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S/V Faring
Hello Shelburne
07/14/2010, Shelburne, NS

43 45.49N, 65 19.40W

Hi all,

Made here from Tenant's in 27 hours. Unfortunately, our start was not quite a good as planned. Poor Castellina got a lobster pot line wrapped around the prop. We towed her back into the Muscle Ridge channel where they were able to anchor a bit better out of the swell and a diver from Charlie's Marina in Rockland came out and cleared the line.

We restarted our trip about noontime and it started out not to bad with a nice 15kt southerly breeze on the beam and clear skies. But as expected, as we neared Cape Sable, the good ol' NS fog rolled it. Not like the pea soup Maine fog but that heavy, chunky kind only NS can produce! Made our way through with only one small tangle with a fishing boat. Everything else went fine. Castellina made it in about an hour later no worse for wear. Making landfall here at the local yacht club and clearing in with customs was delightful. Very friendly and helpful folks.

Will be headed off to the La Have River YC tomorrow for a little stay. Hope to visit Covey Island boatworks to see how their latest boatbuilding project has progressed from last year.

07/15/2010 | Erica
Hey Heather and Ken, Glad to see that you are on the go again. Have a great time, travel safe, I enjoy your blog. Heather, some time when you are on land for awhile we need to get together since I think I'm finally ready to try my hand at some quilting!
Off to Nova Scotia
07/12/2010, Tenant's Hbr, Maine

43 57.815N, 69 12.289W

Stopped in Tenant's Hbr for a couple of nights to wait out some offshore weather. We'll be headed off to Shelburne, NS today arriving mid afternoon tomorrow. Great to be on the water again!

Back in Maine!
07/07/2010, Arrowsic, Maine

Time to update the blog!

Our adventures are continuing. Faring and crew is headed to Nova Scotia in the next few days. We'll be traveling with some friends (Judy & John Miller and their vessel Castellina Del Mar) whom we met there last summer and maybe venturing as far north as Newfoundland. Time and weather will tell.

A recap of our travels back up the coast:

After Cape Canaveral, we did an overnight to Fernadina Beach, FL and then another overnight up to Charleston. We spent several days there enjoying the sights. We then traveled up the ICW stopping in Wilmington to visit Ken's dad and then up through the Chesapeake to Solomons Island to visit Peter & Susan. Faring had a haulout at the Solomons as we found water in the stbd saildrive. We decided to leave Faring on the hard for a few weeks and drove home to open our house in Arrowsic and visit with family and friends.

The end of April, Ken shanghaied his good buddy Peter Sarnacki down to Maryland and we put Faring back in the water. We headed off and made it back to Maine in 9 days.

Shuttle launch and Fernandina Beach
04/06/2010, Fernandina Beach, FL

Up we got at 5:00am to get off the dock at 5:30am to see the shuttle launch at 6:21am. And what a launch it was! We were about two miles offshore and just outside the security zone (about 10 miles from the launch site) and off it went! Lit up the sky like another sun and 50 seconds later was a defining roar! Nothing can describe the WOW factor in this event. Nothing like it! Surprisingly, there were not but half a dozen other boats out with us but there were plenty of folks at a park near the channel with a great view (but not as good as ours!)

The sun was due up in another 30 minutes but as the shuttle gained altitude the sun reflected off of the plume left behind like a puffy, white vertical cloud. Then as the shuttle passed through the upper reaches of the atmosphere, it gave off an aroura effect leaving a mullti colored trailed as it passed through. We could also see the booster rockets as they detached from the shuttle indicated by a hot red glow from the business end of the rockets. The winds caught the plume and morphed it into some amazing colored patterns and gradually disipated the cloud til nothing was left. You can see some of the picture by clicking on the photo gallery to the left and finding the shuttle launch folder.

While we recovered from the event, we slowly motored out past the shoal off of Cape Canaveral while we waited for the security zone to be canceled. Once that was done, we headed north in earnest to make for the Ponce Inlet. As we got near the inlet we radioed the marina we had planned to stay at and learned that the channel that entered the marina was silted over and only allowed a 5 ft draft which was to little for Blessed Spirit. So, we talked about going to St. Augustine but that entrance was subject to a lot of shoaling and we would be entering at around 11pm at night so, we said what the heck, we'll go over night for Fernandina which is an all weather, well marked, great inlet and here we are arriving about 8am.

Our next stop on the way north is Charleston (160 miles) but, being tired of overnights (already), we'll see if we can find a sheltered stop a day away and then finish the trip the day after.

04/12/2010 | Katy Zahn
Thanks for sharing the shuttle launch pictures. They were beautiful. We're been keeping an eye on your trip :-)
04/30/2010 | John and Judy
Great shuttle shot! That'll star in the memory book... hope you had a good passage.
A waterspout caught us a few miles north of Ponce Inlet when we brought Castellina north in '06. Enjoy following your passages. Fair winds!
Back in the USA
04/04/2010, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Left Green Turtle Cay on 3/31/10 for Allan-Pensecola Cay around 8:30AM for a 25 mile motorsail to the anchorage. We stopped briefly ay Coopertown on Great Abaco Island to get our fuel tanks topped off. Fuel there was about the most expensive we'd seen in the Bahamas - $4.65/gal for diesel. Gasoline was $5.45! We got there about 2pm and an hour later, Blessed Spirit rolled in. We all went ashore in the afternoon and walked across the island to see the Atlantic side. Nothing too special but a number of the trees were covered with cruiser signage of those who had been there before us. It looked like Boo Boo Hill on steroids! Got to bed early as we were headed out at the crack of dawn for our crossing back to the states.

The crossing was a good one. It took us about 26 hours to travel the 175 mile trip. A big high pressure system was over us with plentiful sunshine and light, variable winds. Mostly motoring but some motorsailing at least. We got into the Gulf Stream around 8pm and our speed picked up by about 2 knots which actually made s slow our engines a bit so we wouldn't get in too early. We did have an interesting encounter about half way across having to deal with five ships that all nearly converged on our position at the same time. Lots of talking on the radio, radar and Blessed Spirit's AIS (ours decided to stop working a month ago) helped make sure we didn't have any mishaps. We arrived at Cape Canaveral around 9am and immediately fueled up and then went to our slip. We cleared in with Customs and had a great lunch at a local eatery. We all then went back to our boats and crashed for a while.

There's supposed to be a space shuttle launch early Monday AM so we're going to stick around for that and hopefully see it as we're headed out the channel. We'll be day hopping and overnighting up to Charleston where we'll try to do another blog update.

Waiting out yet another front!
03/29/2010, Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay, Abaco

HI folks,

We've been here for two days and will probably be here at least another. Another nasty front which caused tornados in Florida is upon us but we are safe and sound in a secure harbor here at Green Turtle Cay. The island is interesting and quite varied. On one end is a town (New Plymouth) which was established in 1786 by Loyalists fleeing from America after the revolution. On the other end are a couple of up- scale resorts.

We rented a golf cart yesterday and toured the island with it's many beaches and historic stops. The four of us had a very nice lunch on the deck at the Green Turtle Club and the dogs got kudos for their good behavior.

Since Marsh Harbour we've stopped at Hope Town, Elbow Cay and Man-O-War Cay. Hope Town is a very post card perfect town with many shops and ammenities for the numerous visitors who travel by air and sea. The harbor has no room left to anchor a boat so you are obliged to rent a mooring for the night ($20 at Hope Town Marina) and do they pack them in! We probably had less that half a boat length from our stern to the bow of the next boat behind us. Takes a little getting used to!

Snuggled up as we were, we met two boat owners from Maine. Corning and Tita on Blessed Spirit, from Edgecomb and Carla Rawlings on Mickey Fynn, from York. We had a delightful lunch with Carla at the lovely Harbor Lodge, overlooking the Atlantic coast.

Man-O-War was very interesting having been a significate boat building community which still has a lot going on in this day of plastic boats. Several shops offer various services and supplies and the structures that were used to launch boats back at the turn of the century are still in place and in use. The town is quite populated with 'winter' residents but more laid back and communal than Hope Town.

Probably, Weds. or Thurs. we'll be headed to Great Sale Cay, by way of Allans Cay, to stage ourselves to cross back to the States later in the week. We'll be on our way back to Maine arriving, hopefully, the latter part of May.

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