Bras D'or Lake, CBI

Days turn into weeks and into months

17 April 2012 | Green Turtle Cay, Abacos
We've had a very nice winter in the Bahamas. The weather was warm and not too many fronts to dodge. We spend most of our days in the Exumas which we have decided is the best of the Bahamas. Not too remote (but can be if you want it) and good access to the things you would typically need. We enjoyed the company of Wendy and John on 'Windermere' at Big Majors for a good part of the winter. Connie and Pete came down from Maine to visit but we were stuck (fortunately) in Emerald Bay while the strongest front of the season rolled through. And, we caught up with Carol and Jack on 'Tribute' at Hopetown. A good winter all around.

We'll be back in the states on Thursday or Friday this week and head back up the east coast. We're thinking of leaving Faring in the Chesapeake for the summer but we'll see what happens.

Vessel Name: Faring
Vessel Make/Model: 1997 Manta 40 catamaran
Hailing Port: Arrowsic, Maine
Crew: Ken, Heather, Buoy & Bantam
About: Ken is a 1979 Maine Maritime Grad with many years of sailing experience. Heather is a new but willing participant in the adventure. Buoy and Bantam are along for the ride whether they like it or not (they are doing great)!
Extra: Faring has been upgraded extensively for our voyage. Our first year is so far planned to go to the southern Bahamas and return to Maine in the spring. We'll decide where to go next after this trip!
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Who: Ken, Heather, Buoy & Bantam
Port: Arrowsic, Maine