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Final Final Pacific Crossing
Final Final (noun) 1. the final+1 drinks you have when you're still not ready to go home...
Seventh day out.
06/05/2013, 27 40.21'N:134 12.96'W, On Route to Hawaii

Hi all again. These are the co-odinents of the start of day 7 and 880 nm run for the previous 6 days. Thats 147 nm average a day. Did our first tack this morning, first in over 800 nm! This ocean is endless but plugging away at the distance. Light winds now on the nose and fuel only used fot charging the batteries and to get into Honolulu. It is now half way thru day 7 and was hoping to be over half way but alass 175 nm short. Currently 932 nm out from L.A. well actually more than that with the distance off the direct route. Now 1283 nm to Hawaii. No shipping for 4 days, plenty of floatsom and jetsom and of course long lines. Not a sign of any other vessels not even on radar. Hanging in there Kev and gang.

07/05/2013 | Pauline
Hi guys! Good to see the regular posts coming! Are you able to see these comments? Trying to establish if this is a good way to communicate, as I don't want to eat all your data allowance by sending an email. Keep plugging away at the endless blue!
07/05/2013 | Dianne & Rob
WOW!!!!! You'll be thinking the world has deserted you but I promise you we are all still here. Happy sailing.XXX
07/05/2013 | Beth
Glad everyone is going alright! Hope you find some amusing flotsom and jetsom. Suggest making daily sculptures and photographing them for posterity. xx beth
07/05/2013 | Sue & Peter
Wow, it sounds amazing, just blue, blue, blue..... FBO.. blue.... see you soonish, Sue & Peter
07/05/2013 | Peter & Joan
Kev, Rick, Helen
Keep up the good effort. There are very few people who get the opportunity to do such an awesome trip. Don't run out of fuel !!!!
Sixth day out.
06/05/2013, 28 59.19'N:132 03.23'W, On Route to Hawaii

Hi all, Well end of the sixth day and head winds still. We are now about 100 nm south of our rhumb line and beating to windward. Thats 2.5 days out of either no wind or light head winds and 3.5 days of on the nose. Have covered 750 nm so far with 1464 to go to Honolulu. Hope the winds will turn but only light winds on the nose predicted. Everyone in good sprits.

Fifth day out.
Kevin, Rick
04/05/2013, 29 50.54'N:130 30.56'W, On Route to Hawaii

It's 3 pm our time and 10 hrs into day 5. Wind has turned on the nose again but still doing 7 knts into it at 50 degrees. Unlike yesterday where we could free sheets marginally and maintain a constant 8 knts sometimes touching 9 knts. With 660 nm out at this stage and 1555 nm to travel, about 9 days worth at this speed and wind direction. All I can say it's a F.B.O. WORK THAT ONE OUT, and thank you Cupper Noodles. Extreemly hard to wright this on a 30 degree angle bouncing around. Rigging is getting a good work out Mary Ellen!

04/05/2013 | Allen
Has fish been on the menu? How many days to Honolulu?
05/05/2013 | Dianne & Rob
G'day Kevin, Helen & Rick, what an awesome adventure and no land in sight. That's freedom. The logs are a bit of a worry. Wishing you all smooth sailing. XXX
05/05/2013 | Richard (Portarlington harmonica Band)
Had a great time with the pirates in Geelong. Fantastic costumes. Wish I could send some pics.
I assume Rick is keeping you all entertained with his harmonica.
05/05/2013 | Pauline
Hi guys! Thinking of you! Missed you all at Pirate weekend, but it went off without a hitch - thank you Rick for all your amazing prep work! & Beth for ensuring everything was followed through! Jack Sparrow was also key to the smooth-running on the day, as he always is. Plank-walker Christian was just as enthusiastic as last year. Kids were all very excited with their toys from Toyworld. Kev, I bumped into the guys from the Ibis and told them of your current expedition.
PS. FBO = Fat Burning Operation?? :) love yas all!
05/05/2013 | Mark
Glad to hear the winds have picked and the motor has been given a rest (I assume anyway), hope it stays that way for you ...

Also hope the bellies are settling into it and not giving to much trouble any more...

F.B.O = Fish BBQ Ondeck ?
05/05/2013 | Mark

I got it.... It's a Fabulously Blue Ocean.... :)
06/05/2013 | Pauline
Ooo.. no, I bet it's a Flaming (or other suitably astonished F-word) BIG Ocean!
06/05/2013 | Rob and Sue
Hi Kevin and crew or hands or....whats the technical difference between hands or crew? Trust that all is running well and safe. We love your posts but could do with some pics! How's the fishing? I thought they just jump in the boat!!
06/05/2013 | Jim Jennett
Well on your way. Gotta love the 1 bowl meals at sea. Making good time, lotta ocean out there. Cheers!
Fourth day out.
Kevin, Helen
03/05/2013, 30 55.85'N:127 45.57'W, On Route to Hawaii

Well on day 4 and half way thru. Wind has picked up and sailing since 0100 this morning. Averaging 7.5 knts with slightly free sheets. Pass the 500 nm from departure, nearly 1/4 way there. We are flying into the wind of about 20 knts apparrent. Spirits are high although tiring. Cheers Kev

Third day out.
03/05/2013, 31 42.25'N:125 18.1'W, On Route to Hawaii

3rd day out and steedy winds at last from the NW but alas only light, hopefully increasing as we head west. Still have the engine on at 2200 rpm with the jib and main set as well and drawing for the first time. Lots of nothing out here except water, covered 370 nm so far with 1853 to Honolulu. Doing 7 knts as we are, alls well. Few large logs in the water today which is somewhat of a worry especially at night running blind as they don't show on Radar. Albatross a plenty but nothing else but the deepest blue sea you could imagine. Will be sending photos thru soon as my hands have been full with some sea sickness onboard but seems all are improving. Cheers Kevin

03/05/2013 | John Stephens & Family WA
Great to hear your comments Kev have you seen any other vessels? thought that route may be busy re- logs how far off the coast are you tried any fishing? yes best ocean the Pacific stay safe.
03/05/2013 | Pauline
Hey Kev, Rick & Helen!
Good to hear from you. I got your email Kev and have contacted those you requested. See you in Waikiki! Any requests for non-nauseating food? :)
03/05/2013 | Rob and Sue Hambrook
Hi Capt Kevin. Great to read that all is going well and wish you and the crew all the best. We will follow your blogs with great interest! Cheers, Rob and Sue
03/05/2013 | Marv Zietzke
Kevin, how's the ocean state?
03/05/2013 | Richard (Portarlington harmonica Band)
Good to hear you're moving into some wind and out of the slop.
Been told the the best remedy for mal-de-mer is to lay down under a coconut palm...... the feeling will soon pass. Don't suppose any of those logs you're encountering are palm trees?

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